Tuesday, November 24, 2015

How Does the Holiday Season Allow Greater Communication?

Communication is an invaluable key in decoding the space between you and me, between you and me and the ultimate reality. Sometimes communication looks like talking, discussing and singing, other times it looks like breathing, touching, gazing and simply feeling into the space that is, with full intent and an open heart.

As we enter the holiday season so many celebrate, the time of year when commercial aisles are busting with colored lights, red and whites, trees and so much more, I feel it is important, maybe more important than ever, to re-calibrate ourselves to the spirit behind all the shopping madness.

To some, to many even, this time of year is one of family, connections, sharing, giving, love and compassion. A very large portion of the population looks at this season as a time to rejoice in the life of a man called Jesus, who walked on the Earth and both taught and lived simple, but liberating messages of love, truth and emancipated, divine life. To others, this is a time to celebrate the Soul essence in each one of us, the reality of our physical forms, and how we are never separate from the light which birthed us. Even still, this time of year brings a remembrance to the cycles of reality and how we continually seem to move from light into darkness and back into the light again. No matter the religion, the teaching, background or story, they all seem to pivot on the idea of sameness. You and I are from the same Source. We have divinity in us, and we are experiencing this divinity, uniquely, in the forms we have incarnated within.

For me, at this time of year, I am constantly reminded that this is the season I would like to nourish the rest of the year, every year. That I am not interested in focusing so much attention on an attitude that will only last a few weeks, then forgetting it largely for the rest of the year. This is also the season of my own physical birth. I incarnated this round, on the Winter Solstice. I do not think this was accidental or a simple coincidence. I am tuned to the cycles, to the ebb and flow and to the power within what the "witches" deem the greater Sabbats in our Gregorian calendar. The Winter Solstice marks the longest night of the year...the most darkness upon the land in the northern portion of the globe...ever after...all the way to the summer solstice, more and more light comes back onto the land. To me this is the significant, personal message of my life: to bring more light wherever I go, always, forever...and to never be afraid of the darkness.

As we take steps into the chillier months of the Northern hemisphere, and pull out whatever decor and celebratory offerings that suit us, I am rejoicing this year in the opportunity to put my attention on whatever aspect of the season that speaks to me most. For me - it truly is about the subtle communications underlying existence.

Have you ever noticed, stepping outside, that if you talk to the trees, they will talk back? The wind picks up....some leaves toss in the breeze....maybe the birds start to sing.?? It is true, they do. Nature is alive, it hears you...it waits, it listens...it replies.

Have you ever sat in a crowded room and consciously sent love or gratitude, care or kindness to just one person in the room just to see what would happen? Have you noticed their demeanor change? The attitude lift? Their words shift?  It happens, we are all connected.

Have you done this with your children? Have you noticed how your inner space affects them, subtly without words? That when you are turbulent inside, they express it with their bodies? That when you are sad, they cry? When you are overly excited, they express "too much" in their own little ways?  It happens.

Studies have show that when .01% of a population meditate together, they affect the population around them positively. Crime rates decrease, traffic calms, hospital visits lessen, there is noticeable change in the atmosphere of the city. We affect one another.

How many of you have read The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman?  This book showed up in my dreams last night. The message seems to be, that we all have a 'way' that works best for us to be communicated with....for love to be expressed....for us to feel "heard" and it is kindness to know how to, most effectively, speak with one another in the way we each hear LOVE.

Above and beyond all the lights, food and glitter, LOVE is the resounding attitude.... to Love the Self --- not from selfishness, but from a place of appreciation, gratitude and self-care, to Love our neighbors...which extends into the whole wide world, to the strangers and the cultures of every sector of the Earth and Sky....and Love - the greater, underlying essence of all that is...to connect with this Love through the center of the heart in each moment and in and through the eyes of each person we encounter, knowing that they are a gift to us in the moment of their manifestation, to afford us the opportunity to SEE Source - in front of our eyes...and to give thanks.

I am deeply grateful for those who have walked this plane of existence in the essence of mastery, and showed how to vibrate at the frequency of Love - so much so - that they affected the masses, and reality at large. I thank Jesus the Christ, Krishna, Mohammad, Amma, Buddha, Gandhi, Mary Magdalene, Mother Teresa, Babaji, Paramahamsa Yogananda, and more. <3

I am grateful for my children, who express so purely the Love light of existence, and for those I continually walk the path with. May peace and authenticity guide your path, and may we learn to communicate with each other in the vein of love and compassion.

I see you and love you AS YOU ARE.