Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Future and Past are Accessible Now...And How I'm Living in Them....

Good Morning it is, another DAY! Another chance to notice the majesty, the beauty, the Oneness radiating all around.  Will I ?  Will you?  Or will the DAY pass with little recognition of the PRESENT?  No.  Let it not be so...let this Infinite Beingness grow in my awareness, soaking the ever PRESENT now show us how to live together in harmony, in an eternal kiss. FOREVER.

Yes. To this.

As the summer sun begins to beat down yet again TODAY, I am happy to have been woken early by the little ones...called into the DAY by the voice of a child.  How appropriate really.  And how lovely.  Though my "adult" body and mind longed to stay in the realms of dreams longer, alas, the part of me that could behold the morning light and the sound of birds in the dawn was grateful to catch such a breath in the air of the quiet as the children began their movement while the air was still yet cool.

Back into sleep the littlest goes and I am left with my - yet again - cold cup of tea and the shower waiting...but before I slip in there to freshen for the DAY, I am called from inspiration's tongue to sit here and stream...

The even LAST (the seeming PAST) had me contemplating a more complex reality, one where the PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE intermingle through our I read a rather heady, though beautifully expressed ..."Insight into Everything" regarding such faded lines.  The night-time drift-time had me thinking about the "what if's" in context to timelines and how in this very MOMENT we can alter PAST and FUTURE alike by simple visualization and how that is so...

So what if instead of making little...I made a lot over the PAST year or two?...and what if I was only where I am by choice to visit instead of assumed "necessity"?...according to this philosophy, the PAST would not lead you down a different timeline, per say, but rather - adjust the energies in your field NOW so as to align you more fully with the "FUTURE" that would have been more likely to occur had the PAST changed as you imagine.  Hmmm.  This is fascinating to me.  What if?

I find myself now at a cross-roads in life's choices anyhow...a place where one might say a "golden opportunity" is before me..PRESENTed at a time I most "need"- or most "desire" it and though it is not in the exact form I might have chosen to is pretty close and in other ways, even more amazing than the one I could have dreamed a detail or two.  What is my response to said opportunity?  My imagination is going wild.  I can only respond with an awareness that the Yoga Nidra I have been using nightly is working!!  There is no other truly possible explanation.

How does it work?

I know we have covered this...but it's worth repeating that subconscious patterns and conditioning and beliefs are the things keeping us from the reality we desire.  These are from our PAST.  Even though we may talk about and choose to alter things in waking state - OUR NOW...and to an extent these things are positively supporting a shift...but largely, our "inner tapes" are helping us or thwarting us from aligning with our goals and dreams. nidra goes in and alters these tapes.  Yes - it makes new creates new inner messages about our PAST and FUTURE which begin to dictate reality as you are experiencing it consciously in the PRESENT...and seemingly out of no where. How else can I explain it?

The gift and opportunity is in too early of stages to yet reveal...but I can say this - - it has far reaching possibilities for everyone I know who dreams of something better.

TODAY, while I work on my PAST and FUTURE visualizations and write lists of how I would move forward on this possible reality NOW...I intend fully to take notice of this PRESENT moment.  The beauty, the wisdom.  The trees and flowers, my children's eyes.  I intend to eat my food with more awareness and to savor the smells and the sensations as if this were my first day.  One thing that is becoming more clear to me as I watch child number 2 grow - and that is - never lose fascination with life! Never become bored with the amazingness that is all around.  See everything anew NOW - with the eyes of a child - and then truly...miracles happen ALL the TIME!

When that stack of magazines shows up on the doorstep for no apparent reason...yes - it means make a vision board!  When your dad is going to send perfectly good electronics to the dump - yes, step in and help do something more "green" with them and see what happens...something will.  When unsaid "seemingly strange occurrence" takes place TODAY - - look at it the opportunity for something new to open up.  I love this quote from the Past, Present, Future Blog I mentioned - it sums it up for me today: "To make the present the best it can be, you must make the past and future the best they can be."

To do nidra.

And then enter your NOW and see how you've done!

I hope your day is full of Bliss and that your House feels like a HOME.  Truly.

