Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Emotion Code...Coming on line...

Do you believe in trapped emotions? Possibly from youth or even before you were born? I always have thought this fact, in various "soul-retrieval" exercises and sessions I have met with past negative emotions and seen how forgiving and releasing them could miraculously change my reality. Likewise, in the yoga nidra practice I love so well, trapped memories, patterns and imprints, including emotional blockages, often come up for removal in order to allow for the new patterning to take effect. It is insane what these bodies are capable of, not only doing, but preventing us from doing through their ability to hold on to what does not serves us. 

We are energetic beings.
Scientists have looked at our bodies under supreme equipment only to see that we are not solid at all, but swirling energy bodies, clustering together in order to form what we see as "physical." The emotions we experience, or are triggered by our experience but not experienced at that time, can become like bundled blocks of energy preventing the full vibrational potential of our beingness from manifesting. How can we know if we have trapped emotions?

From ages 0-7 we are taking in information rapidly with no filter. The energies and emotions of those around us are unknowingly projected onto us, and in many cases, absorbed and integrated by us as PART of us, when really they are not. Before we are even born we can receive genetic codes containing the emotional blocks and imprints from our predecessors, causing us to play out their unresolved feelings in our lives without knowing or realizing the origin. In either of these circumstances, we reach adulthood often finding that we can not adequately function, interact and excel at whatever comes before us and upon the dreams we keep in our hearts.

At any stage of life we may also experience traumatic or somewhat traumatic situations which cause us to trap emotions, and even to barricade ourselves from those around us out of fear of further injury to our hearts and person. This is all done, of course, subconsciously, as our bodies are always at work to our highest good and sometimes that highest good includes protecting us from potentially damaging emotions if we are ill-equipped to handle them at the time of their arrival. 

What originally forms as a protection, over-time, when left unremoved, becomes a barrier, blocking us from the life we are wanting to live. It can block us from love, from passion, from joy and from empowerment. There is so much more about this that can be said.  Organizations such as HeartMath and the Global Coherence Initiative have made the knowledge of the heart and how our hearts emit fields of vibration for miles around, available to everyone. Through these scientific revealings we can see and experience the reality of healing that takes place when the heart is brought into conscious coherence and harmonized with love and acceptance.

Beyond this, there is a new book out called The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson, which explains in more depth how we can trap emotions in the body and around the heart, and even more importantly, how we can learn to release these...freeing us up to have the life we really want.

What is so awesomely astonishing, even though I have known, believed in and experienced this kind of awareness before in my life many times, this technique and information - presented in The Emotion Code - is so simple and is explained in such a way that it literally intends to be a method which heralds an era of peace upon the earth as thousands begin to heal their hearts of grief and break down the walls around their hearts.  When this happens, according to his book, the hundred monkey effect will occur and the world will become full of light, hearts will open all over the planet and humankind will stop its foolishness because we will begin to feel unconditional love- and to give it freely.

In my own life, I am seeing what happens when this process begins. As the hearts open and the feelings are released, it is not initially, necessarily a pretty thing. If these blocked emotions have been held for generations, it may be very painful or "ugly" to see them released....but the effects that follow...promise to be miraculous. and so far...for me personally, a great unburdening, and for those I love...even that they are engaging the process at all makes me so excited!

I truly believe when we can let our heart-walls down (and according to Nelson 95% of us have them) the world will change, more love will be felt, we will begin more fully to see one another as family, and unkindnesses of every sort will cease.

I am moving forward with this information to learn more and certify in the training so I can both assist others in the removal of trapped emotions and heart-walls as well as write about the process, the journey and the power this will unveil.

Looking forward to sharing more as I learn the meantime, look up the book & the website at  

May Bliss Be in Your House today and everyday! Happy Holidays.


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