Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Emotion Code...Coming on line...

Do you believe in trapped emotions? Possibly from youth or even before you were born? I always have thought this fact, in various "soul-retrieval" exercises and sessions I have met with past negative emotions and seen how forgiving and releasing them could miraculously change my reality. Likewise, in the yoga nidra practice I love so well, trapped memories, patterns and imprints, including emotional blockages, often come up for removal in order to allow for the new patterning to take effect. It is insane what these bodies are capable of, not only doing, but preventing us from doing through their ability to hold on to what does not serves us. 

We are energetic beings.
Scientists have looked at our bodies under supreme equipment only to see that we are not solid at all, but swirling energy bodies, clustering together in order to form what we see as "physical." The emotions we experience, or are triggered by our experience but not experienced at that time, can become like bundled blocks of energy preventing the full vibrational potential of our beingness from manifesting. How can we know if we have trapped emotions?

From ages 0-7 we are taking in information rapidly with no filter. The energies and emotions of those around us are unknowingly projected onto us, and in many cases, absorbed and integrated by us as PART of us, when really they are not. Before we are even born we can receive genetic codes containing the emotional blocks and imprints from our predecessors, causing us to play out their unresolved feelings in our lives without knowing or realizing the origin. In either of these circumstances, we reach adulthood often finding that we can not adequately function, interact and excel at whatever comes before us and upon the dreams we keep in our hearts.

At any stage of life we may also experience traumatic or somewhat traumatic situations which cause us to trap emotions, and even to barricade ourselves from those around us out of fear of further injury to our hearts and person. This is all done, of course, subconsciously, as our bodies are always at work to our highest good and sometimes that highest good includes protecting us from potentially damaging emotions if we are ill-equipped to handle them at the time of their arrival. 

What originally forms as a protection, over-time, when left unremoved, becomes a barrier, blocking us from the life we are wanting to live. It can block us from love, from passion, from joy and from empowerment. There is so much more about this that can be said.  Organizations such as HeartMath and the Global Coherence Initiative have made the knowledge of the heart and how our hearts emit fields of vibration for miles around, available to everyone. Through these scientific revealings we can see and experience the reality of healing that takes place when the heart is brought into conscious coherence and harmonized with love and acceptance.

Beyond this, there is a new book out called The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson, which explains in more depth how we can trap emotions in the body and around the heart, and even more importantly, how we can learn to release these...freeing us up to have the life we really want.

What is so awesomely astonishing, even though I have known, believed in and experienced this kind of awareness before in my life many times, this technique and information - presented in The Emotion Code - is so simple and is explained in such a way that it literally intends to be a method which heralds an era of peace upon the earth as thousands begin to heal their hearts of grief and break down the walls around their hearts.  When this happens, according to his book, the hundred monkey effect will occur and the world will become full of light, hearts will open all over the planet and humankind will stop its foolishness because we will begin to feel unconditional love- and to give it freely.

In my own life, I am seeing what happens when this process begins. As the hearts open and the feelings are released, it is not initially, necessarily a pretty thing. If these blocked emotions have been held for generations, it may be very painful or "ugly" to see them released....but the effects that follow...promise to be miraculous. and so far...for me personally, a great unburdening, and for those I love...even that they are engaging the process at all makes me so excited!

I truly believe when we can let our heart-walls down (and according to Nelson 95% of us have them) the world will change, more love will be felt, we will begin more fully to see one another as family, and unkindnesses of every sort will cease.

I am moving forward with this information to learn more and certify in the training so I can both assist others in the removal of trapped emotions and heart-walls as well as write about the process, the journey and the power this will unveil.

Looking forward to sharing more as I learn the meantime, look up the book & the website at  

May Bliss Be in Your House today and everyday! Happy Holidays.


Sunday, December 21, 2014

Solstice New Moon Birthday Musings...

"Once you can hear beyond the words, you may remember who you really are and step forward to fulfill your mission by playing your part in this grand drama of planetary ascension that we are co-creating together." (Anna - Grandmother of Jesus by Claire Heartsong)

Today I celebrate so much. And yet, on some levels, I know it to be no different than any other day. I stayed awake much of the night, the long night, with my littlest one - who could not bare to spend the longest night of the year in slumber. No. We sat up, we played, we cried, we giggled, we wandered around, woke up daddy, tried here and there...and in the end, as the darkness lay over the scene, and I allowed him to tire a bit from the tears so we could both find a little rest, the dreamtime hovered...and both he and I found ourselves asleep once again. ...that is, until my 7 year old woke me up with the chorus of "happy birthday" just before 8am. Oh, to be a mother on a "spiritual path"....sometimes I question my perspective, my ability to "keep it together" and stay "above it all" with grace.

By the world's clocks, I have turned the wheel of time around our sun 41 times since this latest incarnation...that seems crazy, since I can remember distinctly when my father was in this time of his life. It seemed so far off. To me, especially this year, the "ages" seem to have less of an impact. Perhaps it is because I have been determined for so long for them not to affect me, to not be "ruled" by them, nor to believe so much in the "weight" of the years... Perhaps it is because I have travelled as of late, with someone who the world would say is much "younger" in years than I. . . though I have felt our kinship in perspectives in so many ways...and also our distance.

Today marks the Winter Solstice as well as a New Moon at zero degrees Capricorn. It feels important. Capricorn has the business of getting things done, though patient and long-suffering, productive to no end. I have only just begun, over the past few years, to really get to know the Capricorn aspects of my cusp birthdate...born on the teetering between signs and really, worlds...between the interest in "higher wisdom" for humanity and community, and the over-all purpose of the cosmos and all the universe. For many years, my Sagittarius nature kept me tripping all over the world and through every book and thoughtform looking for the "way" of truth and felt unrooted, and free - in many ways...though lacked stability and foundation. As a tree grows up, it can no longer be carried around in a must find a place to plant it, lest you stunt its growth.