From mine to yours - - This is Stasia Bliss

I love you.

Now I am off to catch a bit of this NOW with my camera...

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Authenticity is Key Podcast Now Available

In case you didn't get a chance to join me today for the weekly podcast, you can goto Spreaker and listen to today's show "Authenticity is Key"...I hope you enjoy it!
I would love your feedback.
I will be back next Thursday broadcasting live again - looks like the show is usually at 11am Pacific time...
I'll be here blogging on Sunday!
Catch you soon.

Here is my latest Video on Authenticity

Bliss in the House

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sitting at the Top of the Calendar with My Eyes on the Inside-Out

Half-way through the year from the portal of my incarnation, I peer out into the brightened world this day with widened eyes.  The summer solstice is upon it is, I cannot help but think of dear friends who have recently made a move up to Alaska and who get to watch the sky hold it's light these 3 days...without the veil of blackness being drawn.  I am in awe of this.  At the same time, I recognize in which ways this same phenomenon plays out in my psyche as I take more conscious account at this time of what my spirit is longing for...where my awareness sits...and what observations are being made as life is lived more fully now in the light than ever.

Practicing my "spirituality" while being a mother on occasion presents unique challenges.  "Personal time" versus "Parenting time"...for example.  Sometimes the biggest challenge is to take the first - in order to do better at the second.

My now 7 month old crawler is adamant about checking out every little thing...if he could, he would be eating like the rest of us, going on morning jogs and staying up for hours smelling every flower, playing every note of the piano and reading every book.  I can see he is like this. the best of my ability, I am helping him accomplish this on the level he is working at.  Every fresh fruit that I think might be okay to let him try...which I am currently enjoying...I allow him to munch to an extent.  He drinks out of my water glass and reaches for my tea.  So far it is only water and coconut water which he is allowed to drink...(besides the fountain of living mother),..and in his waking hours we go on walks and explore the yard...but I can see it is always falling short of his desires.  Perhaps that would always be true, even if I gave him all of my moments.

Alas, at some point, the mothers arms tire, and the yawns arise...and even though he would rather not go down for sleep...we both need a break - and so down he goes.  Very rarely these days does he fall asleep in my arms or at the breast.  Each and every nap seems to be a struggle of his will against my own...the acknowledgement of my time to "recuperate" and "refresh" being just as important, if not more important than his need to continue to explore.

The 7 year old is quite another story.  These days he has taken to a particular video game which challenges him to build structures of any sort.  He can literally do this for hours.  I struggle with getting him off the screen and out into nature to walk with us, off the chair and into the grass to play with us.

I can see he is greatly inspired by yet another opportunity to build something...and what used to be hands-on LEGO creations is now making fingers move in another way, back and forth, back and forth...seeing virtual buildings come to life before his eyes.  Part of me thinks he ought not to spend so much of his "free time" staring into the screen...while, at the same time, I reach for my laptop as the little one goes down...and I wonder of the reflection.

And then there is the idea that perhaps he is really finding a passion...something he will continue to derive joyful expression through.  Perhaps this is the seed of his later life...something to build...something to make...what if he is one of the youth today who literally builds new the structures of tomorrow?  How can I deprive him of the inspiration he so obviously finds there with those virtual blocks?

"Unschoolers" would teach that whatever is grabbing their attention should be nurtured...and if it is not to be, sooner or later it will fall away on its own.  I think my social conditioning has sometimes got the best of me as I tell him to "get off that computer and do something more life-giving" that what I really think?  Yes, I believe in balance.  Yes, I believe that by nurturing all parts of us we can blossom in the areas we are meant yes - - I do think variety is important.  And yet, during all these months of displacement and change, I am finally happy to see him anxiously engaged in something he so delights in.  Trying to find the balance.

In the morning of this half-way mark...a day of sunshine and bright faces...I am at the same time drawn inward just a bit - to notice the place I now stand since the winter days sent me off into fresh times with full arms.  As I look around at all that has been cultivated and sown, I am happy to report that things are growing...however slowly it seems to be.  Growing still they are.

