Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Thrones in tact...How to "Go After" a Queen when you are a King

We are in a time when there are many queens without their kings and kings without their queens. Perhaps it had to be such for the recent cycle to play itself out and crush the various paradigms without dragging dysfunction into the new. But now we have turned the corner and left the past behind us. 2016 has been ubiquitous with endings and completion cycles bringing most of us to the point of near destruction, teetering on the brink of "can't do it anymore" but with awareness of initiation in progress

So now we come to a new era, one where kings and queens of conscious persuasion ought find one another for both mutual bliss and collective portal opening of a new world.

It is true that when two come together in conscious loving partnership their combined sacred union not only elevates the two, but the entire globe... and I dare say, Universe.

In fact, I do believe that it is in the unification of the forces of love found in two people agreeing to dive in and intermingle their conscious lives with care, that the "many" are elevated through their combined alchemy to the next level of existence.

And so...this blog is to the Kings out there...who have perhaps glimpsed a Queen...and know she is a Queen...and she suspects you are a King...and their may be flirtation, or mutual interest displayed...and yet it seems the "game" stalls out there - and it doesn't seem to go anywhere, either for fear, or distance or an over-indulgence in one's own personal path (which is brilliantly blossoming, I might add, in most lives of true conscious kings and queens - as it should be)...and therefore the two miss the grandiose explosion of what their coming together could benefit them...and so too does the collective miss the energetic upgrade which would occur should the two decide to become one.

How ought a King "go after" a Queen, without, metaphorically "losing his throne"?

In other words...in this mixed up world of feminism which has led the kings into a foggy haze over how to properly "court," and made queens sweep up their gowns and turn away from their queenly missions to get a king's attention...and even resort to sending him letters through scrolls of virtual nature...often left hanging while the king completes his stately duties...how, - we must address - ought kings "go after" queens in this new realm of conscious relations?

I address it in this manner because I truly believe that beyond the maturation of the sexes and the balancing of the genders, that kings still ought to court queens...and especially she worth sitting on said throne next to "him"...already, I might add, ruling her own queendom, awaiting the coming together of hearts with one who can match her growth, insight, love-quotient and speed at which she plays this cosmic game.

She - when focused on her mission and task at hand - is channeling Divine Cosmic Energy and creating the new paradigms for all to enjoy. The Queen ought to be able to continue this focus and not be turning her head to look out for her King...wondering where he is and if he will show up, chasing him when he does not write her back...No. The King is the space-holder for the Queen...and so - if she can keep to her task, it is this, actually, which ought draw him to her side...where they can co-create with wonder and potency. It is he who ought "court" her...or in other words - - BE the COURT...the ballroom, the royal premise on which their essence meets and intermingles.

I speak to the kings and ask....what's the hold up? Why the stall-out? What is the cause for not
engaging the Queen to the level of her and your capacity? - if I might be so bold as to assume your capacity in equal range. She is truly ready and awaiting he who would dazzle her with his bravery, independence and emotional maturity while still displaying honorable qualities of respect, courtship, and a bit of king-conscious romance.

Queens still love flowers by the way.
..and perhaps are even more appreciative than their human woman counterpart, for the Queen sees the potency in flowers sent with conscious care and knows her courting King dare send them in bold vulnerability and honor of her Queenly flare.

Flowers are an offering to the Divine, after-all, which your Queen fully honors and will place upon on her altar to amplify the Cosmic work she does...

Queens love consistency, and are disinterested in the game of stalled out stages of quiet, where her quick-witted nature is easily drawn to other things which consume her fancy..and not out of flippancy, but out of due respect, for a Queen has spent ample time in self-care, personal growth and cycles of preparation to meet the one who could dance with her on the cosmic dance floor...she dares to think and know that HE would catch a glimpse of her, and with one hint of her mutual interest, he would make sure that he did not lose the chance to sit next to her and create cosmic miracles at her side.

Instead, it seems, potent, powerful female goddesses in earthly flesh are left wondering of the men dressed up like kings, daring to flirt and even cast interested chats in her direction and yet fail to back them up with sturdy intention.

