Sunday, December 20, 2015

Mastering the Winter...Attuning to the Solstice

The Winter Solstice approaches. We sit at the foot of her. She is the arms into which I fell at my birth. She holds the lessons of my life in the most potent of ways.

She is the frozen teaching, the one that never changes, yet blows through time like the brisk wind of the season. In the lap of winters' wisdom do I find myself transforming yet again....and a sense of magic mixed with tender release fills my day as I prepare to honor the womb space from which I emerged into this earth plane.  But it is not just I who can benefit from understanding and attuning with this potent space upon us...

I believe the Winter Solstice holds open a door for all of us, and what we do with that opening will
determine where we will go from here and what we leave behind.

The magic I feel at this time of year comes from the delicate, yet fierce way the seasons slide into one another, darkness layering on more darkness....rain upon snow...dead leaves burying the earth for hibernation, inner reflection, and potential growth again at a later time. This is the moment for reflection. For shedding, for letting the old be buried away as old bodies who have lost their soul shine.
As the nights lengthen, just a bit more, reaching ever so stalwartly into the depths of mind, heart and soul...and the dream time dances with the notes of discomfort for some, pain for others, the magic comes in form of the silent spaces between words and heartbeats...between flakes of snow and teardrops.
Like a fairy who knows the potentiality hidden behind the sadness, behind the seed unsprouted, behind the compost awaiting the fresh new life it will feed, the solstice spirit pushes to the edge of our the end of what was, into the land of 'what will most definitely be' beyond the "heartbreak."
What is this heartbreak??? For for many of us, we would not deem it such.
The funny thing about heartbreak, is that it can happen for reasons we may not understand, yet try to pin on other things that seem appropriate. It may happen in minute and seemingly invisible ways...but it is a heartbreak, even so - as a piece of our understanding, our perceived "safety" shatters to make room for more light.
Sometimes our bodies are just changing, morphing, becoming something new, something different, something more than they were...and it feels funny, it feels uncomfortable, it feels unsure, because it's new. I believe this happens most reverently at this potent time of year. In the darkness of the world night, the human vessel receives hidden codes of awakening...seeding us for the grace of understanding it never knew before.
When this occurs, as this IS occurring, I find it helpful to retreat into the quiet, not run from it; to
retreat from the need to speak and "work things out" with words and simply go to where the heart beats in the stillness of the night. For within the body vessel, there is a dark space that is lit with consciousness....and in that place, we know what is happening. In the quiet we can learn to honor the unfolding that need silence to bloom.
The Winter Solstice is the Mother of Silence, of Change. She is the Goddess who embraces her shadow and by doing so, ushers back in the light to dance the waxing journey of conscious expression back into the eyes of the seen. She is powerful, for she stands, unmoved in the freezing cold and bitterness of self-hatred, self-loathing and inner disbelief, in the winds of sadness, loss and uncertainty, to allow for the shatter. She knows when the cold is allowed to seep all the way through, that heavy shadow of self - will break...and Spring will appear to show the sprouts of a new life that have been all the while hiding in the undercover.
Winter Solstice takes us in her arms, if we allow her, and buries us in the snows of forgiveness.
The world looks so beautiful after winters' first storm...and with such a stark white blanket glistening crystals of frozen consciousness, we forget all about the mud, dead leaves and neglected gardens, sidewalk cracks and toys left to the cold. Instead we only see magic. We see the purity of the untouched, the mystery revealing itself as trillions of unique translucent shapes falling from eternity.

It is true, the darkness can be bitter, as the cold can be relentless and without sign of end. In the winter our bodies shudder, shake and fold in on themselves in search of warm crevices and memories of a time with less crack in the air. But in the arms of Solstice, if we are brave enough, and think not to resist or avoid the lessons and the gifts of this crest of time, we may receive the great blessing of Bold Empowerment and Rebirth.
For Mother Winter, the Goddess of the Dark Night knows all that lies in waiting in our deepest recesses, and will grant us access through her holy gates in order to retrieve our most precious treasures, wisdoms and remembrances, left frozen in suspended time, if we will stand in the discomfort and look behind the bustle of words and movement long enough to find them.

This might be my first year I have really understood the lessons and the power of the Winter Solstice. As I move into my 42nd year and laugh at the numbers, only to embrace the experiences which have brought me to this point, I find that I am in deep amaze at the portal to infinity that exists in these gates resting in the quarters of our western calendar. The Winter Solstice is my home and I chose to come through this gate to wear the blessings of its passing as a garland of humility and power.

This year I claim it and activate my Winter Goddess self in the arms of the night. By doing so, I find the greatest love I have ever known in between sheets and heartbeats, for the love-affair one has with oneself and life are the signpost and means by which any external lover may ever manifest in the flesh....and tonight I am falling back in deep love with myself. And it is dark, with a silver, shimmering that lures in the light like only a queen could do. And I am cloaked in gratitude, love, and praise for the most high.

The Most Brilliant of Winter Solstices' to you. <3
May you have bliss in your house like I have in mine.
<3 So Very Much Love All ~
For We are One
Stasia Bliss

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

How Does the Holiday Season Allow Greater Communication?