My website is up and running, my 5th book is nearly to the presses, my newly configured consultations are jump-started and I am feeling more organized than perhaps ever before.  I am practicing patience in a way that is also new to me and in the slowed down, steady state I stride, I find I can do this too...I can do slow and steady.  Somehow, I have always wanted to run, to do things "now" and "fast" and "all at once"...this has given me many experiences and much to report...many memories and sometimes too often, a bruise or two along the way.  But in this new slow and steady pace I can see the view more clearly...pick up a craft and enjoy the day.  At this pace I am finding new footing and new love for life in the smaller things.

My biggest hopes and dreams are still present within me, and yet I am finding that now perhaps I'll reach them as I take just one step at a time, instead of 10.  Sometimes, running too fast leaves you to go back and pick up the pieces you dropped along the way, if only to discard them at a later time.  In this this new pace...I can choose the things I carry forward as I see them in my now.  How did I miss this before?  No mind.  No mind.

In the No mind I find that it doesn't matter, that every thing before was the lovely chatter filling up the pages of my beautiful life.  Even the strife was kindly flavors, the wonderful memories one can savor or leave behind...or use to tell the tale to another, perhaps make amends with my mother, brother, sister, lover...I can recover from the fast-paced life...choose the jewels it offers, make the moment prosper, make it myself how.  I can always re-calibrate in the now.

Finding where the sun is highest, living up to One who's never bias...cause we're all connected, woven into the tapestry of the biggest picture of beautiful life...I'll be my own husband, my own wife.  And in that self-acceptance, of falling in love with me...eternally, completely, endearingly...I know the reflection can't help but re-appear...I know that the mirror always is clearer when I do the polishing - in here.

So sitting at the top of the calendar, poised and ready for the slide back to the place where I entered in...I'll reach my hands up high and applaud myself for a job well done.  I'll let my children be the wonderful people they are and remember we're all One.  Noticing the flowers blooming in the room of ME...I can truly and wholly appreciate the sunshine the grace and the human family.

Deep Breath in....

Deep Exhale...

It's all coming together somehow.

If you haven't noticed...Thursdays I'm on the air...I'm posting links to the shows on here.  You can go back and listen to the ones you've missed...starting to love the way my spirit is - - reaching in all directions...home to the heart.  Feels -every day- like the start is starting once again.  I know my foundation is pouring...hardening with every repeat.  The routine I've created is surely telling the universe that I'm serious about going somewhere...while staying put in the life I've made, I'm making...the one in my head and the one I'm constructing...some of it visible, but some still unseen...the mortar is there and the blocks are all growing...maybe that's why my son is so focused on building...

I know kids are mirrors of our inner psyche.

Bliss is in the House.

I hope it's in yours.


Thursday, June 19, 2014

Today's Podcast Link - - Divine Timing

If you missed today's Podcast - it is available on Spreaker for your listening enjoyment.  The subject today - Divine Timing...we are all in it...all we need do is surrender to it!

Here it is:

Bliss in the House!


Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Ever Not so 'Quimsical' Father of ....

Today much of the "developed world" - as we like to call it - is celebrating "Father's day."  Even the house in which I currently reside and even my very own embodiment finds itself called up to notice and give thoughtful appreciation to what fathers represent and mean to me.

I guess I call myself lucky for having been raised with a thoughtful and emotionally present father.  Though he traveled a lot in my youth, for work, I always remember a kind-hearted, loving presence who played the role of my physical male parent figure.  He still plays this role today...and while I spend a bit of time with him and my two boys, I am having an opportunity to appreciate and somewhat dissect the role of fatherhood and how I experience it still in my life today - - in relationship with the physical and the spiritual - -as well as how my children have, will and do experience such a force in their lives.

It's funny, and somewhat quimsical - as I like to say...a question on the wind and in the mind, though not so airy, this one.  Both of my children, at this point in time, are without the presence of their physical "fathers"...though they are in the presence of mine.  Hmmmm.  At the same time, I am very aware that they are ALWAYS in the presence of the divine energy of Father...the aspect of the whole that is Infinite consciousness and Father of all.  This brings me great peace.

