Friday, June 19, 2015

A Solstice Blessing ~ Musing ~ Activation for YOU

Dip Dip Dip....
Take a dip in the Summer Solstice Sunlight as it bursts through the stratosphere beaming delicious rays of cosmic goodness, igniting soul-shine like never before.. . It's an open door - sisters, brothers, fathers, mothers...children of the sun - - You are the One and the oneness collides with the barriers inside splitting open the faction tripping over the way to authentica.

 Feel feel feel the heat lifting, pressing out through your skin prickling with sweet remembrance pulling you deep toward the passionate soul-kissing expression of who you really are, no longer able to stay inside - bursting the seams this summer sun beam's gift of daylight.. .

Just like the sunrise, let all that you feel inside rise to the surface and press out into the world like sweet dew on the leaves of the morning,... petals never mourn the loss of the dark - only welcoming the soft peeking glimpse of dawn, you have been hidden behind shyness too long - time for the wave of remembrance now rising....feel the love - surprising you with delightful fondness and smiles so welcoming to behold.

I am beaming, the love-light of my truth, can no longer stay beneath the layers, can not resist the meeting with nay-sayers...feeling so much life now lifting me from blossoms of eternity and you - you are in my wings, dancing here beside me...the sun sings the symphony ever playing as the soundscape to life's glorious expression. The cosmos in human bodily impressions. . . though divine - - rich with possibilities to shine forth the exquisite gifts meant to be seen.
Come and dance with me - on this day of ever-light... come and Bliss-dance with me. It feels like surrender and peace-giving and fame without the tarnish. . . it's spiritual varnish...let yourself be - find sweet release in the gifts of simple living, know you can subsist on the blessings of your existence. . . Life is finding a way to pay you for your presence, if you let it - step right into it....those things, that thing that makes you sing. That gift you so easily bring.

Yum. yum yum.
the taste of the honey of the dawn...shedding truth on so many tries to resist. Open mouth for this kiss...let the bliss in. Wanting you to be in so much fun that your tears come. Running sideways through the pages of your own story playing the lead like a star. . . We already know who you are- here up in the Cosmic script. - but it's high time you know too...find yourself dancing in wheatfields the way you find pleasure in your cup of whatever-fills-you-up.
This season get your soul lined up.
No more rhymes wasted on tasteless glasses of what you've given up in the name of should. Looking back, I promise you - you never would.
This glorious dawning comes with a guarantee...
Fondness for the light is sure to steep in me.
May I be as the message on the box of Yogi tea...simple and to the point with gladness lifting at the corner. Perhaps longer, but more the liquid experience than the paper.

May Bliss Absolutely be in Your House as it is Right Now in Mine.
<3 Happy Solstice and Congratulations on stepping into your Soul-Fire. Abundance Awaits you....let me know if I can assist you.

Stasia Bliss

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

What is Immortal Abundance?

The new moon is upon us...I can feel it as a seed pushing deep into the soil of my fertile beingness, ripe with potential and fully labeled "abundant as fuck" - (pardon my french). But seriously, there is no more time for fooling around.

Life has been one chaotic ride after another. Much of the riding has been done on fumes and puttering around the spiritual entrepreneurial road of generous (but skimpy) beginnings. This year - things have turned around fast.

No longer am I sitting in the same out-grown hull attempting to jump, yet again, to the heights I could feel possible in my inner realms and in the cells of the costume skin I call me. No. Miraculously, after so much effort and visualization and trusting and knowing and attempts and failures, finally the tables have turned and the cosmic orders are up.

This year came in with a boom and it has only been one continuous finale of fireworks since. You must know what I'm talking about. Some of those fireworks landed on old thought-piles that I thought I was still infatuated with and set them on fire...never to be recovered. A few of those moments seemed monumentally tragic and almost worth jumping atop the burning pire as I no doubt did countless times in other lifetimes. But no - this time things are different.