Communication is an invaluable key in decoding the space between you and me, between you and me and the ultimate reality. Sometimes communication looks like talking, discussing and singing, other times it looks like breathing, touching, gazing and simply feeling into the space that is, with full intent and an open heart.

As we enter the holiday season so many celebrate, the time of year when commercial aisles are busting with colored lights, red and whites, trees and so much more, I feel it is important, maybe more important than ever, to re-calibrate ourselves to the spirit behind all the shopping madness.

To some, to many even, this time of year is one of family, connections, sharing, giving, love and compassion. A very large portion of the population looks at this season as a time to rejoice in the life of a man called Jesus, who walked on the Earth and both taught and lived simple, but liberating messages of love, truth and emancipated, divine life. To others, this is a time to celebrate the Soul essence in each one of us, the reality of our physical forms, and how we are never separate from the light which birthed us. Even still, this time of year brings a remembrance to the cycles of reality and how we continually seem to move from light into darkness and back into the light again. No matter the religion, the teaching, background or story, they all seem to pivot on the idea of sameness. You and I are from the same Source. We have divinity in us, and we are experiencing this divinity, uniquely, in the forms we have incarnated within.

For me, at this time of year, I am constantly reminded that this is the season I would like to nourish the rest of the year, every year. That I am not interested in focusing so much attention on an attitude that will only last a few weeks, then forgetting it largely for the rest of the year. This is also the season of my own physical birth. I incarnated this round, on the Winter Solstice. I do not think this was accidental or a simple coincidence. I am tuned to the cycles, to the ebb and flow and to the power within what the "witches" deem the greater Sabbats in our Gregorian calendar. The Winter Solstice marks the longest night of the year...the most darkness upon the land in the northern portion of the globe...ever after...all the way to the summer solstice, more and more light comes back onto the land. To me this is the significant, personal message of my life: to bring more light wherever I go, always, forever...and to never be afraid of the darkness.

As we take steps into the chillier months of the Northern hemisphere, and pull out whatever decor and celebratory offerings that suit us, I am rejoicing this year in the opportunity to put my attention on whatever aspect of the season that speaks to me most. For me - it truly is about the subtle communications underlying existence.

Have you ever noticed, stepping outside, that if you talk to the trees, they will talk back? The wind picks up....some leaves toss in the breeze....maybe the birds start to sing.?? It is true, they do. Nature is alive, it hears waits, it replies.

Have you ever sat in a crowded room and consciously sent love or gratitude, care or kindness to just one person in the room just to see what would happen? Have you noticed their demeanor change? The attitude lift? Their words shift?  It happens, we are all connected.

Have you done this with your children? Have you noticed how your inner space affects them, subtly without words? That when you are turbulent inside, they express it with their bodies? That when you are sad, they cry? When you are overly excited, they express "too much" in their own little ways?  It happens.

Studies have show that when .01% of a population meditate together, they affect the population around them positively. Crime rates decrease, traffic calms, hospital visits lessen, there is noticeable change in the atmosphere of the city. We affect one another.

How many of you have read The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman?  This book showed up in my dreams last night. The message seems to be, that we all have a 'way' that works best for us to be communicated with....for love to be expressed....for us to feel "heard" and it is kindness to know how to, most effectively, speak with one another in the way we each hear LOVE.

Above and beyond all the lights, food and glitter, LOVE is the resounding attitude.... to Love the Self --- not from selfishness, but from a place of appreciation, gratitude and self-care, to Love our neighbors...which extends into the whole wide world, to the strangers and the cultures of every sector of the Earth and Sky....and Love - the greater, underlying essence of all that connect with this Love through the center of the heart in each moment and in and through the eyes of each person we encounter, knowing that they are a gift to us in the moment of their manifestation, to afford us the opportunity to SEE Source - in front of our eyes...and to give thanks.

I am deeply grateful for those who have walked this plane of existence in the essence of mastery, and showed how to vibrate at the frequency of Love - so much so - that they affected the masses, and reality at large. I thank Jesus the Christ, Krishna, Mohammad, Amma, Buddha, Gandhi, Mary Magdalene, Mother Teresa, Babaji, Paramahamsa Yogananda, and more. <3

I am grateful for my children, who express so purely the Love light of existence, and for those I continually walk the path with. May peace and authenticity guide your path, and may we learn to communicate with each other in the vein of love and compassion.

I see you and love you AS YOU ARE.