And so, here I stand, riding with you on this ball around the sun, with Capricorn looming...taking us all on a new journey of leadership and "stepping into" our lives more than we ever have before.  It seems a long time coming, doesn't it? Like you and I have been talking of this time, this opportunity to "be" more, "do" more, produce, create, expand, shine...and now it seems the curtains have finally lifted, and the performance is perched to begin.

I admit that I LOVE sharing my birthday with such a cosmically significant it isn't just my day alone - but everyone has a claim in fitting for a girl who is determined to know the interconnectedness of us all and to realize the Unity, the Oneness we all share. I love sharing "my" day with the entire earth, the cosmos, the tipping of seasons.  

Tonight, I finish this report late in the evening...after the day is "officially" over, in terms of the clock...though I was never much for following such rules. I am happy to log the most momentous and noteworthy of events transpired this eve with my blood family gathered all in a room, working on "buried emotions" - opening up to reveal the next layer, not only for us - I feel - but for humanity.  Having recently happened on the book "The Emotion Code" and seeing my entire family take to it, with the realization that most everyone is walking around with "trapped" emotions somewhere in their opportunity occurred for massive healing. Tonight, as we all gathered on the Winter Solstice, the new moon...many new seeds were  planted, I feel...those that said "we wish to walk forward - healthier - and more in tact"...seeds that professed the readiness of what could come next, after peeling back the layers, letting go of generational and personal baggage and asking the question of "how can I best serve - now?". What a miraculous evening.

Even the children got involved.

As I let this day slip away, entering now in closer proximity to the day many celebrate as the Christed one's birth...a new reflection begins to that I will leave until that day. For now, I am blessed to know we are collectively moving onward and upward, that our endurance is beginning to "pay off" and there is only gold from here on out!!!

Follow the Yellow Brick Road, paved by the new light on the other side of the winter solstice. 

Love to you - 
Bliss in the House,

Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Gifts Ever Flowing Out of the Mouth of Life....

Your eyes on this page are your gift to me today. This time of year, the idea of gift-giving seems to take on very specific meaning for many. As I have pondered time and again, perhaps the "greatest" gifts given to beings of ultimate import, such as Jesus Christ and the gifts from the Wise men of the East I am moved to ponder deeply their esoteric meaning and significance so as to reach a more full appreciation of this time of year...for me. I have thus researched, sat in silence, and happened upon some rich and delicious insights which have afforded me to create yet another gift for you this season...and really any time of the year - (as I kept it clean of linear and calendar references).

Here is the Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh Meditation - as a gift to you.

In the season of giving, I would also like to give anyone who would be willing to commit to utilizing the course I have put together on on Conscious Evolution - and write me a testimonial, give feedback, etc.  - I would like to give you a free coupon to enroll in the course. I will keep this offer open through the end of 2014. Just send me a message telling me you are "in" - or post in the may also message me through my Facebook Author's Page.

It is during this season that I decided to manifest into form this round, and so I am also feeling significant energy, yet again, moving through my sphere this month, possibilities presenting themselves...opportunities knocking, comings and goings...and it is with this vibration that I make the declaration to jump - even more fully into the truth of who I am, to consider and concern myself LESS with that which I do not love or resonate with, and instead, consider and concern myself MORE with that which I adore...even though I truly believe there is no "less" or "more", in the unification of the One.

You are me, I am we meet and share our unique perspectives, the gift is received ONLY when we do not cancel the other perspective out, but rather, learn to absorb it, get the insight and value, and therefore make an equal "exchange"...for with each gift thoughtfully received from a perceived "other" we are becoming LARGER in our ability to be One. - Each of us. All of us.

This month and this coming year, I am intending to meet more aspects of me...more of YOU...I invite you to introduce yourself to me, to connect with me, as I will attempt to do with you. I intend to introduce my children more deeply to the world and to the "other" so that they may meet themselves and the ALLness more completely, more fully, more beautifully.

To do this, I am engaging more readily and stalwartly my passion of writing...let's just see how far we can take this thing...
Thank you for reading what I write - it means the Whole Wide World to me.

I love you,

Stasia Bliss & Family
Happy Holidays

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The 13 Days of Kindness Seeds

After a deeply prophetic feeling dream last night, following the wearing of a certain prehinite bracelet my son procured during a gift party as of late, I was inspired to act today on the symbology therein.

In my dream, I was aware that I had completed a cycle, as the number 12 was shown - as children I had born(all male - in this case)...I new that the 13th was now able to come...and she was Sara -- the princess...the female was a seed affecting my entire reality - this was the nature of the dream.

Today, upon contemplating and realizing my birthday sat 13 days away, also remembering a certain inspiring birthday I observed in Portland earlier this year where a divine goddess sister celebrated by offering 35 random acts of kindness for her birthday...I have decided a similar wish for myself.

So  here it is -- and I ask you to join me as you feel called.

Today I begin the 13 days of my Birthday...and on each day I will perform a random act of kindness....for another, for the earth, and I ask you to join me, and make this the most wonderful birthday I have ever I see brother and sister alike - gifted in a myriad of ways.  As I know myself to be one with all that is...I am truly blessed by watching the joy of this way, may all the parts of me that have remained hidden from me - come into the light of JOY.

Won't you join me?!

Here is the story of inspiration: 35-acts-of-kindness-on-her-35th-birthday

Everything from letting people in front of you in traffic to buying another's picking up trash, to whatever you are inspired to do for another. Join me and share...and pass it on.
I wish to acquire an amazing list of stories for the random acts we have done for each other this 13 days....I will compile them as the best birthday gift on Earth.

Thank you for loving each other - and for celebrating Oneness with me in this way.
Stay tuned, as the kindness spreads from seeds to trees...
Love --

Friday, November 28, 2014

The Attitude of Gratitude in Ascension

The day falls quietly on the other side of a national "feasting" celebration...though if I were to travel just a few miles from home or search the virtual world even just a little, I would find something less than quiet as the "pre-holiday" shoppers bustle their way through crowds and sales all in the name of giving and receiving come December the 25th. I, however, am still lingering over the cause and effect of a holiday called "Thanksgiving" and what it all means and how I can best harvest the goodness from it today and every day no matter what the calendar says.