Yes, I would love for my boys to have their dads around, to go on adventures with, to rough-house with and laugh, to have a man to look up to who pays them special attention and emits love to them like no one else.  This is no downer on my own father, who did his great part in being this to his own kids, and spends what quality time he can and feels moved to with my boys...but it just isn't like a dad.  And well, it doesn't need to be said that the Infinite "Father of all" in the form of the One consciousness is not playing with my kiddos...mostly it's me...and my sister...and my mother...and yes, sometimes my dad.

On the Hallmark stamped day that makes people look to the 'fathers' in their lives for thanks and tidings...well, I guess I feel a little heavy hearted for my boys who are missing something...or so it seems...and I can't help (being the Sagittarius I am) wondering where I play into this whole manifestation for them...why I have created a life experience where my kids - both of them, from 2 different fathers - are without either and both of them.  ???  Not to put undo pressure on myself...but I wonder.

I can't help but consider my kiddos and what is in their best interest...for now it may be that we are in that very place, providing that very thing for them, yet my heart longs for a "complete picture" full of loving presences that tackle them with laughter in the morning...(and so I do)...and take them on walks...(I do my best)...and offer all the things both parents would do.  Sometimes I wonder if my tendency to think I can have and do it all has created a situation in which I must.

With that thought on the page...I now turn myself over to the contemplation of the inner psyche...the one we all have, but don't always know how to interpret...and I ask myself to lay me down into the dreams of yesterday and ask the little girl in me of what dream I am still buying into that is creating an absent father image in my reality today?  Because, on some level, I am convinced the child in us is still running the scene...for each and everyone of us...until she isn't/he isn't...and they only aren't when we take the time to investigate the forts we built inside and take down the metaphorical blankets and meet that face of innocence for a one-on-one.

Fact - it doesn't have to be in therapy.

Fact - you rarely can do it in full-waking consciousness. must be done.

As I work deeper into my subconscious, and keep turning up stones, and memories, and beliefs I hold inside...I must confess and remind that these inner images, when rustled from the deep, show up - without a doubt - in waking state...though you pulled them from beneath...

How can we not get mixed up and confuse the old for the new?  How do we look at the present unfolding and know from which timeline it has sprung - How can I - How can you? For it is all, when in the process, seemingly undone and wrapped up around itself like a cord around the neck looking like a neck tie for a dinner we thought we already went to...


It's happening again..the dream-time lingo is spouting out through day time chatter...does it matter? It most certainly does.  This is where the answers come from - and where the answer always was....Under the covers, under the sheets...tucked under pillows from where we retreated, defeated our waking reality with snooze...not knowing whether we would win or lose ourselves again in the heat of the day.....what is it I am saying??? where is the answer to the riddle revealed? Is the punchline concealed in yesterday's it getting clearer?

As I unwind the tapes from the cob-webbed places...I finding my dreams play out in other people's you see that too?  Is this the gift of the father? the one that is within with which we often do not bother?

Hmmmm - seriously...The Father is consciousness....the observing mind.  The one who can see what is on the rewind, the unwind, what's on the wind...blowing through the moments we're most certainly in....and here we are - here I am

Here you are.  Here.

A win win.

A truly happy Father's day would be to acknowledge the child within...and to give voice to her and all the treasures she keeps in the mind she believes.  I can father myself into freeing that girl...and perhaps watch the gifts spiral out to my very own world.  And to my kids.

That would be the ultimate gift of presence (presents).

May Bliss be in your House today - - the structure around you house...and the body you inhabit house  - - especially this one ...cause sometimes we find ourselves without our "own house" and we can still find the ever movable house-home of form we live in NOW.


Thursday, June 12, 2014

Mirror of the True Self

Here is my latest podcast Mirror of the True Self

Speaking all about the true relationship is Self-relationship and how these "outer reflections" are showing us aspects of self...especially sub-conscious patterning & how to clear these.

I hope you enjoy the show!

Bliss in the House,

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Fitting Myself Inside a Box Which turned out to be a Limitless Creation Generator!

I never thought that I would say - Sagittarian, free-thinker, out-of-the-boxer, miss randomly following the whim of the One Life leading me this way and that...yes, that has been me.  Until now.  I have finally found the blessedness of a routine!