Thursday, October 29, 2015

How to Be with a Queen...How to Be with a King

Entering a new age...a golden light enters the scene from the naval center and shines an unexpected, though anticipated glow on all things in resonant harmony with the truth of your soul.  Likewise, a somewhat tainted flamey whisp dances over that which remains from an outdated expression and causes the heart/mind to dance in wonder and discernment at the dramas and possibilities standing before you.  Which path now blossoms? Which one crumbles in patterns of past and "won't last," ever on repeat, and congealed promises never realized? The golden light is can withstand the backlash of any resistant force now pitted against it. The Mother has returned in all of her glory, and she sits, strong and full of honor in the crown of every being....especially the feminine...garlands waving.
If one is attuned to one's own frequency and has little desire to stay in the ways of struggle and pretend, the grandeur that enters the scene with the awakening crown is that of Queendomship....and likewise, its counter-force - Kingdomship.
For women and men alike, who have been playing the chords of this reality as long as we have, through timelines and linear expression...and have been exercising hardship and miscommunication to the tune of way-too-long down the byways of relational disharmony...and who are ready to experience the evolved expression of what has always been in the deepest recesses as a curiosity and desire...the time is now. The space of timelessness and heart has opened its portals to offer a new start, a new way, a pathway of gold, a superior possibility for humans to expand the space of interconnectivity to include resonance as never before.

How can this be done?


Honor is key.

Self-honor. Honor of the "other" and Honor of the Divine. This is how.

In the sorted "past" where we might have related to one another with desires to connect, join hearts and hands and walk down the grooves carved by previous generations leading to perceived "happily ever afters" we chose less the path of honor, and more the way of "trying" to please, fulfilling and being doted with expectations and patterns offered by fairy tales. But now this simply can no longer be. It was never the way of that which truly worked, but only of fantasy and misguided interpretation dancing on a swollen toe.

In the now of this becoming, if we can see that we must honor the feminine within...the grace of creativity, of surrender, of intuition and beauty. If we can honor the self, at the heart, and pay no tribute to thoughts of self-depreciation, or insecurity, we will find the golden gates swung open to pastures blooming with wild flowers of "yes's" beyond our wildest. The masculine within, must too be honored...but here is the trick...if there is, or ever was a "first" in the line of logic meets surrender, it is that surrender receives the honor "first" in order for logic to stand by her side....only then will surrender, grace and beauty bow to the power and purity, in honor and thanksgiving for the gifts that logic and reason may bring to the seat of feminine delight.

Likewise, in the "external realm" is the masculine who must see and honor the feminine in all her delight and glory and bring about the most glorious "return" of this showering gift of honor - to bestow such a blessing upon the masculine as it has never before seen. This order is the no more "rape" or pillaging may take place of the treasure of the feminine. Let the Woman be showered with Honor...and Woman, when you are as such honored,......return the gift a thousand fold.
As within, so without. As below, so above....Let us honor the Mother of Creation....with thanksgiving for her beauty and power and wisdom.....let the honor be given first to Mother and then to Father...who stands  by her side, that we may reap the rewards of heaven as never before, and find our Earth plane fortified with blessings, faith and clarity.

As we are perched to experience reality as never, ever before....may we calibrate our male/female aspects so we may see the Honor imbued in all of life - back toward us - and within all.

In the realm of relationship...the Queen must take her station, having honored the beauty of the creative power within first and foremost, followed by her acknowledgment of boundaries and structure, forming the container in which to flow, live and expand.  The King then, may enter the scene, having received the call from within to surrender to the beauty of life, knowing his shadow side to have been integrated, knowing his ability to complete himself in joy, wisdom and consciousness....yet seeing how externally honoring the Queen might bring his gifts into full expression and fruition.  Now enter the his Lady...and the honor flows from him, to her, from her to the infinity symbol, as the tube the inhale/exhale response from life... it gives and receives now...impenetrable, incorruptible, and only the act of falling back into the old ways of ego-mind and honorless living will reverse the structure and make it fall.

Be the Queen of your Queendom...Be the King who joins her.  Rule together in the Golden Path of Integrators of Mulitdimensional realities...and truly the Multiverse is yours. <3

In love and grace,

Friday, September 25, 2015

Navigating Through the Delicious Thick of It All - Cosmic Upgrades On

We are truly living in one of the most incredible times of the history and herstory of the world. As the ages turn, literally, under our feet and within our DNA codes, and we are granted deeper and deeper access to the wisdom of who we truly are, and as we start living it more fully every day, the way of myths and magic open again, and we begin to discover that they were not but a story of folklore and parables, but of truth in the life of eternal living.

It is in the deepest of gratitude that I walk my day to day currently. I am well aware, after years which seemed like lifetimes of purging and integrating every aspect of me, that I am finally sitting in the front row of the turn of the ages when timelessness reigns supreme and the Mother of all that is shows that it has been she all along behind the scenes...and it is what I always imagined...a Cosmic Joke. I say this with a slant of the heretical, it seems, yet I have never felt more humility and honor in all of my life streaming through the veins of this remembering immortal. That's right, you and I are in the trenches now, the groundwork has been layed over decades and more all for this.  At times it seems I am actually back on the old scene where we have enacted it so many times before, anchoring other frequencies and other grids, and so it probably was. I remember so many of you, in other guises, showing up now again, not a second too late.

Wow, my heart is full.

Wow what a funny life we have all been living. 

