Thursday, October 29, 2015

How to Be with a Queen...How to Be with a King

Entering a new age...a golden light enters the scene from the naval center and shines an unexpected, though anticipated glow on all things in resonant harmony with the truth of your soul.  Likewise, a somewhat tainted flamey whisp dances over that which remains from an outdated expression and causes the heart/mind to dance in wonder and discernment at the dramas and possibilities standing before you.  Which path now blossoms? Which one crumbles in patterns of past and "won't last," ever on repeat, and congealed promises never realized? The golden light is can withstand the backlash of any resistant force now pitted against it. The Mother has returned in all of her glory, and she sits, strong and full of honor in the crown of every being....especially the feminine...garlands waving.
If one is attuned to one's own frequency and has little desire to stay in the ways of struggle and pretend, the grandeur that enters the scene with the awakening crown is that of Queendomship....and likewise, its counter-force - Kingdomship.
For women and men alike, who have been playing the chords of this reality as long as we have, through timelines and linear expression...and have been exercising hardship and miscommunication to the tune of way-too-long down the byways of relational disharmony...and who are ready to experience the evolved expression of what has always been in the deepest recesses as a curiosity and desire...the time is now. The space of timelessness and heart has opened its portals to offer a new start, a new way, a pathway of gold, a superior possibility for humans to expand the space of interconnectivity to include resonance as never before.

How can this be done?


Honor is key.

Self-honor. Honor of the "other" and Honor of the Divine. This is how.

In the sorted "past" where we might have related to one another with desires to connect, join hearts and hands and walk down the grooves carved by previous generations leading to perceived "happily ever afters" we chose less the path of honor, and more the way of "trying" to please, fulfilling and being doted with expectations and patterns offered by fairy tales. But now this simply can no longer be. It was never the way of that which truly worked, but only of fantasy and misguided interpretation dancing on a swollen toe.

In the now of this becoming, if we can see that we must honor the feminine within...the grace of creativity, of surrender, of intuition and beauty. If we can honor the self, at the heart, and pay no tribute to thoughts of self-depreciation, or insecurity, we will find the golden gates swung open to pastures blooming with wild flowers of "yes's" beyond our wildest. The masculine within, must too be honored...but here is the trick...if there is, or ever was a "first" in the line of logic meets surrender, it is that surrender receives the honor "first" in order for logic to stand by her side....only then will surrender, grace and beauty bow to the power and purity, in honor and thanksgiving for the gifts that logic and reason may bring to the seat of feminine delight.

Likewise, in the "external realm" is the masculine who must see and honor the feminine in all her delight and glory and bring about the most glorious "return" of this showering gift of honor - to bestow such a blessing upon the masculine as it has never before seen. This order is the no more "rape" or pillaging may take place of the treasure of the feminine. Let the Woman be showered with Honor...and Woman, when you are as such honored,......return the gift a thousand fold.
As within, so without. As below, so above....Let us honor the Mother of Creation....with thanksgiving for her beauty and power and wisdom.....let the honor be given first to Mother and then to Father...who stands  by her side, that we may reap the rewards of heaven as never before, and find our Earth plane fortified with blessings, faith and clarity.

As we are perched to experience reality as never, ever before....may we calibrate our male/female aspects so we may see the Honor imbued in all of life - back toward us - and within all.

In the realm of relationship...the Queen must take her station, having honored the beauty of the creative power within first and foremost, followed by her acknowledgment of boundaries and structure, forming the container in which to flow, live and expand.  The King then, may enter the scene, having received the call from within to surrender to the beauty of life, knowing his shadow side to have been integrated, knowing his ability to complete himself in joy, wisdom and consciousness....yet seeing how externally honoring the Queen might bring his gifts into full expression and fruition.  Now enter the his Lady...and the honor flows from him, to her, from her to the infinity symbol, as the tube the inhale/exhale response from life... it gives and receives now...impenetrable, incorruptible, and only the act of falling back into the old ways of ego-mind and honorless living will reverse the structure and make it fall.

Be the Queen of your Queendom...Be the King who joins her.  Rule together in the Golden Path of Integrators of Mulitdimensional realities...and truly the Multiverse is yours. <3

In love and grace,