Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The 13 Days of Kindness Seeds

After a deeply prophetic feeling dream last night, following the wearing of a certain prehinite bracelet my son procured during a gift party as of late, I was inspired to act today on the symbology therein.

In my dream, I was aware that I had completed a cycle, as the number 12 was shown - as children I had born(all male - in this case)...I new that the 13th was now able to come...and she was Sara -- the princess...the female manifestation...it was a seed affecting my entire reality - this was the nature of the dream.

Today, upon contemplating and realizing my birthday sat 13 days away, also remembering a certain inspiring birthday I observed in Portland earlier this year where a divine goddess sister celebrated by offering 35 random acts of kindness for her birthday...I have decided a similar wish for myself.

So  here it is -- and I ask you to join me as you feel called.

Today I begin the 13 days of my Birthday...and on each day I will perform a random act of kindness....for another, for the earth, and I ask you to join me, and make this the most wonderful birthday I have ever realized...as I see brother and sister alike - gifted in a myriad of ways.  As I know myself to be one with all that is...I am truly blessed by watching the joy of others...in this way, may all the parts of me that have remained hidden from me - come into the light of JOY.

Won't you join me?!

Here is the story of inspiration: 35-acts-of-kindness-on-her-35th-birthday

Everything from letting people in front of you in traffic to buying another's groceries...to picking up trash, to whatever you are inspired to do for another. Join me and share...and pass it on.
I wish to acquire an amazing list of stories for the random acts we have done for each other this 13 days....I will compile them as the best birthday gift on Earth.

Thank you for loving each other - and for celebrating Oneness with me in this way.
Stay tuned, as the kindness spreads from seeds to trees...
Love --

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