It has all been backwards, don't you know? We have been walking around, you and me, hiding the most important parts of ourselves and showing the unreal, playing out the common, repeating the pattern that only have kept us from the life we only ever wanted to live and the only reason we even came here at all. The true magic is in the stepping out of the game enacted, the system meant to trap us into thinking it's the way, when it is anything but. All the "made up" bindings become less and less binding the more and more you remember the truth of the situation. It's literally on the other side of logical belief. Just over the fence you see,,,,not more than a foot away from the distance you've ever been willing to stretch yourself to find it. Oh, only just slightly out of more uncomfortable step away, just far enough you can't actually "get back in time" for your appointment with the illusion. A test of faith is no test with the answers waiting on the end table within reach.

So here we are...they say the sun is going off with its flares and all, and the Earth is colliding with the photon belt in the center of the galactic core...a pivitol and monumental event that only ever happens every some odd tens of thousands of years ... and every time it has, massive DNA upgrades and evolution beyond explanation has occurred...and well, yes, is occurring again...and yes - you and I agreed to be here for this. we so wanted to be here for this.

How this looks/feels/is experienced for each person is dependent on how much preparation has been done, though truly, everyone is benefiting. No one can not benefit...the entire earth is being bathed in Cosmic Intelligent light, it is an initiation for everyone. Though still, everyone is at their own "level" and travels at their own "pace" and no one will be asked to upgrade their station more than they are able to handle here we are. . . hitting wave after wave of cosmic upgrades and some people are feeling tired, grumpy, getting "head colds" and "headaches" and what nots. Others are feeling angry, or terribly depressed, others are watching their lives blow apart or melt down or fall away....and yet others still - are watching MIRACLES every day, every moment, every corner that is turned. And some, are doing miracles with a headache, And it is glorious, and biblical in many ways, and transcendent and blessed. It all depends on where you were before the waves started hitting.

And now...what can be done? Cause it's not stopping now. The energy is intensifying and multiplying and there must be ways to deal and cope and handle...and yes, there are. Most importantly....Nature will help you. Clearing away heavy old emotions will help you. Integrating your shadow portions of self will help you - - meaning -- accept it ALL... when you do so - you feel whole and you may then hold more of the power you were intended to hold.

What not to do? Do not judge yourself, or wallo in self-pity or engage in self-destructive behavior (even substances keep you from truly experiencing this time),...don't engage in the "downer" behavior will only be amplified exponentially, especially as we head into the full moon eclipse this weekend. Stand strong, or go into self-nurture mode, be caring and as kind as you can to others and yourself. Speak what you would LIKE to have be true, as manifestation power is UP as high as its ever been...and then watch for it in your immediately.

Most importantly, observe, show LOVE and COMPASSION and at every opportunity, if a trigger raises its head within you - address it with kindness, get to the root of it if you can, and you will immediately feel elevated by the process of brave, honest transmutation.

I love each and everyone of you. 

I am grateful to be here serving in the capacity I am, assisting in stabilizing the energies and keeping "up" for the sake of it all. I am grateful and honored to hold space for you if you have questions concerning this time, to help you actively clear old patterns and to step more fully into the rich deep truth of who you really are. I love that !!

I am so excited to be at this Cosmic Juncture....and I promise you, if you are ready....and open, and willing to step into yourself fully, it just keeps getting better and better. And if you really want to be amazed with what is coming in - in perfect timing with this whole Cosmic Influx - - come to Goddess Ball PDX - you simply must. It will catapult your life into the reality you've been scrambling to get to. I guarantee it! <3 So much love to all involved. I am so honored to see you there.

Love and Endless Miracles

Saturday, September 12, 2015

New Moon Eclipse in Virgo...My Side of the Tale.

As an absence of light fills the space around my form I am clearly embraced by something deeper than the eyes can see and cannot see. There is a knowing within me that falls short of this as well...though reaches after it with possible words and colors I might pin upon it for just an act, so I can share it with you, like an evening snack I've cooked I do so love to cook.

Certainly this particular eclipsing of a slice of the moon...this particular eclipsing of a bit of how the heart love and loving gets placed under such an examination so often instead of just allowed to run with imagination...I believe this is the conclusion of such a strange, not in one full, fool sweep, but gently at first in the few who would jump., to open the heart up and let it go thump thump... past the mind and the stories of yesterday's past, to drop all the guardrails and made-up's at last...
Yes....I am sure of it...something new has been birthed, has been crowning, has transitioned, something we've been mourning, over-looking and juxpositioned...for we have been living inside of a mirror, life has sadly reflected all that wasn't, it couldn't be clearer...

have I lost you? ...just listen. . . feel the rhythm in your chest...sense the liquid of the ocean and the wind on the breast of the fallen leaves, snow and the mountain so high, embraced by sunshine and soul-shine and lifetimes passed by....this is it - it's the moment, the crux of all Time...melted softly through the willing who've been tuned in to are cracking, dimensions melding, and the sun spots x-raying, all the imprints in our soul-prints are being lifted for reading...I'm just saying that this moment we are sitting now in - is full of magic, the kind of magic that ignited it all to begin...another octave, another twist on the spiral of becoming and the slit of the light through the door now is showing - - the heart and the head are in a
dance of birth/'s an orgasm of transition and the crowning is blending with the moaning that created all the stuff of existence and the womb of the Mother is open up for new business....