Gratitude. This is a word and an attitude which I have felt and experienced to make more than a feast full of difference in how things show up for me, how things are processed, what my reality is and how things move forward, whether fluid or seemingly "stuck."  For Gratitude, when truly expressed and acknowledge is a game-changer. It can alter the "worst" of experiences and make them suddenly the most enlightening. It is no wonder many mystics and teachers have named gratitude to be one of the "ascension attitudes" and I totally agree.

Pain, fear, worry, anger, depression, aches and ailes all have a downward pulling momentum. They act on gravity and move one "toward the earth" in that deterioration of the physical vessel becomes an effect of such expressions if steeped in for too long.

Now, on the other hand, if these same attitudes are allowed to move through, quickly and fluidly for the sake of "shaking off the goo" so to speak, they can alternately have the result of their "opposite" in the way they would leave one. Does that make sense?  So, indulging in pain, for too long, increases gravity, pull, heaviness and ultimately deterioration of life-force and expression...BUT...if felt, acknowledged and turned over to receive the insight - pain can be enlightening and even evolutionary.  Same goes for fear, worry, and so called "negative emotions" of every kind.

Gratitude, on the other hand, in ANY stage of the game, is UP-lifting and is a levitating attitude, drawing and pulling one upward and toward Life, toward Health, Wisdom, Compassion, Good-will and Immortality...Because it lightens one. Gratitude is anti-gravity, anti-aging and the best cough medicine you could ever find.  We often have an easier time feeling and expressing gratitude during the smooth "easy" times than we do during the times we hurt and feel sad...though these are the times we need the levitating effects of gratitude the MOST.

You wouldn't take an anti-histamine if you weren't congested, would you? Usually not...on the other hand, it is easy and even fun to utilize the altering properties of gratitude when we are already in the flow....{not to say it isn't great and largely beneficial to have gratitude ALL the Time}...but it is doubly, triply and even exponentially more important to activate the attitude of gratitude when you are NOT feeling super...

In the quest for, or simply through the process of Ascension, as we grapple with what that means and do our best to follow methods, techniques, processes and procedures that might best support us in these of the MOST important things we can do, to continue to ascend with ease and fluidity, is to have Gratitude. Truly, Ascension is a process of lifting our vibration, living on a higher plane of existence and awareness.  Life - or the Us we have known is Life - has been perhaps use to a "lower" vibe, and will invite us repeatedly to stay where we have been, to continue to inhabit the vibration that we have been at ...not to leave it and go somewhere "better" - though the change isn't always presented or experienced as better right away.  Life says "don't leave me, please stay...don't you like it here?"

Changing vibrations is often times tough and unpleasant. It is the fuzz between channels on a is the weird and uncomfortable place in-between...on the way to where we so often intend ourselves to go..  Though when the "change" starts to happen, which feels sometimes "yucky" we retreat to "comfort" -- which is the lower vibration from which we were so desperate to escape.  Initially, the retreat feels good, 'cause we know it, it is familiar to us...comfortable, in some respects... But, soon enough, we will become uncomfortable once again as our spirits yearn for something higher, something more than we are experiencing...and we know it is somewhere we want to go...though we often cannot figure out how to get there.

It seems, somehow, that when we begin to move toward that higher octave, and go through this "weird" vibrational mismatch, that we have made a wrong move...cause it feels bad   - - at first.  "How can this be right?" - we ask ourselves..."How can I be making a right move, when it feels so uncomfortable?".....Alas, we must make it through the channel change.  The more we do this, the easier it will be, the more familiar those "channel-changing" spaces will become and we will learn to ride them out with more grace.  Until then, it is a good idea to remind yourself that it doesn't necessarily feel good to move toward positive change, at first...and to commit to riding out the fluxuation, even if life is seeming to "blow up in your face" - - which it so often appears to in these spaces.

This is where it is so important to come back to Gratitude. It will help us get through the change...It has helped me so many times, to make it through a transition that seemed to suck - and instead of complaining about how sucky things felt in those times, I decided to have gratitude and look at the positive....and WOW - - that really works!!  Gratitude helps us to ascend with drop the burdens of decay, dis-ease and depression.  It really does.

So...if you aren't already in the habit of daily gratitudes, I highly recommend it.  Get a Gratitude Journal or start a morning Gratitude session at home. Do gratitudes until you can't Not do them.

Plus, as just an added bonus tidbit...apparently there are acupuncture points, chakra vortexes, on the bottoms of the feet, which connect to Earth mama....and are Activated by propel us lighten the space between us and Earth.  When we have gratitude, these points swirl with energy and lift us.  When we experience the opposite, of complaint, depression, anger and sadness....AND STAY IN THEM (remember)....then these chakra points depress as well, slow, stagnate and the effect is a heavier physical experience....gravity actually has a greater effect on PULLS us down...and it is really hard to come up when we feel that way.

Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to get out of a funk and when others join you in the funk it's even harder....??!  This is because the collective points now bond (where 2 or more are gathered) - - yep, this works in the negative as well as the positive. You might as well tie some bowling balls to your ankles and walk around.  So...if you hear the complaints start to flow, from one of your "lightworker" friends and you know better...but sometimes get sucked in....DON"T.  Listen, if they need you to.  Validate their Life...And then begin the gratitudes.  It's hard not to want to join in when someone hears another speak of what they are appreciative's contagious. It really is.

So...during this time of increased emphasis on gratitude...notice how things begin to lighten up....notice and utilize this time of year when appreciation is HIGH and lift the Attitude of Gratitude...and Ascend.

Love you all.
May Bliss Be in Your House Today (the inner and outer versions) it is in Mine.
Thank you for Being YOU and for Joining me here yet again.



Friday, November 14, 2014

What's In a Birth-day?...

Reflection, recollection, collecting my thoughts and feelings on this day, one year forward from the day a most important event occurred in my life...and in the life of those around me.  My second son was born...Karuna Ray came into this world...not in the way I expected...not in the way I had planned, nor my body had anticipated, but come he the days chill and the leaves fall to the ground I can remember vividly the moments leading up to his labor and the way it all went down... I don't think I could ever forget it.

