Sunday, May 24, 2015

Language...the Love & Power of Words - Silent, Spoken & Sung ~ Can You Believe I Said That?

I admit it, I have a love affair with language...the written word, the spoken word, the singing of words, toning of sounds, and the magical silence that often speaks volumes more than these aforementioned rivals. Truly, I believe, each form has its unique station, each word, whether spoken, unspoken, tapped out in ink or sounded musically, has its "perfect moment"...and the choosing of words- in whatever form - can mean the difference between union or dissolution, harmony or discord, trust or fear.

Just so we are on the same page here...I want to be clear that when I say "words" I am not confining myself to a specific language, nor do I leave behind the silent psychic connections and telepathic conversations that so obviously go on "behind the scenes." Rather, I am speaking to the power of communication, in elevated fashion, no matter the medium used.

Words carry within them the sacred tones of creation, and when used wisely, with intention and heart, they can miraculously change a person, situation, environment and even the very reality you are experiencing. On the other-hand, though equally as powerful, unintentionally chosen words, "pre-programmed" dialogue, if you will, and surface or superficial conversation can deplete you, lower the vibration of a room/space and downgrade one's experience into a reality less desirable than what one might wish.

Take a look at music, and the often "unconscious" use of it -say in a convenient store or fast food restaurant. I don't know, I seldom find myself in one of these places, but recently I did and noticed the quality of the music playing and couldn't help but consider it was a huge reason for the caliber of consciousness drawn there. At the other end of the spectrum, have you ever been to a beach where
someone was chanting or a beautiful didgeridoo played in the background? The combination of the natural tones of the ocean and wind, along with consciously created vibrations of sound transform an area and all the people in it.

How about conversations which never reach beyond the weather or state of health? In my mind, they are right up there with debates and accusations. If words lack alignment with the heart and do not come from a place of authenticity, they feel tangibly discordant. And once again, to juxtapose my view on this...I'm sure you have read words or listened to someone speak who was not necessarily eloquent with language, but who let their heart stream through with so much beauty and "realness" you were forever transformed by listening. Yes?

I wish I was savvy in multiple languages, someday I plan to be...but with the splash of words I do know from various tongues -such as Thai, Hindi, Sanskrit, French and Spanish...maybe a little German and Japanese here and there dabbled with random Mayan, Irish and Egyptian words...I love to play with the melding of language for the most potent effects possible. . . because it always seems that just one language does not contain all the keys to communication...except maybe the language of Silence...

Silence is've heard it said before - but what does it mean?
That it's "precious" ? Sure... - -But  I can't help but think about Gold in alchemical terms... silence has the capacity to transform someone or something from a lower expression to a "higher" more refined one. . . often its the difficulty in "staying silent" or "holding our tongue" that lends itself to the refining process.

And then there is telepathic or psychic communication...powerful largely because one must greatly trust in the process..that it is really happening, and not all in one's head. Telepathy can be validated, sure, just ask the person you think is communicating with you...OR...just trust and see what kind of conversation ensues in the seemingly silent for signs to validate that communication and enjoy the magic taking place on multiple dimensions at once.

When I was in India attending yoga school, I was repeatedly amazed by the intense power in the chanting sessions we would engage in. Hundreds of people all chanting together made quiet an impact on my being - especially when it went on for 6 hours non-stop. I could literally feel my cells reorganizing themselves. It was during this time I became "sold" on the reality that language, and intonation is incredibly potent. It is why, when you "scramble the signal" or block communication, and that power is lost...people are disempowered.

I emphatically believe that our words can empower us or enslave us...and have been doing so all of our lives and for generations before us... My favorite example of this is dis-ease and death. Many people would argue that death is inevitable, "just look around." Sure, death seems real enough, especially for anyone who has witnessed its effects on someone they love. My question remains, to myself and the world - does it have to be? And are our words, our "thinking" our perpetual expressions "deal-sealers" for this seemingly inevitable reality?

What if we changed how we spoke, how we thought, how we sang about such topics? Would it impact our experience of them?

We have all (hopefully) seen how thoughts and emotions can change the diagnosis of an illness. A dear friend of mine healed himself from terminal cancer by envisioning himself whole, believing himself to be well and surrounding himself with people who affirmed his beliefs. I have seen amazing transformations in my own life occur when I change the way I speak about something...I've seen money appear, housing, friendships, romance, healing, items I was wishing to manifest; All of this has been altered by the power of the acknowledgement of sacred tones and vibrations put into use in the field of intent.

I'm a poet. I love to play with the way words sound together and on my tongue. I know words, arranged "just so," open a portal into another dimension...and there are multiple options of where to go. In fact, it is actually in the tuning into that opened portal that gives the stream of words that likewise invite one to experience such an altered state...Words speak to my heart and pour from my heart in a way that is often times uncontrollable, and I know they are a gift, perhaps more to me - than any on-looker. And I am in love with what happens when I dance with language.

We are at a powerful pivot point in humanity; One where reality is being chosen by the most aware, for the whole. Languaging is playing a gigantic role in where this boat is being steered. Where will we go? Who will take us? Will we travel alone? Will the world function as one body or will multiple Earths continue to be experienced?

An old Biblical story speaks of a tower called Babel where the "one" language which united the world was scrambled...whereafter the people no longer knew each other - or "God" - A more enlightened reality...I wonder if this is symbolic of a disconnection to the power of language..and the potency of Love imbued in the heart - pouring out through all we say, sing and emit?

Certainly I have discovered that Love changes everything. Words spoken in "harsh" conditions can feel like and act like a curse...whereas LOVE imbued within words spoken, songs sung, presence truly embodied - - ripples out like waves to all around the heart at the center - holding the vibration of Unity and Inclusivity.

In clarity and within intention to unite with you - at the heart - for the upliftment of all - do I speak out in language of every sort....I pray you feel beyond the colored letters on random background and find the place where our souls dance in recollection and wonderment. . . that place where gifts are exchanged and Love simply Is.

Thank you for joining me for a little dance with language... Here is one of the ways I like to play:

May there be Bliss in Your House today...wherever that may be. . . as there is in mine>
Peace and Blissings,