Sunday, December 21, 2014

Solstice New Moon Birthday Musings...

"Once you can hear beyond the words, you may remember who you really are and step forward to fulfill your mission by playing your part in this grand drama of planetary ascension that we are co-creating together." (Anna - Grandmother of Jesus by Claire Heartsong)

Today I celebrate so much. And yet, on some levels, I know it to be no different than any other day. I stayed awake much of the night, the long night, with my littlest one - who could not bare to spend the longest night of the year in slumber. No. We sat up, we played, we cried, we giggled, we wandered around, woke up daddy, tried here and there...and in the end, as the darkness lay over the scene, and I allowed him to tire a bit from the tears so we could both find a little rest, the dreamtime hovered...and both he and I found ourselves asleep once again. ...that is, until my 7 year old woke me up with the chorus of "happy birthday" just before 8am. Oh, to be a mother on a "spiritual path"....sometimes I question my perspective, my ability to "keep it together" and stay "above it all" with grace.

By the world's clocks, I have turned the wheel of time around our sun 41 times since this latest incarnation...that seems crazy, since I can remember distinctly when my father was in this time of his life. It seemed so far off. To me, especially this year, the "ages" seem to have less of an impact. Perhaps it is because I have been determined for so long for them not to affect me, to not be "ruled" by them, nor to believe so much in the "weight" of the years... Perhaps it is because I have travelled as of late, with someone who the world would say is much "younger" in years than I. . . though I have felt our kinship in perspectives in so many ways...and also our distance.

Today marks the Winter Solstice as well as a New Moon at zero degrees Capricorn. It feels important. Capricorn has the business of getting things done, though patient and long-suffering, productive to no end. I have only just begun, over the past few years, to really get to know the Capricorn aspects of my cusp birthdate...born on the teetering between signs and really, worlds...between the interest in "higher wisdom" for humanity and community, and the over-all purpose of the cosmos and all the universe. For many years, my Sagittarius nature kept me tripping all over the world and through every book and thoughtform looking for the "way" of truth and felt unrooted, and free - in many ways...though lacked stability and foundation. As a tree grows up, it can no longer be carried around in a must find a place to plant it, lest you stunt its growth.

And so, here I stand, riding with you on this ball around the sun, with Capricorn looming...taking us all on a new journey of leadership and "stepping into" our lives more than we ever have before.  It seems a long time coming, doesn't it? Like you and I have been talking of this time, this opportunity to "be" more, "do" more, produce, create, expand, shine...and now it seems the curtains have finally lifted, and the performance is perched to begin.

I admit that I LOVE sharing my birthday with such a cosmically significant it isn't just my day alone - but everyone has a claim in fitting for a girl who is determined to know the interconnectedness of us all and to realize the Unity, the Oneness we all share. I love sharing "my" day with the entire earth, the cosmos, the tipping of seasons.  

Tonight, I finish this report late in the evening...after the day is "officially" over, in terms of the clock...though I was never much for following such rules. I am happy to log the most momentous and noteworthy of events transpired this eve with my blood family gathered all in a room, working on "buried emotions" - opening up to reveal the next layer, not only for us - I feel - but for humanity.  Having recently happened on the book "The Emotion Code" and seeing my entire family take to it, with the realization that most everyone is walking around with "trapped" emotions somewhere in their opportunity occurred for massive healing. Tonight, as we all gathered on the Winter Solstice, the new moon...many new seeds were  planted, I feel...those that said "we wish to walk forward - healthier - and more in tact"...seeds that professed the readiness of what could come next, after peeling back the layers, letting go of generational and personal baggage and asking the question of "how can I best serve - now?". What a miraculous evening.

Even the children got involved.

As I let this day slip away, entering now in closer proximity to the day many celebrate as the Christed one's birth...a new reflection begins to that I will leave until that day. For now, I am blessed to know we are collectively moving onward and upward, that our endurance is beginning to "pay off" and there is only gold from here on out!!!

Follow the Yellow Brick Road, paved by the new light on the other side of the winter solstice. 

Love to you - 
Bliss in the House,

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