She has waited through contractions of the goings and comings, she has born down the harshness of the ignorant, blissless and the homerun is hit and the ball's in a sling, Mother's cumming and she's coming as the world changes scenes...

Doesn't matter the cloak of the vehicle you're wearing...heart and head are conjoined and the new mix is sharing, as we slide through the portal of the Virgin in space, who gave birth to the Christ-child something like this another place, another face in the turning of the cosmic clock pages...turn the ages, we're the sages and the wisdom's sprung from its cages.

Are you with me still\?? did you take the colored pill? down the bunny pit, I'm just sure of it...we're out the other side of the screen...the reflection can no longer be seen as it was before....that door is bent...the shards are beyond spent.

Can you taste what this new moon eclipse has straight up sent?!

But another tone, another tongue... (let me put it like this....

Feeling all the sorrows of the One ~
At the climax of transition...the pain of letting go, of not having...the joyful sorrow of releasing the past...all that hasn't worked surrender into what is becoming, birthing now, even in the bliss of it...that place of not-knowing how to be "without this emptiness" now creeping in.

There is still the mourning for the sad life so many ways, in many pages of the script. Even as the abundance comes in, a part of the body still longs for the comfort of what it once knew so intimately, even in the throws of lack and loss. How strange it is??...that in the comfortless places we find familiarity and much so that even through the calling in of the new, when it begins to show its beautiful face we run back into the arms (even just for a moment) of the life we so much wished to transform from. What is this? Silly humans in our manifesting we call it in, we just as soon scare it away...on the one hand wanting the new and the "better" though clinging with quiet tremors to the familiar.

So on this eve, of the eclipsing moon....I feel that too releasing...the final tears for the places we have all still held on, though not even wanting to....the sorrow for the sorrow being torn away. Oh, how much a friend it has become in the night while we sought companionship. In the Virgo vibration, here comes the final examination of all that we had called out for all throughout the past year...those things that invoked tears, the pain of the the rising on the horizon is the dawn of the new start and its time to let the past go once and for all....we can't hang on the setting moon when the daylight calls.

Love is never before. Not in imbalance or neediness...but in balance within itself. It is male and it is female in the most beautiful, perfect way....where the female has been perhaps too much heart and the male, too much the woman has sprouted a caring mind...and the man a wisdom heart. The perfect blend for a stunning start.

Happy Virgo New Moon Eclipse....I love you with my entire heart/head. <3


A new life is birthing ....and this is just the beginning.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Pathways to Transformation ~ A Riveting Event...

Have you ever met someone who was so incredible at telling stories you didn't want them to stop, once they'd started...and you would do practically anything to spur them on into another incredible tale describing one of their mind-blowing experiences?

My friend Peter Burchim is such a person.

I absolutely LOVE to hear him talk about the interesting life happenings which have been thrown his way, those which have been placed before him that he has so thoughtfully chosen, and to those crazy, unthinkable "no-way" moments that are seriously beyond my believability meter, but I knew, because it was Peter telling it, it must be true.

I love this guy....he has really been practicing the art of sucking the marrow out of much so, that recently, he was in a life-threatening accident (several actually) that left him unable to act in the world like you and me...

Sometimes it takes a "tragedy" to bring forth our very best, or to inspire the tale that will enliven the many....or to download the material that the world has been waiting for.

I have the blessed opportunity to share the stage with Peter Burchim this coming Wednesday evening at an event I don't think you want to miss....we are calling it "Pathways to Transformation" and I believe it truly will be an evening of transformation for every person who attends.

Peter and I will be in an open where you are invited to ask questions and participate...on topics of transformation and empowerment...the hottest issues of the day.

When considering putting this event together, and while musing at how what Peter had to share meshed with what I was up to - we realized that not only did the ever expanding and developing emotional clearing and empowerment work I am doing complement Peters work incredibly....we found out that the pieces fit so well together we really should be packaging them together as a full-transformative-support tool for people. At the very least we decided we ought to speak about it and let you decide.

You see, for those of you who have glimpsed into the world I am working may or may not have realized that the Emotion Code work I certified in back at the beginning of 2015 has only taken off and multiplied itself into one of the most incredible and ground-breaking modalities of today. I will be talking a bit about it and letting you know of how you can get in on this life-changing method for accessing the secrets of the subconscious mind and decoding the mysteries of your life and heart.

I hope you will join Peter and I as we discuss the blocks people are facing today in this quickly evolving world we are living in, and how to over-come them, feel more empowered and recall ancient, authentic wisdom that will propel you into the next level of beingness.

We are meeting all committed friends and passersby at the Clarion Hotel by the airport on Wednesday, August the 26th from 7-9pm. Bring a friend, it is a love-offering donation and their will be opportunities and tools there that you don't want to miss out on!

Thank you for being such an incredible part of my journey and for letting me be part of yours!

See you next Wednesday ~

May there be Bliss in the House ~ always!


