Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Gifts Ever Flowing Out of the Mouth of Life....

Your eyes on this page are your gift to me today. This time of year, the idea of gift-giving seems to take on very specific meaning for many. As I have pondered time and again, perhaps the "greatest" gifts given to beings of ultimate import, such as Jesus Christ and the gifts from the Wise men of the East I am moved to ponder deeply their esoteric meaning and significance so as to reach a more full appreciation of this time of year...for me. I have thus researched, sat in silence, and happened upon some rich and delicious insights which have afforded me to create yet another gift for you this season...and really any time of the year - (as I kept it clean of linear and calendar references).

Here is the Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh Meditation - as a gift to you.

In the season of giving, I would also like to give anyone who would be willing to commit to utilizing the course I have put together on on Conscious Evolution - and write me a testimonial, give feedback, etc.  - I would like to give you a free coupon to enroll in the course. I will keep this offer open through the end of 2014. Just send me a message telling me you are "in" - or post in the may also message me through my Facebook Author's Page.

It is during this season that I decided to manifest into form this round, and so I am also feeling significant energy, yet again, moving through my sphere this month, possibilities presenting themselves...opportunities knocking, comings and goings...and it is with this vibration that I make the declaration to jump - even more fully into the truth of who I am, to consider and concern myself LESS with that which I do not love or resonate with, and instead, consider and concern myself MORE with that which I adore...even though I truly believe there is no "less" or "more", in the unification of the One.

You are me, I am we meet and share our unique perspectives, the gift is received ONLY when we do not cancel the other perspective out, but rather, learn to absorb it, get the insight and value, and therefore make an equal "exchange"...for with each gift thoughtfully received from a perceived "other" we are becoming LARGER in our ability to be One. - Each of us. All of us.

This month and this coming year, I am intending to meet more aspects of me...more of YOU...I invite you to introduce yourself to me, to connect with me, as I will attempt to do with you. I intend to introduce my children more deeply to the world and to the "other" so that they may meet themselves and the ALLness more completely, more fully, more beautifully.

To do this, I am engaging more readily and stalwartly my passion of writing...let's just see how far we can take this thing...
Thank you for reading what I write - it means the Whole Wide World to me.

I love you,

Stasia Bliss & Family
Happy Holidays

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