Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Electing for Presence, Musing of Rocks Which Stand...and All things Elemental

As the rivers of life flow through our collective now, grabbing discarded dreams, hopeful hearts and election flyers left on the shores I stand and breathe deep. Moving to touch the waters as they bubble and cascade over standing rocks lined with camouflage and indigenous water protector's voices I can't help but open my heart wider. This day is holy. It is rich with promise and broken vows. It is strewn with anxious minds and wonderers who would rather inflict harm over unknown outcomes than wrap arms around fellow earth walkers and share the love of togetherness.

I weep this day...not for presidential candidates winning or not winning, but for the state of affairs which have brought us to this collective gate. I weep not in sorrow, but in heart-ripping, soul-searching pleads of change for one and all. I weep knowing that change is upon us and that the rivers carved through painful times have brought us to a point where we can no longer ignore that which has been revealed, no longer turn a blind eye to the injustices or the poison moving through the circulatory system of our people and land.

I weep for relief that we have made it this far, far enough to see the great divide and to know better than to sustain it. I weep knowing the split in the One is bleeding for remembrance of love and that love is oozing in to meet it....though it aches for many, though it stings for many, though it is uncomfortable to those who have held it off for seemingly forever....it seeps in nevertheless and cannot be kept at bay. I weep at the healing which must occur, which is occurring as the poison alchemizes in the cauldron of the One.

We sit halfway between the Fall Equinox and the Winter Solstice and the veils are thin...so thin I can hear the howls and whispers of those who have passed and those who stand by to aid when called, from other times, other planes and with starlight in their hair. I hear the reminder and feel the surge of empowerment shock my blood with a knowing that the indigenous tribes stand not only for the water, for their native lands and for peace, but for the memory that we are all connected, that the Earth and the elements are our relatives and they await our voices to command their healing and the direction of their life.

We have so long left the world to its own devices, trusting that nature was in cyclical expression,
meanwhile, moving forward with addiction to the machine, the unconscious - life-sucking, belittling machine who gave us collective amnesia regarding our capacity and power. We have continually given our life force away, our ability to transform, to grow, to change - miraculously and magically - away - to those in "power," to those with titles and authority written on their badges and in letters sitting quietly, but egoically behind last names. We have leaked our love, silently, into seeking permission, signatures and licenses to approve our passions, we have allowed the winds to howl and the waters to bleed, the earth to dry up and the sun to melt our capstones...but we have forgotten, we have forgotten, they are our friends. They answer the lead of our hearts and the conviction of our spirits.

We have forgotten our relation to the earth and her elements just as we have forgotten that our very own bodies are under the dominion and rule of our voices and thoughts, that we can command their alignment through belief and word, through standing in authenticity and empowerment. By speaking the words of truth and transformation we have the ability to recreate our world in a moment of individual and collective soul retrieval. We are the ones we have been waiting for. No outside force or body can influence our lives, our minds, our paths and prairies without our explicit consent - or our blind eye turned to it.

The natives stand and sing and pray for us all....resurrecting, through their actions, the sacred and the ALIVE in us all. Whether we are present in flesh, or allow only the proxy to occur, we are changed through their acts, for we are connected, we are intricately connected. Their actions run backward into our history and heal wounds and kiss sorrow which have held the nation and its people in a trance of both denial and regret.

As the winds blow through our collective now, let us elect to be present, let us elect to be empowered
and to find the seed of courage left in each of our hearts by ancestors who were forced to surrender to outside causes...let us find this seed and breathe life into it - and let it sprout. As the days and weeks play out, perhaps it would be wiser to let the old matrix fall then to fight it or agree with it anymore. For what if our words and our posts and our eyes gazing that way -cause a repeating pattern in the grid which allows for its constant renewal, even when we would prefer its dissolve.

Haven't we had enough of the madness?

Wouldn't we prefer lightning change to the slow and painful poisoning we have yet endured on a national and global scale - mixed with "slightly new flavors" of the same? Wouldn't you believe that you are formed of stardust and Cosmic miracle plans who have conspired, through you, to bring about great change on this ascending planet in record time? Are you complacent to "let it ride?" Are you okay with the blatant disrespect of human life? Is this as good as it can get? I think not.

As I sit in the ripple waves of others shock. . . and bless humanity with compassionate, yet passionate utterings of change and "ripping off the lock," to tongues tied and rules followed, I cannot bear another year of this road we follow unless we all agree that we must rise up - speak the change and let the weak hiccup through it all as the walls between us fall...can't take the silence when we stand in lines no more...Make a Mighty Roar. Stand for what you stand for in your heart of hearts. Speak it out.

Command your chakras to align. Command the timelines to converge for more empowered vibes.
Command the winds and waters' ears - to listen to the heart of love that's here. We are not weak and we are not small. We are the change-makers, the system-busters, the mess-her-upper's. . . this election is an opportunity to see, all the anxiety that's been buried in humanity. I'm silently breathing, I am patiently holding the line. I know it's our time, it's our time.

The curtains are falling and the truth is, we are our own authority...everything around us is telling us so. No more can we rely on the outside world to take care of the broken soul that is so many walking around in a haze of confusion based on misguided, passed on, generational delusion - repeated, without thought, repeated without love. We are not our past. Our countries are not the men who "discovered" them and built them up. We are as New in this now, as the water flowing down over rocks and twigs, ...sunlight dappling the pond.

This day is Holy. This day is opportunity disguised as madness. Fallen sight hiding the foundation we walk upon, nothing fallen but perspective, how we got here and what to do now.

Love is the answer, the only answer is love.. . it hits us as a soft petal in our sleep and as a lightning bolt through the heart. Turn toward the start. Together we can.