Thursday, August 13, 2015

Back in the Unknown of the Familiar

Back in the land of the great Pacific Northwest, I am ecstatic over sky blanketing clouds and emerald foliage and familiar faces. It has been something akin to a dark night lasting longer than usual, strewn with lucid dreams and insomniatic upsets, peak awarenesses and directional honing to bring me into a perched "land" right before I spring back into the ethosphere for another (this time perhaps enticingly grounded) year of successful wonder.

There is no doubt, over the past several years, (especially six months of concentrated "time"), that I have stretched and bloomed in rooms I have longed to touch and dance within. Isolation has a way of refining gifts and focusing the mind in ways that community and exuberant friendships cannot. As I walk on stones I once thought familiar and observe the unique perspective that distance and revisiting offers, I am amused by the knowing that in my longing for something, did I find the very tools which would heal my deepest wounds and grant me access into the realm of my most wished for doorways.

Only in my solitary revisiting of ancestral coding and face-to-face courageous leaps into the always desired unknown passages of questionable try-outs - running me both inside and sideways to the me I had known for any recent years prior - did I find golden keys of understanding and insights worth burying myself long under weighted memories and discordant byways.

Not to be completely misunderstood, there were absolute perks to spending the early years of my second child in familial lands under roofs shared by those who would take a keen interest, daily, in the awakening soul who had found his way through my dark doorway of mystical mother-creatrix space. He was cared for by figures, though contrary to my current in many ways spiritual and mental, were resonant in the truth that this little (along with my other growing "bigger") was worthy of attention and loving arms to embrace them, as was I worthy of a hand to jump start the life of one who had come through so much uncertainty.

It is strange to decode the foundational understanding one has that tells the mind that "family" means something so obviously contrived through the viewing of television sit-coms and cookie-cutter imprints of hopeful versions never truthfully replicated often in the 3D. Now, yes, I had a sometimes thought "better than" picture-perfect upbringing from foresight perspective, though in the reverse I often wonder if I have spent more of my "after-life," (the one of my own breeding) deconstructing the patterns I gained in my bubble than were actually helpfully contributive to my later quest for re-membering...who I really AM.?.

As I pondered the possible printing of my littles with such constructs to de-form and de-crystallize, as
did I, ...the choice became clear that nothing beyond the initial shot of love and cushion would be ideal for my family in order to send us into the blossoming phase of up and out-bringing that we all (from a greater perspective) so obviously craved.

So here I am....back in the land of my initial birth and my own rebirth...back in the land where both the birthings of my children took place, and where I am assuming a current birthing is in the works for not only myself and these I bring along, but for all of humanity, seeing how I feel more like a proxy for some collective soul-group awakening these days than I do for my own personality, as it were.

So grateful I am for the understandings and insights gained by opening up the caverns of the collective (and personal) realize...with REAL EYES....that most people are living only in the refracted "STORY" of themselves...of their parents...of their grandparents....great grandparents...former selves.....soul groups...etc. etc...than they are living in the AUTHENTIC version of THEMselves wishing to come forth in the here and now.  For NOW ---- as in "this particular moment/time-frame on the space/time continuum"  ---namely and specifically this year of 2015....and that which so closely the "Moment" for actualization of the Soul Resonance...the Signature of Purpose....the Authentic Bliss that EACH and Every Incarnation came HERE NOW to BE.

In other words....

There is no longer any space left in the collective storybook pages for re-hashing, re-telling, re-peating, re-anythinging....the cycle of patterned, karmic behavior that has blocked the true manifestation of who each Soul Light Really IS....and the story-telling must end....that book is full.

 The New without stored E's....(stored Emotions) and is only and purely Authentically Now....a Bursting forth Blissful Activated Essence of Each The form, here and Now.

With a great sense of honor, humility and gratitude do I re-enter a stage once familiar and stand to offer a re-catipultilization effort of the Authentic-telling of a new that each soul yearns for, longs for....though so often cannot reach by entanglement of their own lingering memories and self-talk,....or because of the associations that (often without attempted harm or meaning) keep them in the pattern of their own shortcoming for lack of knowing the better....or due to the fault of not even considering the damage that might be done by remembering someone the way they showed up yesterday and every day previous.

Yes -  - - it is no longer time to appease or placate the old, stuck patterns in one another. It is no longer the time for agreeing with limited versions of each other or for allowing one another to play small, live small and speak small. I know that by speaking big, that not every reader, not every on-looker will feel the Bigness within their own reach, and therefore some will shy away, or even take offense at what I am suggesting....but suggest it still I AM.

I AM HERE to SEE YOU....and Hold space for you to BE the Biggest Grandest Version of Yourself Possible.

To STOP the old Tale....and Choose Today a NEW story...a new language, a new way...that will support the coming forth of your fullest, greatest, most delicious version of Self.

By stepping away and into the cave of my own (forced)[further] becoming....I arise fresh and volatile in love-struck, courageous encouragement stance.

I am here for you....for my kiddos....for my community...for my support the Stepping up and into the YOU - - that wishes to burst forth.

The greatest gift I have received from standing in the shadow ..... is to see what hides in the dark.  It now speaks clearly to me in every tongue and every story....I hear it behind your words and your eyes. I cannot escape it. And it calls to me....and I am like the jailer coming with the key. Your sentence is over.....


