Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The Great and Deep Beginning of 2018

It's been quite a year already. It is only February of 2018 and I am deeply feeling the powerful transformative quality of this year in full effect.

I started this year flat on my face. Literally.

I started a new back tattoo the day after Christmas, which had been a long time coming. In fact, all of 2017 I heard it talking to me from the great beyond...the place where I believe we birth our tattoos from, whether we realize it or not. Call it the Cosmic womb...call it inspiration or empowerment's initiatory frequencies, that place where somewhere within us we know that we must integrate a certain quality or aspect...and so it must be that we burn it into our skin for remembrance. I actually believe that tattooing is more a process of uncovering rather than actual burning...that the tattoos we get are actually already there, on our ethereal form, just waiting the process of uncovering. So anyway....my new tat started speaking in early 2017. It was a hawk...I heard her call....my mother's maiden name (spelled Haack) which I knew wanted to be integrated somehow in me...especially after my grandmother had made her passing into the great beyond.

But it wasn't complete yet.

The tattoo could not begin until more pieces were known, and it wasn't until my 44th birthday was fast approaching in December of 2017 that the tattoo became louder in my mind and awareness. The Hawk was to be dropping DNA spirals...mirroring and helping me to literally become the work I had been doing the last 3 years...that of unraveling gifts in the DNA and helping others to access their soul purpose - their authentic nature - beyond lifetimes of programming and patterns. I saw the DNA spiral would unfold to become the Cosmic Serpent, the great Kundalini force which informs our physical bodies of Life energy - Chi - Prana - Cosmic Breath. It is the energy I had worked with since first going to India years ago...that of the great Awakening we all will experience at one point or another on this journey. It was to be initialed on my skin...and so I proceeded to find the artist.

Due to happenings of late fall and early winter, I had taken notice of the tattoo parlor just down the road from my home. Studio 72. I walked in and found Ian, the artist who would begin the journey with me. After explaining the tattoo and its significance to me he got to work on the sketch...but after the first review it became clear that this tattoo was not just to cover my right shoulder blade as I had previously imagined. No. This was to be much bigger. More significant. The snake could not be taking a small, side role to the bird. The serpent was the result of the ancestral release...it was the main part of the piece...I knew it. So, therefore - I accepted that this tattoo was to cover the majority of my back.

Come Christmas I was ready...I had just made it through my 44th birthday on the Solstice and the powerful downloads which came in that day. It felt like a Cosmic birthday party where the frequencies were just about as intensely powerful and clear as I had ever in my life felt them. Reality was on fire with new beginnings. Following my birthday I had an intense bodywork session which took me deep into cellular release and memory I needed to access prior to the tattoo, which was already delayed a week - to perfect timing.

December 26th it began. I walked in knowing my tattoo artist and I had met in this way in other lifetimes, that he had been my shaman initiating me before. All was synchronistic.
Hours of initiation went forward...carving in the hawk and the outline of the serpent.

In the weeks that would spell recovery from this work I faced the most intense quality flu-like experience of my life. I was deeply in physical aches and chills, fevers and expulsions I had never known. The cleansing seemed to go much deeper than one would anticipate. Rather than pushing off the next part of the tattoo, I decided to go ahead with the second session just a day after feeling back on top of my body health...and when I got into the studio my stomach twisted. I dry-heaved in the bathroom with nervous fear about the next portion of this work. I knew my life was about to get more real than ever. I had been dreaming Ayuhuasca ceremonies all week as well as receiving the entire tattoo in dream after dream. and now it was time for the actual 3-D imprinting.

Phase 2 of the tattoo was the most intense mental work of my life. Keeping my mind and body on track with the unveiling was a full time job. All four hours I spent in my mind, monitoring every thought form to stay within the lines of the initiation and revealing at work. I was exhausted afterwards and upon getting home I spent my 5th week face down on the bed in "recovery/integration."

It is now the third week of February coming on...this last week was clearly a pivotal moment in time.  After sitting in the fog of re-calibration for so many weeks, I can finally start to see signs of the new work I am being asked to do. I am pushed beyond my normal venture into the unknown this time. I have been asked by the still spaces within to simply allow the process, to not rush it, to let my body go through the changes and upgrades so that I can truly know what I am being asked to do...and I am starting to get the downloads.

This is beyond anything I have ever experienced.

For all of the 20+years I have been on this Awakening Journey, this is the first time I am certain we are moving swiftly and making ground. The work is no longer taking place mostly in the unseen. This world is ready, and the effects of hundreds of thousands of woke folks are now seeping into the collective. I am aware that my thoughts and actions have deeper, lasting effects in the world around me. I can see the dross of lifetimes of stuckness, passed down through generations, now flooding out of the collective subconscious and across the fields of the seen. We are in the great purge. But at the same time - the leaders of the new world are being cultivated, groomed, downloaded and readied for the time when we must step forward and brave the territory that is soon becoming our own. Mother Earth has called us. We have answered.

Personally, I am feeling a gathering of men, of priestess sisters. I am feeling the children in their remembrance and asking us to stop perpetuating the old. I am dropping away from patterns of before. I am feeling the years of preparation drop into my cells as foundational wisdoms, but knowing NOW to be the time where the curtains are drawn on the new. It is time to shine. The education and experiences we have had in the past are now the backdrop to our new lives. These things have informed us, but now we must act.

An organization is happening across the land. A new soundtrack is starting...is humming in the backdrop preparing to take over the skies with the most intensely beautiful reminiscent music of the spheres...of the heavens...of remembrance. Unions are happening which are turning great keys, doorways are opening to the great beyond. Buckets are overflowing and those who have "had" in the past are suddenly turning to fill the buckets of those who had not.

It is the most thrilling and demanding of times to be alive. There is no turning back, no hiding, no denying - for to deny is to step back through the veils which would most probably lead to dis-incarnating. Others are leaving too though, and by choice...to help ease the transition, I believe. Many of them are the innocent ones, or the ones who have held the old structure thick in their body cells - and it is now ready to shift...and so their presence here must also shift. For when one crosses over, the essence and knowing they accumulated in their lifetime is released into the whole.

We are on the bridge to tomorrow. It is paved with the Intentions of Original Purpose dripping from the eyes and lips of the Awakened Ones. It is time.

<3 Stasia Bliss