Though I'd birthed before...there I was birthing myself again, birthing another being...for the first causes me to ask the question - what is in a birth-day?

Today, it feels like such a celebration of life, of new life. Not just for Karuna, though for him definitely, but for everyone closest to him.  For his older brother, it feels especially potent, he can remember the tears last year which he shed once realizing his mother was not home and that I had indeed gone to deliver his brother.  His words in the morning were ones that will stick in my mind forever. "This is the most important day of my life!!"

And it was.

Not just for him, but again, for me too....and for Karuna's dad.

You see, on that day, the day Karuna came to us...I became a different kind of mother.  Yes, I was a mother before, but it had been easier to believe I could still have a life of my own sometimes and put the mothering thing to the side, I admit, still trying to hold onto my individuality...I was a woman AND I was a mom - of one. Yes, that was all true.  Women who have had another, and even another - more than me- can likely attest to the reality shift it is when you go from one to two.  I was really a mother - I had really, undeniably birthed again...and I was deeper in this mom thing than ever....I was in it. . . I was was not going away or being watched by someone else - - I had two boys...two boys I adored and loved and I was new again. New in the eyes of being mommy.

Karuna birthed his father too...for a man is not a father until a child is a way, the child births his father....and I saw it, I watched it happen.  And even though, sometimes over the course of the year it was challenging to see how that all played out for us...I see it clearly now, today, on the day of the 1st -- Christopher is a father and he loves his boy.  Karuna birthed him...

Another birth happened that day - - Tage, my oldest - - became a big brother. What a change that was and has been...what a gift to watch this little boy, who had been used to being alone, an only child, for so long - it seemed....become a big brother. He was so proud, he was so grateful and today - for his birthday, he put on slacks and a dress shirt and started setting the table for a celebration early in the morning...and though I couldn't let him stay home from school to celebrate (which he did not like too much - as he thought he should be able to -) he sees this day as one of the most important holidays of his life - - his brother was born today...and in turn, he was born a big brother.

What is in a birth- day?

Some people rave about their birthdays, needing special attention and loving gifts, some ignore it all together and pretend it isn't occurring, others fall somewhere in the middle - doing some celebrating, but not wanting to make a big deal out of it. For me, the birth of a child is more like my own birthday than the day I was born, truly.  For I remember their births and I remember what happened to my life on those days and every day since.  I was birthed, as the woman I am today, by my children.  So, to them, I am grateful...for choosing me...for coming into my life and blessing it like no one else ever could.  They are gifts beyond compare. I love them infinitely beyond any explanation or need to clarify.

My oldest, Tage and I sometimes butt head, well, a lot...but he is such a gift to I wouldn't trade for anything...he is deeply in my heart...he changed my world for the better in a way I could not do for myself.  I love him.  His birth -day is my biggest day of Birth...a remembrance of when I first grew up.

My second, Karuna....he is the one who sealed our family into a unit...he is the one who came like needle and thread to a wound and bandaged us up...and he still does it every single day of his life....he is the healer, he is the heart mender, he is love and compassion in action - he is our Karuna Ray.

Today I celebrate the ability to birth myself again and again...through choice and through children. I am grateful for the miraculous power of a female body to grow another who loves you beyond any boundary.  For when I feel broken or alone, it is my children who come to my side and love me so....they see me purely and whole...they know my heart because they grew next to it.

I love being a mother. It is the greatest spiritual path I have ever walked. It holds more challenges and more blessings than anything I have ever attempted. It is the purest form of meditation, it is the greatest yoga, it is the most true book and the best teacher. I love my children and the men who gave them to me...the men who have nourished them with me and the women who have been as sisters to me and aunts to them.  I love the ability we have to birth and on this day I celebrate that capacity in each being...female and male alike.

If you do not have children, you may still birth....other things such as songs, ideas, projects, crafts, ventures, etc. are all things we put our heart and soul into and nurture into maturity...and see flourish in this world if we give them our all.  I am beginning to learn that if I am divided between my "ventures" and my children of flesh, ...sometimes they both suffer.  So I am recommitting myself this day - the day I birthed again - - to my children, to my life as a mother, as a nurturer and I am trusting that by putting these two beautiful beings first in my world...all else will fall into alignment.

May this day be full of love...and may Bliss be in your house - as I invited it again and again into mine.

Stasia Bliss

Friday, October 24, 2014

Somewhere in the Middle....

Sometimes it is easier to write when things are either really going well or just the opposite. is ALWAYS easier (at least for me) to conjure up a stream of thought when in the swing of the pendulum, one way or the other.

 When in the harmony, in balance and equilibrium, so much peace is found that one often forgets to write it down...I do...I forget.  Perhaps it's best to just enjoy the peace, enjoy the moment, as so many poets and sages have recommended...and yet several weeks have passed since sharing my space, since writing the words down, that I feel compelled and even inspired by the middle - - to communicate what is in my heart and current screen, unfolding.

I find myself in a land, familiar to my past knowing, known to my family, and yet foreign to me now.  I sit in wondering at how I am still here, scanning the horizon for signs of movement elsewhere and yet, still, the moment says - stay.

I can only assume I have clearing yet to do, that there are bonds yet to form, to heal, love yet to expand in this place, else I would not find myself here....continually now.  As I think back to the land of green, the home of my heart and the place where I find solace in a family of souls - I know that it is still there that I find comfort and singing...and so, at the request of my own spirit, no doubt, I have brought myself out of the land of my heart into a place where discomforts arise daily and feelings that resemble loneliness rise up in me for lack of a multitude of those who would deeply understand me and say yes to the words flowing out of me in any direction.


Here, I am among strangers, in face and in heart.  Yes, we are all One - for sure we are - and so I am grateful for an opportunity to see another side of the multi-faceted reality of which I am a part and only one perspective of.  I have, for so long, spent life with those who share the same side of the gem...and here I sit on the opposite face and I wonder how it is I am to be with them.  ? ?
"In love!!"  - - my heart cries.  "In unity!!" --my mind says.  To break the bonds of separation and find that here too there is only ONE heart beating....only One LIFE.


