Sunday, January 4, 2015

RelationshipAlchemy Podcast Today - - -

The Alchemy of Relationship - Transcending through the "other" and Transmuting the Dross...

This is one of my favorite topics to discuss...I feel there is so much gold in it for each one of us to realize and recognize. For truly, we are the "other" which we see...reflecting back the truth within.
I have no doubt that when we can master this perspective on relationship we will launch a new reality where more love is tangible and the blessings abound.

If you didn't get a chance to join me on Spreaker this morning, here is the podcast where you can listen and/or download the show.  I thank you so much for being present and sharing your comments about the show.


Stasia Bliss

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Resolving to Dissolve Structures of Disharmony

What is harmony?

In music, harmony is the simultaneous use of pitches(notes & tones) and chords. It is said to deal with the vertical axis rather than the horizontal. This is significant to me, for the vertical axis in life is that which connects us to the divine, is beyond time/space and is intuitive, creative, and feminine in nature. The feminine encompasses love, nurturing, compassion, kindness and empathy. 

The horizontal axis, on the other hand, represents linear time and the masculine expressions of logic, reason, organization and discipline. Within its grasp are concepts of "common sense", order/chaos and specific structure with a specific end.

With this in mind, harmony, to me, is looking more and more like the resonance of interpersonal relationships based on love, compassion, intuition, mutual inspiration and nurturing kindness. When these things are being exemplified from a number of individuals cohabiting together or spending a space of "time" together, then harmony can be experienced as a sort of Divine moment of elevated consciousness and Bliss. 

When, instead, the mind takes over and demands come into play, someone seeks to dominate the group with their particular idea or concept of "how things ought to be" - disharmony manifests. 

Often times the simplest way to dissolve structures of disharmony is to surrender to the ideas of the "others" in your midst. In this way, you allow yourself to merge with them in Oneness, and open yourself to the magic of what happens when others feel they are heard and respected. 

Structures of disharmony result from needing to come from the mind - the masculine concept of time and reason. Though these elements are, over-all, part of the bigger picture making up the whole, when over-emphasized, can and do take away from the magical, mystical forces of Love trying always to play out in every moment. Truly the question to avoid disharmony becomes "What would Love do?"

In nearly every instance it is that Love would not impose a personal will upon another...but support the life wanting to be lived in those around see where it takes the ALL if this is allowed to be.

Though less and less I perceive "the end of a calendar year" as that - as I tend less toward the Gregorian counting of things and more toward the ticking of my own inner is still true that moments such as these, when an entire globe is "paying attention" to the calendar and "celebrating" a fresh start - that I too may benefit from the prevailing energies in my surroundings to lift me into new heights and ways of becoming.  And so it is at this "time" that I choose to acknowledge that perhaps my "last year" has held more disharmonies than I would care to repeat. I accept that they stem from me -and my need to control things, at least to the extent that I believe I know where I am being directed ...and when that direction is thrown off balance and out of alignment with the "Yes" roaring deep in my soul, then disharmony is felt...and something must be done to correct the origin of such influence.

I know, beyond a shadow of doubt, that throughout my life, which encompasses multiple decades, that I have experienced more harmony - even amidst what others might perceive to be disharmony - and that has always been because of the choice within my being to draw from the well-spring of harmony to which I am eternally connected.  And so, this coming year the plane of reality I play in with children at my side and inspiration at my toe...I resolve to dissolve structures of disharmony...within myself and around my bodily form - by choosing to be the tone of harmony I AM at my center...and to cancel out all that would not choose to tune-in with me...

For harmony is truly a group activity. A communal effort... Have you ever noticed when you are toning with a group of people that one person may initially lead the tone and everyone else follows them to find a harmonious pitch?....but over time, all the voices go through an adjustment of sound and frequency, to which every other voice takes the opportunity to resonate with - one voice dominates the session.  All pitches and inspirations of sound are taken into account. Every being is valid in their contribution to the harmony being reached for.  And so it is with group synergy.

When aligning with others...when wishing to feel alignment and participate in the aligning of the ALL....we must take into account each being's unique offering...each soul's precious gift of presence and inspiration. No One being was meant to rule all else. Life is a dance we are learning as we go...sometimes we sit out when the music doesn't fit our steps, sometimes we dance alone, and other times we twirl and swing and meld with the "other"...Harmony, no matter how you reach it, feels good - feels "right" and lends itself to evolution. Harmony cannot be reached by simply choosing not to play at all.

Yes, at times, the greatest harmony we feel must be inside our own beings. But we were not placed on this planet alone...we did not come here on a solo mission that excludes all else. That internal harmony we experience is meant to assist us in becoming adjustable, mutable, changeable, adaptive to an environment where there are many other "internal" songs at play. The master Being is one who can find harmony with every situation, not just within themselves, but with all the other players in any given setting.  This is not about compliance or accommodation, no. As we master the art of the moment, we get to tune into all the "others" and lead the symphony from within our own aware instruments who do not need to be acknowledged for our role in creating resonance.

As I step forward into this year, may I make myself the tuning fork of all I interact with, with every being...that harmony may be experienced, and disharmonious structures, both internal and external, may fall. Then, the new year and all of life may reach a level not yet known to you, known to one more fitting to support the beings we truly are at our core...for I believe that we are gods and goddesses, remembering ourselves to be such. Let us master ourselves this year and hear harmonious symphonies everywhere we go.

Bliss in the House to you from me - ~~ Every day in every way.

Stasia Bliss