Friday, June 19, 2015

A Solstice Blessing ~ Musing ~ Activation for YOU

Dip Dip Dip....
Take a dip in the Summer Solstice Sunlight as it bursts through the stratosphere beaming delicious rays of cosmic goodness, igniting soul-shine like never before.. . It's an open door - sisters, brothers, fathers, mothers...children of the sun - - You are the One and the oneness collides with the barriers inside splitting open the faction tripping over the way to authentica.

 Feel feel feel the heat lifting, pressing out through your skin prickling with sweet remembrance pulling you deep toward the passionate soul-kissing expression of who you really are, no longer able to stay inside - bursting the seams this summer sun beam's gift of daylight.. .

Just like the sunrise, let all that you feel inside rise to the surface and press out into the world like sweet dew on the leaves of the morning,... petals never mourn the loss of the dark - only welcoming the soft peeking glimpse of dawn, you have been hidden behind shyness too long - time for the wave of remembrance now rising....feel the love - surprising you with delightful fondness and smiles so welcoming to behold.

I am beaming, the love-light of my truth, can no longer stay beneath the layers, can not resist the meeting with nay-sayers...feeling so much life now lifting me from blossoms of eternity and you - you are in my wings, dancing here beside me...the sun sings the symphony ever playing as the soundscape to life's glorious expression. The cosmos in human bodily impressions. . . though divine - - rich with possibilities to shine forth the exquisite gifts meant to be seen.
Come and dance with me - on this day of ever-light... come and Bliss-dance with me. It feels like surrender and peace-giving and fame without the tarnish. . . it's spiritual varnish...let yourself be - find sweet release in the gifts of simple living, know you can subsist on the blessings of your existence. . . Life is finding a way to pay you for your presence, if you let it - step right into it....those things, that thing that makes you sing. That gift you so easily bring.

Yum. yum yum.
the taste of the honey of the dawn...shedding truth on so many tries to resist. Open mouth for this kiss...let the bliss in. Wanting you to be in so much fun that your tears come. Running sideways through the pages of your own story playing the lead like a star. . . We already know who you are- here up in the Cosmic script. - but it's high time you know too...find yourself dancing in wheatfields the way you find pleasure in your cup of whatever-fills-you-up.
This season get your soul lined up.
No more rhymes wasted on tasteless glasses of what you've given up in the name of should. Looking back, I promise you - you never would.
This glorious dawning comes with a guarantee...
Fondness for the light is sure to steep in me.
May I be as the message on the box of Yogi tea...simple and to the point with gladness lifting at the corner. Perhaps longer, but more the liquid experience than the paper.

May Bliss Absolutely be in Your House as it is Right Now in Mine.
<3 Happy Solstice and Congratulations on stepping into your Soul-Fire. Abundance Awaits you....let me know if I can assist you.

Stasia Bliss

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

What is Immortal Abundance?

The new moon is upon us...I can feel it as a seed pushing deep into the soil of my fertile beingness, ripe with potential and fully labeled "abundant as fuck" - (pardon my french). But seriously, there is no more time for fooling around.

Life has been one chaotic ride after another. Much of the riding has been done on fumes and puttering around the spiritual entrepreneurial road of generous (but skimpy) beginnings. This year - things have turned around fast.

No longer am I sitting in the same out-grown hull attempting to jump, yet again, to the heights I could feel possible in my inner realms and in the cells of the costume skin I call me. No. Miraculously, after so much effort and visualization and trusting and knowing and attempts and failures, finally the tables have turned and the cosmic orders are up.

This year came in with a boom and it has only been one continuous finale of fireworks since. You must know what I'm talking about. Some of those fireworks landed on old thought-piles that I thought I was still infatuated with and set them on fire...never to be recovered. A few of those moments seemed monumentally tragic and almost worth jumping atop the burning pire as I no doubt did countless times in other lifetimes. But no - this time things are different.

How is it different? Why is it different? - - you might ask (cause I did).... Besides the massive and impressive planetary shifts and the major vibrational cosmic upgrades, the downloads, the integration, the releases, the humility, the clarity, the determination and patience all wrapped up in the post-2012 super-leap into the best time to be alive - - it just simply is.

Several years ago I glimpsed this time, this moment, this unfolding; glimpsed it and thought I'd made it without fully putting in the time to adjust the frequency bands just so - even though I HAD put in SO much time and THOUGHT I couldn't possibly have more fine-tuning to do, but I did. That "trial-run" served to show me a picture, a "future possibility" from which I was then dropped to the bottom of my bucket (like never before) only to see if I could climb, ascend, transmute, transform my way back to the place I'd been shown. And it seems I have.

The Cosmos has a definite sense of humor, but it also simply knows when we can sustain the vibration we are so adamant to hold. We may sometimes think we are ready when we most certainly are not...though we may get to know what it looks like to BE ready...only when we ARE ready will we naturally find ourselves in the place we imagined ourselves to Be.