This is the truth that wells up inside of me at the asking of these questions.  Still, it is a challenge to sit inside a largely dogmatic bubble, one that creeps in at me from every side, and hold my knowing of the One.  Sometimes I feel anger, sadness, resentment...and yet, these are slowly burning away to the layer where I know peace where I find the calm to stare into the storms and seemingly opposing views and see the sameness residing there.  For it is everywhere if we can but see it.

It is always easier to be with those who are of "like-mind" - yes.  And ultimately, perhaps that is still where I so long to be, to raise my kids and spend my days, years, life.  But if I can gracefully sit between thoughts I do not resonate with and smile.  If I can hold hands with what any might call disagreement....isn't this the truest test of unity?  For it is easy to be with those like us...and comfortable.  And nice.   But, when faced with the task of loving the least of these...the bigness inside must be found....and must be found immediately before the chance is lost to unite the differences through love.
So here I sit, stand, dance, stretch, eat - - in the Middle..... in more ways than one.

I am not too "high" today...I am not "low" reality, I think neither truly exists...only painted tiles of experience that would lead us to believe so.  Instead, I sit in the calm.  . . and in the calm, I realize I sit in the middle of worlds all around me... I sit next to those whom I do not know and do not seem to agree with, and those I know, yet find challenge with, I sit next to loved ones in spaces we jointly feel discomfort in with only each other in which to know retreat...can I find love here too?  Can I find a way to unite us all?  That is my challenge today.

I ask for the power of the new moon...and Scorpio - the great transformer - - into which we have just entered her door - - to take me by the hand and lift me up above my former a transcendental state of compassionate love - here and NOW.

Wherever you are today, whether with those with whom you share vision, beliefs and perspective, or that on the grand scale - or simply in your movings around this the store, the car wash, the bank...and what-not...let it be in our consciousness to merge with those we seem most distant the heart - to recognize that we are One - all of us.  For I truly believe that if and when we can do this, when I can, that this world will shatter of its separation in a melding that brings all nations together...miraculously....and we will know on a grand scale, the love we know in our hearts now - simply at the prospect of it.

Let us walk the middle line and pull in both sides around us like a blanket... Let us combine opposites and find the canceling of them to reveal what has always been so - - only One.

I love you -  - and thank you for walking the middle line with me today.

In peace and harmony,

Stasia Bliss

Monday, October 13, 2014

Anniversary Perspective...

Yesterday, 2 years ago, I was selling Never the Same Chocolate with one of my best girlfriends at the New Thought Center for Spiritual Living hosted Gypsy Soul Concert.  As I packed up the brightly colored foils to take to the center I had no clue how my life was about to completely change forever.

The music tuned and an unknown man came into my field speaking the words "cacao" which I replied "cacao?"....Who was this guy and what was he talking about?  Yes, I had cacao...but did I know him?

Apparently I had met him briefly 2 months prior and given him a sample of my chocolate...and now he was back, and he had remembered as much, though I did not recognize him - short the gigantic beard he previously sported.

After many comments of on-lookers wondering if he was my 5 year old son's father, since they looked so much alike, I finally decided to follow the inner voice that kept urging me to "ask him to leave with me"....and we've been walking a crazy path together ever since.

By crazy, I do mean crazy.  It seems we've been through so much - perceived "good" and "bad" and yet here we still continue to walk, run, jump, laugh and cry plus one more addition to our little family.
I have had my share of relationships, and nobody before this man has pushed me to step into my "best" version more than this one...though not always successful on my part.  I have witnessed myself in my "worst" version time and again as all of my stuff surfaces for the of the main purposes I believe a relationship to be for.  Still, we walk on together.

Honestly, had I not witnessed a similar explosive union between two of my closest friends and watched them work through the muck and tears into the magic, I would not believe it to be fact, I would believe, on some level, that this was wrong, that I should move on and find someone more conducive to the matching I desired in my heart...and yet here we are, joined by fate and choice, to continue walking, now with two small boys to watch over.

The new addition, our son together, has placed a unifying energy between us, that no matter our disagreements and the tension we some times often feel, we are drawn back into the love of parenting and find our way through the trials and mishaps, the words and the occasional anger, to peace and reunion.

If I looked at life from a lower perspective, I would not be able to understand the alchemy working out here...though I see it.  We have chosen to step into the sacred fire of relationship, and I am learning, with such a step, comes the opportunity to cleanse not only inner karmic mud and beliefs, but family and generational patterns that no longer serve the world.  As conscious beings, we are asked, time and again, to not take the "hard times" personally, but to hold one another up in the honoring light of understanding as we singly and mutually purge the negativity for the all for which we represent. To transcend and alchemize what is coming up, what is coming through.  To be the next higher version.

 Not always easy or fun work.

Living in the presence of my family, it has sometimes come up that we ought to "marry" legally, and announce our love publicly...though this union, this thing runs deep...perhaps beyond what we could do or say on the level of worldly marriage.  Admittedly, I sometimes wish we were capable to live simply on that level and just be "man and wife" and not all this other deep escoterical stuff...and yet, we both signed up for this life, and we both are so much deeper than we can escape.

As the evening prior to our 2 year mark came quickly to a close, and I pondered what I might say to this one, if asked to give vows...if I felt to do such a thing...if I wanted to share what I saw...I asked myself how it might sound... and this is what came ~

"What can I call you Love?
                                    Friend, partner, confidant, companion, husband, brother, guide, equal?.
                                           Fellow traveler & trail blazer, father to my children, 
                                                  lover of all things good?~!
 I could call you Blessed, Beloved, Co-creator, my mirror, reflection, goat-getter, the one I share with, who I care for, the light I count on...he who pushes me.

I could call you Good, Stalwart, Courageous, Adventerous, Caring, Consistently standing in presence.  You are he who sits in the still and stands in the chaos and seeks to ever move onward at my side...

