Sunday, April 26, 2015

Chile, Nepal, The Earth's Kundalini and Each One of Us...

As the ground crumbles out from under Nepal and the sky fills with fire in Chile I am brought into very deep awareness about the reality of the Earth's Kundalini force, what has occurred with the shift in energies, and how each one of us can see the shifts that are taking place on the Earth - within our own beings.

For over 26,000 years, Nepal has been the Earth's epicenter for Spirituality, Divine intervention and Transcendence. As recently as 2012, during the "end of times" change-over of the Mayan Calendar, that 26,000 year cycle came to a close and the Earth has been experiencing a shift in the places where Divine Intervention  is accessed best.

I travelled in India numerous times prior to the 2012 "end date." It was obvious to me that an ancient and sacred energy still lingered there, though was closing down. Almost the way you would imagine feeling if you looked into a power-portal into another dimension that was shrinking, aware that soon it would be closed, barring off the access to the potent energy that had been pouring through it. The way you feel when someone you love walks through that closing door, never to be seen again.

In the case of India and Nepal, great messages, beings and information have poured through their
"other-worldly" access gates for many a millennia.

Some years back, when I was last traveling through India, I had a hunch that were I to come back some years in the future that it would not hold the same power and mystery that it did while I was there...something was fizzling...

I remember reading "Drunvalo Melchizedek's book "Serpent of Light: Beyond 2012" just prior to the "end date" and reading how the Earth's Kundalini - or "life-force" energy had been pulsing under India, Tibet and Nepal, but was shifting over the next few years to be under South America - Starting in Chile and extending up through Mexico and the Western United States.

Nothing has confirmed this prediction more for me that hearing the news of the Earthquake in Nepal and the Volcanic Eruption in Chile. Just seeing the video footage of the Chilean eruption was enough to validate the truth of the Kundalini shift....from the East to the West.

As Nepal sits in crumbled rocks I cannot help but see the symbolism of the "ashes to ashes" sentiment...where once power did raise up from the Earth and build great temples and enlighten now, does that same land crumble under the foot...the power, the foundation of life-force energy has been taken away, and the Earth changes validate the movement of that fiery serpent force, who has shown her face in South America in the flames and ashes of one fire-spewing volcanic eruption.

All I can say is -  - get ready here in the Western Hemisphere...the next 10,000 years and beyond is sure to be a wild ride of transformation and enlightenment. . . Those coming to the Earth and incarnating now on this side of the planet - know something is up. The Goddess is awake and the fires of purification are the first sign that the serpent has be awakened...and will continue to rise up through the continents, activating certain consciousness  elements for all those who live along her "spinal cord"...reaching up through the states - radiating out the Cosmic Light of awakening on the Earth once again.

If you are familiar with the chakras...the Red Root is first...the Serpent no longer slumbers.... The Orange waters of Ancestral cleansing seem to be entrenched in this volcanic purification. I believe beyond the blast from Gaia, proactivity in the way of releasing generational patterns - especially in a region - in a culture - is called for. We may each start with ourselves and let go of beliefs and patterns which no longer serve either the collective nor our own individual person.

In many ways, a national disaster is one of the quickest ways to enact a major clearing out of old, stagnant beliefs and patterns. People must band together to get through the process of massive change and transformation. A literal and figurative "Split" has occurred - between what was, and what is...
In Nepal, there is much to be released and must to be embraced, as they so humbly give up the mantle that has been theirs for tens of thousands of years and stand in the aftermath of what that feels like, to be leveled by the enormous power of the ages. I am in great thanksgiving and respect for those who have held the vibration in the East for so long and my heart goes out to them as they step down from this position of power and release their gifts to the other side of the globe. It is a beautiful and tragic thing all rolled into one, as literally thousands of souls have departed the Earth via that region, it is almost as if they were the angels assigned with completing the task of whisking away to the heavens, that which was left there in the East to be redistributed for uncovering again, elsewhere.

I give massive gratitude to the East, to India, to Nepal and Tibet, to the Masters and Saints who have done so much for the planet and for the evolution of every soul. I say thank you and I bow in deep respect. I know a great work has been completed and it is shown in the way the portal had to be closed down so forcibly by the Cosmos. The Shift is now. This is not to say there is still not beauty and insight and power able to come from this area of the world - but as the gatekeeper for the Earth's Kundalini  - it seems the baton has been passed.

As I look into my own being, and recognize where I have held on to the past, past modes of beliefs and worship, past truths, past teachers and ways which have brought me to this moment, I realize that these things have been crucial, pivotal and priceless to me....up until now. As we step off the old foundation and into the present - more we prepare for a future still as yet is perhaps even more crucial to release the old foundations and allow the full clearing and cleansing process to occur.

We have an opportunity now to step into our lives anew, without the strongholds of past beliefs, patterns, karmic bonds, generational conditions and programming that no longer serve. We get to release all of these things and find ourselves awakening anew - just as the volcano is representing and actually DOING in Chile.

For all the clearing one might need to engage in order to prepare the body to hold the new blast of Cosmic Light and Information coming through - I have found the Emotion Code work I am doing to be extremely streamlined, precise and quick for this process and I am also working toward using it to clear larger fields - such as between people, in families, groups and nations.

Exciting times.

As our own individual "volcanoes" erupt and the old foundations which no longer serve us - crumble...let us see it as a sign of a new life emerging, a beginning and not the end. There is much rejoicing to be done as we also send prayers and blessings to those in need experiencing the actual embodiment of what is deemed "suffering." As we move into compassion and give love freely, let each heart open to the truth now awakening in the All.

Before there can be celebration, the room must be cleared of all debris, the old decorations, torn down, and a new intention set. Let this new intention be to see beyond the old conditioning and open our eyes to what we, as yet, have not seen.

May there be Bliss in the One House of Earth.

Love and Blessings,

p.s. - someone caught a UFO on video - watching the Chilean Volcanic Eruption....hmmm - signs of what is to come?! Perhaps.