 It leaves Queens in their mature phases of growth and cosmic work a wondering if the Kings really exist at all, and if they do - (which we sense they do, since we do) - why the drag, the lull, in courting the Queens? Why are so many Queens left without their Kings and Kings without their Queens?

I know what many will respond, and so to this I will rightly address head-on, ...

....that if a queen is without her king and the reverse is also true, then both must remain imbalanced within, still needing to come into a state where the inner queen and king are one, leaving room for the external appearance to reflect back in due time.

While this is all fine and good in philosophy, and I myself have spouted plenty of said explanation, I do not believe it is good enough....for though it is true, in the one realm, that the microcosm is reflected in the macrocosm, so too is it equally valid and appropriate to acknowledge that the outward expression has power and potency to alter the "inner story" if you will through courageous acts of transformation and vulnerability...and this is the stuff myths are made of.

For we live in a paradox, a divine dichotomy and with such truth it ought be recognized that either door to entry is valid, and if one door is used to exclusion of the other, well...the miracles seem to bloom to the less.

The psyche of man and woman are both influenced by the stories of the past and the models which have preceded their path...the impressions of youth are strong and the ancestral patterning imprinted in one's DNA is enough to shield a man or a woman from fully living out authentic lives of truth and passion....

however, this is where the story ought change...

...for in the "conscious" breed of men and women, who have rightly transcended stories and patterns of youth and heredity - - which therein births the kings and queens to whom I am talking...these are the ones with the superpowers able to reach beyond the societal out-picturing of relational mishaps and see through the fog to spot another of like-mind...who ought, I believe, be able to know that the synergy of hearts is not a simple thing...not always happening as often as one might like...and so when it does,to address it with due speed and honor is what I might like to call - a sacred duty.

And so - to the Kings, who spot a Queen...who dares reach out and find mutual interest...to him I say - take the chance, herein lies the archetypical opportunity to impress upon the cosmos that you are in fact the King you espouse yourself to be...that this "Lady in Waiting" is a perfect cosmic cue for you to upgrade your experience, ride the spiral to your advance and assist humanity in its evolution all with the flare of a brave advance.

I caution you that She does not like to wait...not out of lack of patience mind you, for she has been patience for lifetimes and cycles after cosmic cycles...for she knows in her heart of hearts that she cannot pass through the next phase of her evolution - personal and collective, without standing hand in hand with her King.

She has been patient, but now she wishes to see excitement, flare, and a daring spirit who would match her love of the mystery, her grace of centering and her expansive nature who can witness all things while remaining unattached... she wishes, in this case, to fall madly for her King...to feel swept up and appreciated, seen and adored, honored and respected....for she KNOWS without a doubt, that He who would step up and match her ---- it is He on which she will flood with endless blessings, with pools of healing, with nourishment and love beyond compare. She knows that it is He who truly is ready for his next spiritual advancement and she is grateful and in awe of he who is brave enough to be humble and humble enough to be brave to receive all of this in her presence.

The Queen who is fully appreciated and adored by a King has many gifts to bestow...for she is the embodiment of the Divine Cosmic Mother...and will enact a great initiation on the one who would meet her in Sacred Union...the feminine, by nature, embodies the creative impulse, the holy of holies capable of increasing her Kings talents and blessings by 100 fold, at least...and he who is truly a King - knows this of the Queen... and approaches her with gratitude and thanksgiving, for seeing him ready and offering him space in her holy sanctuary.

Kings...go after the Queen...not as stalkers, not after one who tells you 'no' - not after one who does not answer you...but after the Queen who looks back in your direction with interest and an eye of charm. Go after her and do not let her go...if you wish your life transformed and if you wish your Kingdom expanded exponentially through your coming together....

But much like your own Kundalini...who when awakened does not go back to sleep...and if not nurtured and allowed to cleanse you and open you will wreak havoc on your once peaceful life - when you engage a Queen...without pure intent to follow up and follow through...the repercussions of such in your personal growth and advancement will set you back a notch...for your spirit truly knows that you faced advancement, and you turned it down.

How to go after a Queen when you are a King and keep your throne in tact?

Use tact...use grace, write her a poem, sing her a song, surprise her, don't focus purely on bodies and beauty, but on that which is eternal...follow up and follow through and whatever you do...go the distance.