I have felt every which way, for you and with you, which makes me know I can withstand anything we face and embrace all we are given together.
I do not promise 'for better or worse' for we would not be standing here today had we not endured both.  The pain has carved us deeper, and the joy has lifted us higher.  And in these - All that we are capable of spans eternity in every direction.
With you I have tasted every texture of living and I know we can only ever, like a fine cheese or wine, get better with time.

No promise I could ever make with my lips would speak more than my heart has, than my spirit does.  Yours & mine have met in union on multiple unspoken dimensions, and no human understanding or ordinance could ever trump what our souls know and experience.

I am grateful for the opportunity to continue to grow with you, to share life and love and all manner of things with you.  I only vow to continue bettering myself and shedding that which does not serve the greater good - - in your presence.  I vow to Love more than Fear until fear no longer remains."

And So It Is.

May these words...spoken of the union I find myself in, assist others on their sojourn.

May love prevail, always.



Thursday, October 2, 2014

Redefining Relationship...the Podcast

If you didn't catch the Spreaker I spoke about Relationship as a reflection of the Self as explained in depth in my book "Redefining Relationship: A New Paradigm for Evolved Interaction, Intimacy and Self At-One-Ment" available through my website and on

Listen to the show HERE.

Have you been looking for "the perfect mate" or wishing your partner was something more? This broadcast sheds new light on this whole predicament and how to move into resonance now and have the relationships we desire.

Thank you for reading & listening.

I'm Stasia Bliss & this is Bliss in the House!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Does it Always Come Back Around? . . .

It is strangely haunting when life catches up with you from a ghost jumping out from under the bed as you always feared it would as a child at grandma's house...

What does it mean when all that you had gratefully and gracefully left in the past is somehow suddenly on your doorstep once again...?  Does it mean there is unfinished business?  Did I not properly close the door?  Because I am certain that path has run its course...are we always meant to bite the other end of the karmic stick at some point?...

To be more specific...

Many of you know I was raised in the LDS church...the one many know as "The Mormons"...

It was a conservative and fairly strict upbringing, with indoctrination being the norm to my young mind...learning stories of Jesus from the Bible as well as the Joseph Smith story complete with the text embraced by one religion alone - The Book of Mormon.

As a child, I knew no different. Nothing seemed wrong, in fact, I was led to believe I had somehow been born into the prize winning religion...those who were not members "simply did not know the truth yet" and I was one of the lucky ones who might teach them one day, helping to bring them "into the fold"...such was the nature of my upbringing.

We grew up on the outskirts of Portland in a small farm town where we were one of few Mormon families around.  There was maybe only a handful of us in my school, and that somehow impressed upon me the special nature of my status and how blessed I was to know what I knew.

Rules and regulations, which were not all necessarily "bad" kept me from having pre-marital sex, smoking cigarettes with my friends as a teen and slimmed my exposure to other beliefs outside the walls of the church that might have left a negative impression on me as a youth.  This, however, backlashed in my twenties when I suddenly felt the need to experience all that I had been so sheltered from as a youth.

But back to the story.

I stayed a faithful member of the LDS church (not to be confused with LSD - which I tried years later to some extent and with great reward)...until around the age of 22.  I married a Mormon guy when I was 21, just as I had been raised to believe I would.  Since I met him at work, and it was "proper" for the wife to stay at home, I ended up quitting my job and leaving college at the beginning of my final year, thus, never graduating.

After a year and a half of what could be termed the worst sexual era of my existence thus far, steeped in credit card debt and feeling pressured by my spouse to "show him that I loved him," I found myself turning to another man who held the door open for my escape on so many levels.  I experienced sexual enjoyment and freedom as well as the mental freedom to explore so many landscapes of wisdom never before known to me.
I can remember the day I considered "leaving the Mormon church" and the silent prayer I offered in my heart to Jesus, asking him if it would be "okay" if I searched as I was feeling called to do?....would he know that I still loved him?  Would I still be loved?

Amazing the state of my tender heart at such a naive age....I remember receiving the answer as clear as day...the pure and true knowing in my heart that "of course I would be loved" and "of course I should seek"....

Relief flowed over me as I trusted my heart and the silent answer to my inner prayer.

When I told my husband I wanted to leave the marriage, I could offer no adequate nor convincing answer to his questions of "why?" without revealing the "sin" I had made of laying with another man.  It became clear to me in those moments that I needed that out to make it so.  I needed a way to step out of the marriage that would not be questioned nor refuted.  Leaving an LDS temple marriage is not so easy, however, and we were prodded to attend counseling with the Bishop of the church we attended.  At the first meeting I was told that God was unhappy with me and wished for me to right my choices.


The way that man presented his accusations and feelings about what God felt toward me was suddenly contrary to everything I had ever learned of God....everything I knew in my heart to be true.  I knew, I KNEW God wanted me to be happy....I KNEW God knew that I was not, that things weren't right somehow and that my heart had a mission to fulfill....or I would not be receiving the promptings I was.  I could not take his words for truth and I refused to return to counseling or to "work it out" with my LDS husband, who was understandably very upset with the situation.

I had no choice, I had to go...I had to follow my heart and continue to pull back the veil from around the bubble in which I was raised.  

I read book after book offered to me:  It seemed as though God was sending me an angel who would deliver me the next resource to answer my hearts longing questions... I read and read:

The Impersonal Life
Doorway to Everything
The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East
St. Germain books
and many more...

One day, a manuscript was given to me which was supposedly channeled to a woman from the original prophet of the LDS church, Joseph Smith.  It was a most transformative piece of literature for me at that time (and actually, still is to this day) it answered questions that my heart longed to know as I stepped away from the path upon which I had always walked from my youth... For I was hesitant, and had questions about this ordinance or that one, and if it "wasn't true", then what was it about it that I still resonated with...?  For I felt so much about the LDS church wisdom contained truths...but knew there was something not ringing true as well...

The manuscript brought it home for me, explaining how all the "outward ordinances" were only necessary for those who could not bring the awareness within, that within is always the pathway of higher understanding...and with this peaceful insight, expanded upon in great deal over numerous pages, I continued to step "out"...

