Friday, February 5, 2016

Step Aside and Let Your Higher Self Lead Now...

As we get deeper into this year and the energy flooding into each one of our bodies and psyches it is important to remember that the shifts taking place are happening...based on our intentions, requests and heart....and that though it seems to have taken "a long time" for those things to be activated and start moving....that they ARE moving now...the energies are mobilizing and we need to be cautions and vigilant so as to not "block" or "get in the way" of the process now moving in and through our lives - sweeping out and away all that is IN THE WAY of our highest expression on its way IN.

No, this time is NOT like any other time any of us have ever experienced previously. Never has the world been in this here and now position, Never have the planetary and cosmic energies been attuned to the current frequencies. Never has your body been as willing and ready to shift as now. Never has the "field" of the collective been flooded with so much supportive energy from "beyond" to assist in the current changes - both within and in the world. Never before have the emotional bodies been perched to cleanse, purify and release as now.

It is a beautiful time of awakening - everywhere - across the board...and YOU are NO exception.

So...if you feel like it is a LOT - - -well, comparatively speaking, it IS a lot. Because now, everyone, at some level, is doing this. For the CEO on Wallstreet, the shifts that are happening in his/her being are perhaps more subtle so as to allow for a smoother transition into a life where they can accept that this reality they have been engaged in is not in support of their - or anyone's life. For the lightworker, having worked on themselves for decades (and eons) the shifts are rapid, headaches may be common, sleeping, necessary, and juggling - a necessity - as they/we are being prepared to "hold open the veil" for those who will come with the "what in the hell is going on vibe" as the energies continue to increase.

This year is NOT about to slow down. So it is important to get your footing. Find where you can stand with comfort and a shred of security....and surf from there. For many, on the literal "edge" of reality unfolding - the comfort is found in the fold of the the transformational tide - if you will.... the best work will be found in the ability to constantly morph, with ease, for those around you. The most  adjustments in the shortest amount of time - made to look smooth and with "no problem" will encourage those considering change. If you are "skilled" at transition - - you may be asked to heap it on and take a big dose for the team.

Miracles are ramping up. The "impossible" is landing in reach for those who are brave enough to claim its reality as the new "norm." For sure - those finding themselves in the "twin flame" experience - and helping those in this experience - (who have likely already walked through that portal) are most familiar with the miracle grid. Surrender, trust and heart-opening humility, love and vulnerability are needed for this miracle vibration to show itself to you as the path of the Master.

The best advice I see is to "step aside and let the higher self lead." You have been prepping for this moment for all of time. This is WHY you are here ---- for the NOW that you are IN. Without the aid of the "human, ego-mind" you can surf the miraculous with no just keep "getting yourself out of the way" and by that I  mean - - worries, practicality, the "how's" and all the nitty gritty details....these things are tools of the lower mind to devise blocks in order to slow down the miraculous to the dense  reality of 3D existence. If you want to ride the vibe in 5D and higher....those things are going to have to take a backseat and do some madlibs on "density in the previous age." No longer can these qualities drive....otherwise, you will find yourself pulling back into the garage of yesterday's truths ---- a HUGE barrier to Ascension right now.

As the Red Kachina (see previous post) draws - magnetically - all the karmic and emotional baggage to the surface...everything you see, hear and experience will pull to your consciousness - an experience/memory of something ready to transform. If you see someone going through a particular experience, making a certain choice - and you feel "triggered" so as to want to give advice, or "caution" - - just KNOW that this is YOURS got this. These things are at surface level and NEED release. Thank that person for the opportunity to release. But by ALL MEANS - do not GIVE your memory to them as a Karmic Gift. No.

We no longer need burden others with our Karmic Past. It is time to encourage, Love, be inspired by and hold in the highest YES - each one of our brother's and sisters....this is the time for each spirit to Soar. Our biggest evolution will occur when we can set aside our inner trigger - for personal processing - and cheer on our family - - - light-family, soul-group, Facebook family, blood family, etc.  and surrender the need to lecture, caution and advise. This is ONLY beneficial if someone comes to you and specifically ASKS for your insights. Specifically Inquires with you for support....because if this occurs - their inner self KNOWs that you have a message for them And in this BOTH of you will find healing and release.

Is that clear?

Time to be each other's BIGGEST  Cheerleaders. Set aside the personal agenda.
For ONE Of us to succeed is for ALL of us to succeed.
For One of us to find LOVE - is for ALL to find Love.

Your bigger awareness ALREADY knows this...which is why the advice to let the higher self Lead.
You got this.
We do.

Bliss is in the air. Breathe it in.

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