How is it different? Why is it different? - - you might ask (cause I did).... Besides the massive and impressive planetary shifts and the major vibrational cosmic upgrades, the downloads, the integration, the releases, the humility, the clarity, the determination and patience all wrapped up in the post-2012 super-leap into the best time to be alive - - it just simply is.

Several years ago I glimpsed this time, this moment, this unfolding; glimpsed it and thought I'd made it without fully putting in the time to adjust the frequency bands just so - even though I HAD put in SO much time and THOUGHT I couldn't possibly have more fine-tuning to do, but I did. That "trial-run" served to show me a picture, a "future possibility" from which I was then dropped to the bottom of my bucket (like never before) only to see if I could climb, ascend, transmute, transform my way back to the place I'd been shown. And it seems I have.

The Cosmos has a definite sense of humor, but it also simply knows when we can sustain the vibration we are so adamant to hold. We may sometimes think we are ready when we most certainly are not...though we may get to know what it looks like to BE ready...only when we ARE ready will we naturally find ourselves in the place we imagined ourselves to Be.

And so - - - at this New Moon - - I am keenly aware of the last 3 months since the Spring Equinox and through the procession of eclipses and so forth and what all had to transpire before I could say what I am about to say and present what I will and that is...of the words:
"Immortal Abundance."

Immortal - ? - you say?

Some people actually shutter at this word, and quickly add how they would no sooner prefer to become immortal than to wear the same pair of cords for a century, or something to the effect of the relief they'll feel upon letting their spouse go or getting a new body. Hmmm. I suppose it depends on how you interpret things.

To me, the word "immortal" denotes never-failing, never-ending, always present and infinitely sourced. If I am to have "immortal abundance" it would mean I had found a way to access the never-ending flow of universal wealth that is abundance itself - and available to every being all times, forever more. Sound good?

I have pondered and actually moved through a huge process of realizing how and why I had previously encountered and even baptized myself in the sea of poverty, that for so many years was my uncomfortable reality. I have come to realize that poverty-consciousness is no less serious than having an actual physical dis-ease in the body - it is this detrimental to the vibrancy of spirit radiating from form.

We each have an abundance body, akin to the aura or energy bodies spoken of in yoga or healing modalities. It can be blocked, compressed and fragmented just like any other layer of consciousness making up our wholeness. This "body" has a frequency, just like our health can be measured in hertz. --A well person's body will measure about 60 hz, an ill person will measure around 30 and someone with cancer, around 15 or less. On the opposite end, using high-frequency products such as essential oils, raises the frequency of one's body, as does spending time in nature. Many places in nature, such as the ocean or mountains, vibrate at around 200 hz or higher. Rose essential oil vibrates the highest of any oil and is likewise around 200-225 hz.

I have come to realize that poverty consciousness is simply a low-level vibration in our abundance field. We will attract and be polarized to others who match our abundance-body's frequency. This is all intimately tied to our level of self-worth, which is also tied to generational beliefs, karmic patterns and trapped emotions. It is all inter-connected.

By removing blocks, upgrading the operating system and raising self-worth, suddenly the abundance body begins to vibrate at a higher frequency and one's perspective and experience of wealth totally shifts.

Gates or acupressure-like points within the body act like valves - the same way chakras allow energy into the body system, these gates allow abundance consciousness into the awareness.

As I have been able to clear my own field, open my own gates and activate self-worth from deep in the core AMAZING things have  happened - and this new moon is a cosmic pivot point for only MORE Yummy Abundance possibilities on their way.!

I have refined a system of calibration -and I am calling it my 30 Day Abundant-Bliss System-  so if you are reading this and interested in unlocking your own codes of "immortal abundance" - - contact me @ or through my Facebook page.

I am only going to work with a handful of people at once on this - because I feel full presence is potent and concentrated awareness is key. Get a hold of me. I am excited to share and am fully aware that our individual successes affect our collective success.

So looking forward to experiencing the magic this summer  - within and with all of you!
Hoping you find Bliss in your House as intensely as I am finding it in mine these days...
Love & Magic
Stasia Bliss