Soon after my official "excommunication" from the church, for my "sins" I decided to "right myself" again with the church, so as to leave on my own terms if I so decided.  So, I went through all the necessary "repentance" processes which included not "being able" to partake of the Sunday bread and water sacrament as well as exclusion from attending the temple...which only "card carrying worthy members" may attend.

After several months, I made my way back into "good standing" and re-attended the temple in hopes of feeling a great sense of goodness and peace at having "made it back into the fold"....I did not.  I felt it flat....I was uninspired and instead felt to "see through it all" in a new way...I was no longer under the illusion that it was the "way"....and my experience reflected that.  After trying to attend several times, go back to church, etc... I finally decided it really was time to seek the ways of truth that were coming to me from beyond my past.

I set the church of my youth aside and began to more fully explore other knowledge.  For the first time, I looked at the possibility of reincarnation, which the church I grew up with always denied (at this point in my reality, however, my father has enlightened me to the fact that now even that is up for grabs).  I read eastern scriptures, I learned to meditate, I studied the Tao, Zen, Paganism, Mayan traditions, Native American traditions, Yoga, Astrology and whatever I could get my hands on.

After a brief relationship with a man who had left the church years before, and using that relationship as a stepping stone of sorts, making it easier for me to "leave the flock", I continued on into deeper realms of inquiry including the study of  entheogens and plant medicines.

My journey took me to the other side of the globe with the man who had been the catalyst for my leaving my marriage.  He and I partnered and stayed together for 8 years.  He showed me many places, and in many ways he was like a father figure in my awakening process.  He introduced me to the East and to the rawness of life "out there".  He was a "psyconaut" and used entheogenic herbs to explore the spiritual realms of self . His way of approaching such fields with the reverence he seemed to have for life and spirit was inspiring to me, to say the least.  I too wished to know what he seemed to know, to see a new way.

My exploration allowed me to touch realms previously unknown to my mortal eyes and heart, though I knew I had always known these things in another time.  It was akin to coming home and remembering a part of the Oneness, a part of myself and I was in awe, in love and in deep, continual gratitude.
After many years, I began to see that my partner was more interested in continuing his relationship with the plants than transcending them, as I we went our separate ways.

My first child came to me in a totally unexpected and unique way.  He became the shifting point of my reality, and where I had previously felt selfish, to an extent, I was suddenly in surrender more than ever before.  My life began for him alone.  I sacrificed my wishes to travel more and live more freely for the opportunity to raise such a magnificent boy.  My choice to keep him, at that time, caused nearly all of my friends and acquaintances to leave my life.  And just like when I chose to leave the church, I felt all alone with my decision, once again, to seek God by myself with my new reality and to ask for Life to send me those who would love us and be our family.

You see, for about 7 years after leaving the church of my youth, my family and I were out of connection, we hardly spoke but a hello on holidays and no resonance was felt between us.  I felt as though they knew not what to say to me, and honestly, I felt the same toward them.  We had a valley of unknown spread out between us....and where they believed they "knew" I was still exploring what it was I was choosing to believe.

My first son brought a healing to my family separation, for even though my mother was not at all pleased with my single status and the pending child, a child was coming none the less, and as grandparents, they embraced us.

While pregnant with my first, I was always filled with an overwhelming sense of blessedness.  I had just returned from an immersion course in India, at yoga school prior to my impregnation, and I was in a wonderful space of peace and centeredness.  His pregnancy brought me joy, and though it was difficult to endure alone at times, Life brought me a partner, who eventually committed to be my sons dad, for all intents and purposes, as he was born to me in the spring of 2007.

Let it be known, at that time, I had been away from the LDS church nearly 10 years.  I was happily teaching yoga for many years previous and was settling into a new routine with myself and life.

 Another year brought me under the studies of one amazing woman, Almine, who became a mentor for Goddess energy in my life like I had never known possible before.  With my studies, which included inner alchemy, my partner and child's dad, and I grew further apart.  A distance came as he did not understand what I was learning, nor did he wish to.  After some time alone and away for some of my studies, I felt, as he agreed, that we were better off apart, but we both wished to continue to share parenting.

That was a difficult time for me and for my little one, who was only 2 years old at the time.  The last thing I wanted was to separate the family, but I could not deny my need to be connected spiritually to my highest truth, and felt deeply the need to be supported in that.

My boy and I lived with friends as I passed in and out of brief relationships over the following several years.  One man seemed to fill the shoes of the perfect mate exactly, but I fear my own fears crept in to say it could not be...I was not ready to face myself so purely in the face, though I had declared my readiness time and again to the Infinite, requesting a mate be brought to me who was my equal....when he showed, I could not dance.  Shamefully, I left the relationship somewhat scarred, as I feel he too did.

Years more passed before I met another who could equal me.  He arrived and I was intrigued by his presence, his ability to meet me where I was and even challenge to surpass me in some instances.  I rose to the that soon took me away from the life I had built for myself, all my new friends, who had become like family, and the work I had spent so many years building up as a strong hold behind my little family.  The new relationship brought hardships and difficulties I would never have stood for nor endured with any one else.  For some reason, at the point of my life wherein this man entered, I had committed deeply within myself to not quit any stay, to commit to something, to matter.  Here was the opportunity.  But it meant sacrificing every comfort, every "known", my home, family, friends, business, belongings, everything....would I do it?

I did.

I moved...time and again....I drove in circles trying not to betray myself again...though I questioned time and again if I was -despite my efforts not to.

Circumstances and relations resulted in the pregnancy of my second child....the clincher that kept me from disregarding yet another man....this one was most difficult to "stay with" as he matched none before him in adoration for me, nor ability to see me for who I felt myself to really be...instead it was pure karmic, cosmic challenge.....and I loved this man.  I love this man.  From the start it was like I was seeing myself through him...a felt pushed to excel and stripped of ego previously known as the identity I knew and loved.

His lifestyle life-cycle created many hardships for us and me in the pregnancy....I was back at the home of my family after so many many years of living off on my own, taking care of myself and my own life and living the way I chose and loved.