That's right.  A routine.

What's great about this routine I have it still leaves room for the dynamic, creative, wandering, exploring me.  It does, it really does. It amazingly enough -- does!
 It just makes things more productive, organized and friendly.  And the kids like it.

I know, many, if not most of you who have been thriving with routine, maybe your whole lives probably think I am crazy to not have had such wisdom working for me all these years.  ... I know...
Some of us take longer to implement things so we can fit them into to our "functioning personality" ... or is it the "ego-less self" who finally allows us to surrender into the pattern that is inherent in all of life.  That's right, of course....all of life moves in patterns, harmonious rhythms of repeating organized a symphony...of course it does!

I don't know why I have been so resistant.  I supposed it was from my very patterned up-bringing and following the "rules" that took me so long to break-free from in order to find the beat of my very own drum...the problem has been, that drum needed tuning.

Oh, I mean it's fun and fine to beat your drum in the forest or distant lands once in a while and hear the sound of your own echoing...and scream, and laugh and wonder what other amazing sounds you can make...but that is only so fun for so long.  Finally, one day, you realize you need to pick a song...the one called "your life" and write the melody....and play it.  Now don't get me wrong, that doesn't mean it will be boring, and stick to the same melody all the time, no.  But have you ever heard a great song that kept changing rhythm, beats and patterns?!  Chaotic for sure., this took me a while, but I am always saying that I am just starting this game....that I just got through "kindergarten" if you will, and it is finally time to go to the "real school" ... this life we are in... the game is on.  No matter who you are or what you have been doing up until matter your so-called "age"...this new world is on...and the game starts NOW.

Thank the good universe I am finally finding rhythm.

I guess you could say that I thank my near 7 month old for this insight... as he needs a nap pretty much every 2 hours like clockwork.  Oh sure, we can stretch it a little here and there, but not to much or the straps will break and then "down comes the baby cradle and all"...(I finally understand what that means!)

I am also doing my best to actually get a fluid successful stream running through my life in all ways - financially included...this has given me the opportunity to step back and look at what is important, where I want to put emphasis, and what is "working now".. . the funny thing about this whole game is that it is true...what my baby-daddy once said..."look at what is working now, effortlessly, and do that more"...yes - that seems to be the case.

So, as I get my writing more fluid, this blog, the book that is coming out, my creative non-fiction bubbling in my head...and as I consent to that drive to "be on the air" and start recording weekly podcasts, as I continue down the path of this Yoga Nidra...which is exploding exponentially the deeper I go into it... I am finding that I can have a day for each of these things...and not burn myself out!  I can have a day that is my blog day (today)...a day for a talk show, a day for creativity, a day for book writing, several days for readings and yoga nidra recordings and a day for simple play.  This is astoundingly brilliant to me!  Why have I never found this pattern before? ...Well, maybe I have, in the distant past, before children...when I was nannying 3 days a week, teaching yoga two days and modeling two with a day of rest.  I figured it out then that I could never just do one thing all the time and be happy.  ... or rather...not get restless.
(I know happiness comes from within)

So here I am at the library with my older yesterday, trying to keep up on his reading while he is "off track"...picking out level one reading books and suddenly I realize we need craft ideas....we need lots of them.  We head to the aisle full of books with all kinds of creative brilliance all packaged up and ready to go.  Out the door we go with the heaviest recyclable shopping bag full of 21 different books, only 5 of which are "reading books"...and the evening goes on to reveal level 2 of "project organize our lives".... I am thrilled beyond measure at what is happening here!

Okay, so now we have, besides my own personal "work" schedule, we now have a crafting schedule for me and said older child.  We have a cooking day/day in the kitchen...a garden day, a drawing/painting day, a recycled craft day, a day for specific outings, a "free day" and a day for hand crafts such as jewelry, woodwork and the like.  These I have strategically lined up with my working schedules so that they flow what seems like the best for all.

Do you know what this has allowed for?! ...besides peace of mind, a relaxed body and blissful joy to emanate from my being (extremely important)...this has made me see all the "free" time I have...and what else can really happen here.   Now here is the magical part.