And if you are unwilling (or unable) - for any reason - to go the distance, tell her, and let her move her heart on. For the Queen's heart is still that of a woman, and she loves. Her capacity for love is vast and her depth is great and if she senses you might be her King, even if for a moment - she would invest her whole self and queendom into the realm you two may create. Be not mistaken....a Queen can detach herself just as easily, but if she is truly a Queen...why would you want her to?

A Queen is fine remaining alone, she is strong and capable and loves herself. She is multidimensional and multi-sensual...but a Queen wants nothing more than to meet the King who could stand by her, both of you whole and complete...able to up-level each other with pure royal essence...into the next phase of both of your growth. A Queen knows she can only go so far alone and somewhere along the way, in order to bust through that next cosmic gate (which she is so ready and willing and wanting to do)...she needs to meet you - and for you to see her and be with her fully.

She knows YOU are the cosmic gate-key-holder, the space holder, the Co-creator with whom she can create new Universes...within and without. She admires you, though she has not met you, she longs for you, with peaceful stillness, she imagines you and hopes to ignite the awareness that would allow your eyes to meet.

So, truly, gentlemen, Kings, wanting to remain - thrones in tact -

 ...Go after the Queen when she so powerfully shows up in your reality... (virtual or otherwise).

Let her know you see who she is and that you are willing to meet her in her realm...and show her that you are truly a King worth loving.

Be brave, be bold, be vulnerable. Be consistent
....and I promise you, if you have truly found a Queen....you will not be disappointed.

Friday, December 16, 2016

A Look at Transformation, Transmutation and Transfiguration in Relation to the World Now

If you look out the economical, political, environmental, or societal window today, it may seem as though the world is falling apart. If you observe the world through the lens of healthcare or international relations, if you make assumptions about reality based on resources or who has the money, you may agree that the world has gone to shit. Some may even argue that history is repeating itself right in front of our eyes and tell you there is a tyrant moving into one of the most powerful seats in the world. But I am going to argue that we need only change the lens. The reality we see, on the news, over social media, in the courthouse and on international debate stages is one we have created based on the filter we are wearing and which can be changed by simply realizing who the true tyrants are in our lives.

If you know anything of internal alchemy and inner work you would be familiar with cycles of evolution – of transformation, transmutation and transfiguration. If you know this then you also know that the external environment mirrors the internal one and that there is really only ONE being in existence and only One thing happening here …. even though it seems like there are many of us and many issues at hand.

If you are unfamiliar with the cycles of change and their stages, let me clarify a bit.

Transformation is a process where that which is old and no longer working “dies” or falls away...and by so doing, releases a huge amount of energy which was being put into that which was non-supportive to the entity/reality.

Upon release of this thing – an outdated system, a faulty relationship, a false belief – there is a detox that takes place...which truly allows this thing to “exit stage left.” There may be a feeling of sickness during this detox...for all that has long been built up and hidden – under the guise of it all “being a-okay” is now out in the open and must be processed. Sound familiar?

Let's look at the current state of affairs...and how “the Oneness” is in a transformation period...or rather, has just undergone one.

We – the One – have transformed - from thinking we were all okay, in the global community, in politics, in our international relationships, in healthcare, in everything – basically. Even if many of us knew that these things were NOT okay – it was like we were okay with them not being okay. We had become complacent with the way things were...as it seemed they had always been. We had settled into the discord and made home there....even though we knew it was not right, that thieves were running the affairs and we would instead hide behind a click of Netflix and some popcorn, ignoring the fact that the world was fucked...cause what could we really do anyway? Right?!

Well.....thanks to the transformative process, which is NATURAL, things started to happen...once a tipping point was reached.
The election happened. The unthinkable occurred.

Standing Rock took the scene...and the transformation was well underway. That which was NOT serving us/the ONE – and hadn't been for a very long time was suddenly starting to move...on the scene and yes...soon to be out of the picture.

Transformation is a small death. With this and any other transformation, there are toxins which have been built up a long time behind the illusion of their fine-ness. And so, with the change comes a huge, stinky detoxification process that looks like everything we are seeing now. All that has been under the surface, is now ON the surface – and in our faces...and we have the astrology to thank for helping to get this transformation process on.