Even after one last retreat back to my own "land"...I now, again, find myself in the home of my parents, raising my kids, living with this man, my partner and who I have known to be my husband on a deep, spiritual level, though not always joyfully,..and we are struggling to find our way out of this maze into a place we can live and be and thrive on our own.

Here is where the cosmic and karmic loop comes around to bite me in the butt....and where I wondered if it might, knowing this man I wander with, knowing this home I stay in, knowing this state we now call a temporary home....might infringe itself upon me.

Nearly 20 years have passed since my first wedding in the LDS temple....and all that transpired after that fateful day.... missionaries of the LDS church have chased me around from state to state until I gave the letter of request asking to be left alone and removed from the records... but alas, this is not so for the one with whom I walk now.

As of late, over the past few weeks, this man, my partner, has been seeing the Mormon missionaries, and recently reading the Book of Mormon.  He has been challenged to prepare himself for baptism and to pray about the truthfulness of the church for him....this comes as quite a challenge to me.

My first response is WTF??!!  Seriously. Is this some kind of cosmic joke?

Wouldn't you agree?

When I ask myself why it challenges me so? ? .... I must consider all the time, prayer, reading, meditation, travel, self-care, mistakes, mishaps, guidance, insights, teachers, friends, etc. which have led me down my own path to the place where I happily have been for many years.  To a place where I know myself to be an aspect of the One Life, living the embodiment of joy - out pictured from the One Infinite Being...I have spent many years resonating deeply in my heart with the way I feel truth around this knowing...the sense it makes to my body, mind and heart that there is only One of us here....only One being....manifesting in many forms...for the enjoyment of knowing the Self....The way it feels to be true, that Love it all there is...that the Cosmic being contains all possibilities for the pure sake of experiencing the Self in all the many ways it can.....the truth it feels to be, for me, that we are each a unique and beautiful perspective of the One...that by knowing each other, we can know, more fully, the One Being who we are.

I feel it took me so much of my life to feel my way into this place,,,one where I feel I don't have to have others agree with me, that I can just be in the Oneness, and love from that place while others go through their processes...that I can be a light for the illusion shattering, around duality -as we come back into the remembrance of Unity as all there is....of no religion being the way but only Love, only Oneness, only kindness and breath, and the Cosmic Om....pulsing, beating, being.

With this, I realize that I have had a sort of desire/expectation, that my "partner/husband" would share such a viewpoint, that we may trod the path together in joy and bliss, emanating the light of Oneness to all - together, as we went along in love and harmony...allowing others to find the way to their own heart around us, while we held Love together for the ONE....

In this realization that, though my partner may not join the LDS church, may not be baptized and go on to "do the ways of their religious directing"....he may.  He may not ever be or believe or do as I do...he may not even ever come close....and if he does, I may be in another place altogether.....this is a shocking is something I have resisted wanting to think could be so.  I feel core beliefs are something that two people in partnership, especially with children, should share, to a large extent,...even though I know many people have made it without sharing such.

I am left wondering what has brought me to this point.  Knowing that only I can decide for me what is best...and if it is the best interest of the children that I put first, or is it my own interest, which in turn is for them...?  I certainly am left contemplating the LDS church again and why I left, what is good about it and what I could never agree with doing again....

You see, there are many good things about "mormons"....those who call themselves members of the LDS (Latter Day Saints) church..... - they are a community that works together...the likes of which I have rarely seen....though I have experienced to a large extent and even surpassed in greatness at the New Thought Center where I attended and fell in love with a family of people - in Lake Oswego, Oregon - - though they are in one location, where the Mormons spread abroad, worldwide.

I don't know what to say about all of mind and heart race at what is not yet, nor may not ever be, though is in my field...this conversation, these missionaries asking my partner to make certain covenants and be baptized....I am disturbed, I guess, when they don't know the  name Shekinah....and do not acknowledge the Goddess of All.   I worry that my children, on some level, would ever be asked to do what I have decided is not best for me, nor them.

All in All, I wonder what kind of crazy wheel am I treading and does it always come back around?  Goddess....I am trying to laugh at all of this and find my center....chant Om Shanti God is Love....I am Light and I am Truth.....

Can the Universe please teach me the cosmic lesson and transport me out of this city into my own place, free and clear????? Wow..... I love my family, but get me out of here.

This is Perfect, That is Perfect
From Perfect Wholeness, Perfect Wholeness Springs
If you take the Perfect from the Perfect
Perfect Wholeness still Remains.

What did I do to get me riding this ride, and facing these questions?

I know who I am.

I surrender into the Grace that I know God IS...The Universe IS.... And Reclaim my sovereignty in my Heart.  And Stop looking for another to agree with me....for I am All there IS in the truth of the Oneness. . . in my reality. . . in my sphere.

Spinning off cosmic, karmic garbage from the second chakra again.....I suppose.

Seeing it clearing.

Asking for a sponge so as to clear off the splatter.....

What is beyond all of this....?

This is a major processing session....thank you for witnessing this with me and for me.

I will speak only briefly to the knowing that many truths have been carried on through the LDS church...this I know.  I even believe Joseph Smith actually saw what he did and translated an ancient record....I even believe those words were really written..... The problem I have is that I also know that God/ The Universe/Source speaks to all who are available to listen with purity in heart....and I too have heard the words/ the callings, the beckonings of Spirit....and I believe that no message is more true for a people, for a person, than the ones spoken directly TO me.  The Greater Portion....of the "law"....even in the case of the Book of Mormon, was said not to be given, as the people could not handle such high truths.....

I can.

I do.

Not in an egotistical way, at all.  I am always ready to be trampled by the word of the Great One and come to the next level of understanding...please.... break me down out of everything I knew and was comfortable with, even if it takes it all from me.....and show me the truth.

I know that choirs of angels surround me and friends are given to those unafraid to stand in the fire.

Surrendering the need to know an outcome.  Just being true to who I am, where I am.  Arms open to receive the Grace, as I do.

Om Shanti and So it is.

Bliss in the House.....cause "this too is Bliss" ya'll