You  know how there are things you wish could happen, but you don't even see how they could be someone would never cooperate, or you just can't see fitting it in, or whatever excuse you have?!  I had a ton of them....well, now...all of the sudden - - - they are happening.

My 7 year old has just agreed to start oil-pulling at night while I read him a story to hopefully heal his teeth and gums....can I say this again?! My 7 year old has agreed to start oil-pulling...this is miraculous, okay?  This is putting a spoonful of coconut oil in your mouth and swishing it around for 10 minutes...I have been trying to get myself to do this for a gag reflex is often accompanying the adventure...(and by the way I just started doing this 3 days ago too - thanks to scheduling !!)...Wow.

So, here I am, it's only 8:30 in the morning.  When I complete this blog, that will be it for my "work" today...I have already stretched, had a light breakfast with superfood smoothie, fresh peaches and a cup of Mate.  I have oil pulled while showering, after dry-brushing, oiled up, said affirmations (which are also part of my evening yoga nidra - - for re-emphasis)...all while baby sleeps morning nap.  We are geared up with some coconut rice on the stove to be eaten with fresh mangos when older child is hungry...and I am ready for a walk and today's activity...which I prepared for last night!  (today is recycle craft day).  Can I glow anymore?!  I am so thrilled.  All I have now to do is pick the morning mantra...another aspect on the growing list of morning magical moment enhancers.  I love mantras.


Syllable Meanings:
OM: Divine Reality
SHREEM: for material prosperity
HREEM: for becoming a leader and fulfilling desires for power
SARASWATYAI: Saraswati Mata
NAMAHA: we bow/ show reverence.

It is also -- to bestow Creativity, Resonance with Music and Arts...and to have Successful Non-attachment in these endeavors - ! Perfect!

What can I say?!  I am cheering for schedules!  I never thought I would know this kind of joy around routine.  And to those of you who do - I salute you!  Wow. It is truly liberating, to say the least.  The question becomes - - what more can I do now?!

I will round this blog up today by exuding the amaze I am having doing these consultations for people with personalized yoga nidras...this is incredible people.  Incredible.  In case you missed the Facebook insight I had the other it is in a nutshell...:

If you ask your parents why they think you are not manifesting "whatever"...(money, a partner, success, etc.)... the answer they give you (though it may not be the "truth") is what your subconscious programming was as a is the tape that is playing behind what you think the reason is....and that is keeping you from true success.  When we change THOSE tapes...then we can start manifesting as we desire.  Yoga Nidra changes those subconscious tapes...remember!

Right now I am offering consultations on Mondays and Wednesdays - - by donation only - - (to start)...which will then come with your personalized yoga nidra.  That is my schedule baby, and I'm stickin' to it....!! Let me know if you are interested.  And stay tuned...Thursday I'm on the air -- - using about the Paradigm Shift.

Love you all -- Time to up-cycle some crafts !

Bliss is in the house!


Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tearing away at the Sponge in the Head....

The summer is creeping in with hotter temperatures while I reach for melons, berries and coconut water as refreshing accompaniments.  The little ones are growing, finding new joys such as crawling, greeting card development and sing-a-longs, oh yeah and video games...hmmm.  I am happy to be completed with my latest long project - the on-line Yoga Nidra-Conscious Sleep Practice course, available now (on  The energy is shifting!

Attention is readjusting just a bit as I find all the focus up to this moment now points even more toward the yoga nidra and the benefits thereof.  My up and coming book will highlight the benefits and greatest reasons for this practice and my immediate interest has moved me to offer individualized consulting sessions using an amazing alchemical Qi Vesta device as well as personalizing yoga nidras for those I work with.  This is exciting.  Already I can see, just a glimpse of where this is taking me.  Like a crystal ball, mostly foggy, but revealing just a shred of insight into future possibilities I can see that all things are working together for the common good...of myself and all.
(If you are interested in a reading, let me know)

In the meantime, what does one do with a near 7 month old who has now full use of his crawling skills - yet keeps trying to explore those things most "dangerous" to him?...i.e. the rock fireplace, electrical out-lets (yes, we are getting covers), piano legs and corners, coffee table feet (less than desirable face-planting texture)...??  Yes, these times are made for following him around, room to room, myself largely on hands and knees, diverting his attention sometimes, though most often simply placing an open hand out to guard where his head may or may not land.  Hmmm. Has me thinking.  Is this what the universe is doing for us all the time?  Following us around with a hand held open, just in case we go to bump our heads on something really sharp?