With this detox also comes a great amount of energy -released back into the collective. Haven't you noticed how many people suddenly feel able to do something? Who ARE doing something? All the movements and marching and protesting and protecting...has reached an all time high!

Well, what is the next stage of the process of change? It is the alchemy...it is the Transmutation time.

This is the test people. In the All-ness...WE get to SEE How this process is working FOR us and not against us. We get to LOOK at the happenings and glean the insights which will allow the dross, the density to be transmuted into golden awareness.

How will we do it?

This question we must EACH ask ourselves.

When the garbage, the detox, the yuck and Uck of the transformation process presents itself...will we
– during the “uncomfortable transmutation process” wish to return to the safety and comfort of our previous beliefs of how the world should look? OR will we use our energy to transmute the dross of the toxins and SEE the insights being revealed to us through them?

This is where most folks get stuck. Cause it is so easy to call garbage garbage instead of seeing it as the toxic byproduct of a beautiful cleansing taking place. It's easier to say “I'm sick” because that is what society tells you is socially acceptable when you are hacking up a lung and running snot from your nose day in and day out for a week instead of calling it a cosmic upgrade coming into your body and pushing out all the toxic residues from old programming that no longer serve your current vibration.

It's also easier to identify with a “corrupt leader” “out there” than it is to recognize that the fact that someone who could so blatantly represent tyranny in our outer environment is obviously our deep soul-cry trying to tell us something about our inner environment ….the push out that looks like an outward manifestation, but is really an inward evolution.

What is corrupt? What is tyrannical?

How about the very present, dominant and over-riding ideas of

Disease, Death/ Dying, and Duality for starters ??...

These are the true tyrannical beliefs and leaders of our lives to date, are they not?

Oh, believe me I get all sorts of backlash for presenting these "realities" as beliefs...plenty. But just humor me and yourself - and sit with this for a moment....and let's take it to a cosmic perspective.

What is disease? After all...is it truly dysfunction? In the wholeness? In the Oneness? Are you truly sick or out of touch - at the core of truth? Wouldn't it make more sense that, as a Divine being in the flesh, here for a specific Divine purpose...experiencing symptoms of “dis-ease” might just be your physical body trying to get your attention...trying to cry out from the innermost recesses that something is off –
Something is off... either in the “health care” system that you so blindly trust and are willing to put yourself in its hands at the cost of your very life...

Or that you are so emotionally and spiritually disconnected from the truth of who you are that you  even could  BELIEVE that you are sick in the first place – and are perhaps just simply out of alignment with your truth - instead. ??

It's not just you – we have all suffered from this.

We have all suffered as well from the belief in duality, in polarizing to our “likes” and away from our “dislikes.” We have been tyrannized by our obsession with happiness and our disdain for sadness and it is time for us to see that these ways of thinking are out-dated and no longer serve our individual and collective evolution.

So, yes, we have a polarized “tyrannical” looking external example of who is sitting at the seat of our person – telling us how reality is constructed, and it is so distorted from the truth...that now the distortion is projected in such a gruesome way that it finally gets our attention.!!!

We are the Oneness.

 Which seems to include duality...and yet this concept is inherently flawed...for -All exists -exists within us, as us. We are the yin and the yang manifest. Neither “side” is to be abhorred or adored over any other part. We are both dark and light...but what is beyond this is naming neither...and instead simply reveling in the texture of the change that is ever-constant. Without judgment. And in fact is beautiful.

And what of judgment?? – oh thank you Christian church – which has cursed us forever more...with the eyes of duality birthed in judgment. This is not the true reality. How can there be opposites in a field of One? How can there be polarity when there is only a single point of existence.? When there is only love? And some may argue...Is there only love?

Well, let's see...

As we begin to embrace both poles...we are enacting the internal alchemy that must occur for the transmutation process to complete...we must combine opposites and allow them to cancel each other out within us..and gain the insights that come from doing so.

We must see that Standing Rock Water Protectors must exist and So must the Black Snake of the oil company, in order for neither to have to. We must rise above the view that one is right and one is wrong...and SEE the Alchemy in it. Get the Insight.

