Sunday, March 13, 2016

What is Karma and Why is it Time to Let it Go?

What is Karma?

Some say Karma is "cause" and "effect" - as in the effects of our actions. Though that used to be the most accurate way of describing the process of  "bad" or "good" "carry-over" from past actions and choices, Karma - to me now - is either "conscious" or "unconscious" - not "bad" and "good," period.

Karma used to be that which kept humanity on the wheel of reincarnation. It is what prompted the cycles of life and death. Karma used to be the result of carrying stories and "trapped emotions" over from one lifetime to another and the passing of generational patterns and stories to our children. As we move into a higher vibrational reality, and as the Earth transforms, we are now ready to transcend the patterns of karma and "trapped emotions" as part of the Ascension cycle and the birthing of the New Earth.

Many of you know that the work I have been doing has boiled itself down, most recently to "karmic-relief" and even the Rings of Saturn Mystery School my roommates and I founded is all about the release of Karma. The release of karma feels so pertinent right now as we move through the frequency upgrades and manifest a world that works for all. Unconscious Karma must be relinquished and let go in order to free ourselves from the stories of the past and the blockers that kept us from realizing the truth of who we truly are.

Karma - when consciously enacted - simply means "doing good for all" and this is NOT the karma I am talking about releasing. However, for all intents and purposes, most "karma" people are working through has been unconscious. These are the patterns, thoughts, behaviors and cyclical, lifetime repetitions that you and I are gratefully ready to transcend, and it is THIS Karma that I am here to help release, as a practitioner, and as one of the founders of Rings of Saturn Mystery School.

If you are familiar with astrology, you would know that Saturn is the planet of karma. In Vedic tradition, Saturn is a difficult god who tests humankind and gives the "challenging" gifts of each incarnation. Most were taught to fear Saturn, as it was known that his weight was heavy and often gifts were unwanted. He cared not for the state of a soul in the current condition, he was only there to deliver the "fair" distribution of one's personal and family karma for the working out of the impressions of time.

Saturn has largely been tied to time - even Saturn himself was known as "Father Time"...but as we move through the Ascension process and transcend, even time itself, moving further and further into timelessness, it is essential to release the binds of Saturn in order to experience the self as it is truly meant to be - pure and unencumbered by the stains of the past.

Now more than ever, we are NOT our past, we are NOT our ancestors. We are not our past lives. Even though we may bring forward gifts and awarenesses from previous lifetimes and insights from the past, into our DNA for expression and embodiment now, we no longer must "play out" the dysfunctions and lost life-lessons, trapped emotions and traumas of our past or our ancestors pasts.

The most recent offering that has come through to assist the body in releasing karma, beyond the emotional clearing work I have been doing is the Yoga Ascend program. When it was coming in it became very clear that this yoga was all about the release of karma in the body. It helps the practitioner to easily embody what the solar system has been trying to teach us, and then to transcend even that. In Yoga Ascend, you BECOME the solar system, you embody the signs of astrology in order to rise above it and literally "break the chains of Saturn" and its influence on our lives.

I am so excited to feel the potency of this yoga. At first it felt to be for current yoga teachers only, just because I felt it might be important to already have experience and a basis for teaching yoga, but it is becoming more clear to me that anyone can take this training and teach this yoga, but you must have a current spiritual practice, you must already know you are a spiritual being, that your kundalini is awakened and that you are ascending, in order to utilize and share the powerful insights coming through this practice.

Karma is being cleared for the whole, through EACH person doing the work themselves. As I do karmic clearing work with clients, I am more and more aware of the effects on the world grid, the release that is happening for everyone, and the importance of continuing to "peel the layers" and get to the core in humanity, by getting personally to the core, myself - and with those I am closest with.

The spider web is tightening up, the web of community that links all of us together is strengthening and drawing those of us together who are in the same playing field, working similar layers of the ascension. I truly feel the embodiment of the Yoga Ascend practice is a vital piece for planetary ascension, even though I know it is NOT necessary for everyone to do it - when enough people do, I can see how it will flip the solar system to one that is beyond what we can currently see or comprehend. My mentor, Almine, has already offered a vision of what that looks like, to have a solar system and planetary system beyond the familiar, but now I can see it too....and it can only be realized when we break up with karma and start copulating with our true authentic selves in the reality of our own making.

We are Divine.

We are Gods and Goddesses in the flesh.

I recently had the awareness that we are ALREADY in our Merkabahs, navigating the solar system. Money is already not necessary to "try to receive" or "manifest" - all we need do it get on our paths and come together with like-minds and co-create with love and willingness to share. The New Earth is beneath our feet and we will see what we are doing when we let go of separation consciousness and really know Oneness.

The presidential elections are a distraction to the true reality unfolding right now. Let it be known that this one little "side-reality" is very telling of who is going to step fully into the New Earth right now, and who will "stay behind" to dance with the 3D masses as they play out the fear-game to its ends.

In the New Earth, all is Sovereign, all is Autonomous. It is beyond Interdependency where the lowest common denominator rules and decides where the energy goes...for in Sovereignty, the most aware will inspire and pull the others up, with Grace.

Karma is to be released now. It is no longer necessary to anchor in the dream, we have surpassed the layers where it was needed to create density, to drop us into our bodies completely. We are Ascending, time to lighten the load.

Take inventory of what you can "do without" - people, "stuff," emotions, memories, etc....and clean house - figuratively and literally.  Look at your home, your town, your job - are you doing what you LOVE?? Are you living in alignment with your personal YES?? If not, you may be playing into old karma telling you you had to make a certain amount to be "good enough" or live a certain way to "fit in" - but the truth is....that isn't the truth at all.

When I realized this for myself I was living in the city, paying more than I needed for a size of house I didn't even desire. In the instant I realized I was out of alignment and personal integrity with the living situation I was in, I made the change...the "how's" worked out automatically, because we are now in the time of "instant manifestation" if you are living your truth.

Karma will only bite you if you insist on playing out the dramas and avoiding your truth. Karma will only keep you looping if you continue to buy into limitation and old belief systems of defeat and poverty.

It is time to break the wheel, break the chains, cut the cords, release the stories and STEP out of Karma and into the new world of Authentic Bliss and Oneness.

It is a magical place in the new world.....and magic does not conform to reason or is a reality of your joy and co-creation with others. Let's do this thing.

I love you.

We are One.

In my realization, so do you realize. In your awakening, so do I awake.

We are doing this together, unknotting the chain. Unwinding the DNA, undoing the tale that has been.

What will you experience?

You are the navigator.

~~ Bliss in the House through this journey,

Rings of Saturn Mystery School
Break the Chains of Karma