Sometimes they(we) fall anyway, oops, didn't get there fast enough, but you'll be okay.  Keep exploring. Don't be discouraged! There is lots to discover...lots.  It seems as though they cannot take it in fast enough.  I am reminded the other night, while watching What if - The Movie, that youngsters are like tape recorders...the subconscious mind is just open and taking everything in without a filter.  This is how we all began.  Everything we are told, every voice and sound we all makes up the foundation of who we will someday be...all the way to age 7...this is our coding.  These are the tapes that will largely carry us through the rest of our lives, dictate our every response and action, our beliefs and patterning...that is - unless we get in there where the tapes are, and change them.

This isn't easy.  Well.  Let's say there aren't many ways to do this...but it IS easy - if you know how.

Yoga Nidra does this.

Yoga Nidra gets in there and changes those tapes.

Affirmations alone won't do it.  Goal setting won't do it.  Prayer won't do it.  Writing a "to do" list won't do it.  Reading lots of good books won't do it.  Deciding to change - won't do it.  Because these are all conscious-mind tasks.  We have to reach the subconscious...the place all those tapes got recorded into when we were little...little without a conscious mind reasoning and deciding what means what...we just took it all in.  - they say, "like a sponge" -yep.

When you are watching a little one grow, if you are conscious, you become aware of how powerful you are in the shaping of their reality.  It's almost a little scary.  The power that we have around these young minds, to either create the space in which they remember who they are, stay authentic and connected, or in which we begin to shape their minds through our beliefs and so called "wisdom".  Do we really know better?

I have come to realize with children that they are just people in smaller bodies.  Yes, they need our help with basics, especially when they are too small to do anything alone, but eventually, when they can "do" stuff...we may be better served watching them, learning from them...allowing ourselves to surrender the way we think it ought to be - letting ourselves be taught by these wise beings in small bodies who we called in to be our guides (on some level).  They are closer to that place from which we all emanate...and hey, look - we are all trying our hardest, the older we get, to de-program ourselves and get back to that place of connection...and here they are - in front of us, connected, pure, innocent - a live wire back to Source.  Why do we shut them down?  Because they aren't playing by "our" rules...the ones that have served us oh so well up to now?!....hmmmm

It's something to consider.

What would life look like if the little ones led?

Would we "get anything done?".....would everything have to change?

I wonder.

This brings me back to Yoga Nidra.  I am reminded what my teacher in India told me...about this practice.  The children use it - and they are able to stay connected to their "genius self"...the connected self they came in keeps them from "taking on" stuff from this place...but for us...for adults....well, sorry, it will never fully work like that for us.  Not in the same way.  We can self-realize, yes.  But the children are nearly there now.  Be like the little children.

As my older boy grows, I am faced with this inner struggle....I want him to be 'free' - to be himself, to feel loved, to do what he soar.  AND...there are challenges that come with his age...I can see him needing to choose to "grow up" in a way, and shirk off the "baby self" order to take on more "grown-up" choices and's hard.  Both for him and me.

 I remember him as a toddler, as an infant...his sweet ways, his innocence...

 I can see him losing it a bit...finding an "older" expression...wondering what that is for him...wanting to hide in video games and setting aside his love of drawing to integrate this newer, "up-graded" version of himself that inevitably comes with age....or does it?

What is my job? Where can I best serve my kids in their development so they stay connected?  So I do?  This is the challenge of so-called "parenting"...I want them to be themselves...and I want to co-habitat with them without losing my mind. 

 Ah the spiritual practice this "role" affords.

I will settle back into my yoga nidra while my littlest takes a nap....or maybe work on greeting cards with my oldest...

May you find Bliss in your house today - whatever you are doing.

And thank you for reading...