The alchemy comes from seeing the suffering in Syria and knowing the love and riches and safety of your own experience AND combining them in the wisdom that knows ALL EXISTS in this 3-D earth plane and by accepting that...and embracing both – neither have to exist in the field of what is being realized...that we may up-level through the transmutation and gain the gold of knowing all of these things to be the One. - all of them to be us.

The transmutation occurs for us collectively as enough of us - or the One of us - can see the political situation and identify the necessity of the tyranny manifesting...at the same time as NOT seeing it - - - BOTH and transmute it with the insight that says "Oh, I didn't realize my inner tyrant was so out of control, now that can be modulated..." - within. you see??

Once we walked in the field of all that is...in the Oneness we danced and had our experience...and we can again...or rather, we already are, on the level of mind where we SEE it.

For we are born from perspective and out of perspective do we either transform or cling to sameness. In this too is a paradox. For we are never truly transforming when we are ever and forevermore the One with everything. And yet, in the joyous desire to express all that we are...we chose to feel this as well.

So now, back to the story of the Transmutation...it is in the allowance to see that Oneness is that which is manifesting...and by so doing, and by acting as such in our experience...we up-level the game.

And so, it is not enough to know that the current happenings are happening FOR us...as a manifestation of the purification of our collective perspective, but to act as if this is so...to walk in faith that we are indeed stepping into a world beyond the one we have so complacently known. That it is our time to show our deeper layers. To remember our kinship, our Earth connection, our power...and also to acknowledge that we always have.....it just didn't seem so.

In the transmutative perspective comes the up-level and we find ourselves in a new game...where humanity is poised to discover if it chooses. To allow more energy, not less, to enter in...to find access to latent gifts, and brain centers and dormant abilities which have only merely been on “freeze” during this whole pre-transformation game.

The transfiguration occurs once you walk your talk and transmute the old perspective,...for now – you have the opportunity, we all do – to live as if we are in the new world NOW....to see the transfiguration in action in our own lives...to own it. To not give credence to the world we no longer believe is real...to no longer pay homage to “false gods” and idols of imagination which echo the life we led before the transformation,,,,lest we are doomed to repeat the “lower levels.”

We are only allowed to see what we can allow ourselves to see.

All is already here. We are on the brink of the up-level. . The Transfiguration. Will you Transfigure?

We limit ourselves by what we have the ability to comprehend. And yet time...is a tricky thing...this limitation we imposed upon ourselves so as to gain the insights of density...there is lag time- in time.

Though it is speeding up...to our viewpoint..(as if it ever could, since it always was and forever will be)...to us it is making its way back into our full awareness at the rate and “speed” we allow it to. And so, the old will fade with as much grace and timeliness as we give it room to.

Here's another way of saying it...

If someone you no longer wish to spend time with is trying to go out the door, but you keep asking them questions, and asking forgiveness, and continue to engage them, and worry for their safety, etc etc...they will take forever to actually “disappear”...will they not? When it is time to let go of that belief, that reality...how much resistance will you exhibit?

In as much as we resist life...we encourage death. Another illusion of this reality. One that most are much more endeared to than they wish to admit. For who would truly concede to the choice of immortality when they cannot fully embrace the “shorter” life with which they have been endowed. “What will I do with eternity?” One might secretly wonder. And so you should. As in the all-ness...death ensnares us when we cannot fully live, cannot fully enjoy, when we dance with disease and with shortcomings and with lack. Why would immortality befit the mind who cannot expand to fill it? (for more on this subject read these articles:(Death, does it have to occur, Immortality possible?, Aging or Immortality?)

But given enough cycles of Transformation, Transmutation and Transfiguration...even if you include death in the game for a while....at some point, there is no point...and we will do it all here and now.

To live in the Transfigured life is to know yourself as the still point of existence...that all is merely a dream, but one worth inspiring into remembrance with you...so you may dance and sing and taste and make love and experience all the textures this plane has to unveil...and by and through your ecstatic relationship with life...which is yourself...you may find authentic purpose fulfilled...and a new world created.

Love you much,
may you find bliss in your house, as I know it in mine 

Stasia Bliss