And so - - - at this New Moon - - I am keenly aware of the last 3 months since the Spring Equinox and through the procession of eclipses and so forth and what all had to transpire before I could say what I am about to say and present what I will and that is...of the words:
"Immortal Abundance."

Immortal - ? - you say?

Some people actually shutter at this word, and quickly add how they would no sooner prefer to become immortal than to wear the same pair of cords for a century, or something to the effect of the relief they'll feel upon letting their spouse go or getting a new body. Hmmm. I suppose it depends on how you interpret things.

To me, the word "immortal" denotes never-failing, never-ending, always present and infinitely sourced. If I am to have "immortal abundance" it would mean I had found a way to access the never-ending flow of universal wealth that is abundance itself - and available to every being all times, forever more. Sound good?

I have pondered and actually moved through a huge process of realizing how and why I had previously encountered and even baptized myself in the sea of poverty, that for so many years was my uncomfortable reality. I have come to realize that poverty-consciousness is no less serious than having an actual physical dis-ease in the body - it is this detrimental to the vibrancy of spirit radiating from form.

We each have an abundance body, akin to the aura or energy bodies spoken of in yoga or healing modalities. It can be blocked, compressed and fragmented just like any other layer of consciousness making up our wholeness. This "body" has a frequency, just like our health can be measured in hertz. --A well person's body will measure about 60 hz, an ill person will measure around 30 and someone with cancer, around 15 or less. On the opposite end, using high-frequency products such as essential oils, raises the frequency of one's body, as does spending time in nature. Many places in nature, such as the ocean or mountains, vibrate at around 200 hz or higher. Rose essential oil vibrates the highest of any oil and is likewise around 200-225 hz.

I have come to realize that poverty consciousness is simply a low-level vibration in our abundance field. We will attract and be polarized to others who match our abundance-body's frequency. This is all intimately tied to our level of self-worth, which is also tied to generational beliefs, karmic patterns and trapped emotions. It is all inter-connected.

By removing blocks, upgrading the operating system and raising self-worth, suddenly the abundance body begins to vibrate at a higher frequency and one's perspective and experience of wealth totally shifts.

Gates or acupressure-like points within the body act like valves - the same way chakras allow energy into the body system, these gates allow abundance consciousness into the awareness.

As I have been able to clear my own field, open my own gates and activate self-worth from deep in the core AMAZING things have  happened - and this new moon is a cosmic pivot point for only MORE Yummy Abundance possibilities on their way.!

I have refined a system of calibration -and I am calling it my 30 Day Abundant-Bliss System-  so if you are reading this and interested in unlocking your own codes of "immortal abundance" - - contact me @ or through my Facebook page.

I am only going to work with a handful of people at once on this - because I feel full presence is potent and concentrated awareness is key. Get a hold of me. I am excited to share and am fully aware that our individual successes affect our collective success.

So looking forward to experiencing the magic this summer  - within and with all of you!
Hoping you find Bliss in your House as intensely as I am finding it in mine these days...
Love & Magic
Stasia Bliss

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Language...the Love & Power of Words - Silent, Spoken & Sung ~ Can You Believe I Said That?

I admit it, I have a love affair with language...the written word, the spoken word, the singing of words, toning of sounds, and the magical silence that often speaks volumes more than these aforementioned rivals. Truly, I believe, each form has its unique station, each word, whether spoken, unspoken, tapped out in ink or sounded musically, has its "perfect moment"...and the choosing of words- in whatever form - can mean the difference between union or dissolution, harmony or discord, trust or fear.

Just so we are on the same page here...I want to be clear that when I say "words" I am not confining myself to a specific language, nor do I leave behind the silent psychic connections and telepathic conversations that so obviously go on "behind the scenes." Rather, I am speaking to the power of communication, in elevated fashion, no matter the medium used.

Words carry within them the sacred tones of creation, and when used wisely, with intention and heart, they can miraculously change a person, situation, environment and even the very reality you are experiencing. On the other-hand, though equally as powerful, unintentionally chosen words, "pre-programmed" dialogue, if you will, and surface or superficial conversation can deplete you, lower the vibration of a room/space and downgrade one's experience into a reality less desirable than what one might wish.

Take a look at music, and the often "unconscious" use of it -say in a convenient store or fast food restaurant. I don't know, I seldom find myself in one of these places, but recently I did and noticed the quality of the music playing and couldn't help but consider it was a huge reason for the caliber of consciousness drawn there. At the other end of the spectrum, have you ever been to a beach where
someone was chanting or a beautiful didgeridoo played in the background? The combination of the natural tones of the ocean and wind, along with consciously created vibrations of sound transform an area and all the people in it.

How about conversations which never reach beyond the weather or state of health? In my mind, they are right up there with debates and accusations. If words lack alignment with the heart and do not come from a place of authenticity, they feel tangibly discordant. And once again, to juxtapose my view on this...I'm sure you have read words or listened to someone speak who was not necessarily eloquent with language, but who let their heart stream through with so much beauty and "realness" you were forever transformed by listening. Yes?

I wish I was savvy in multiple languages, someday I plan to be...but with the splash of words I do know from various tongues -such as Thai, Hindi, Sanskrit, French and Spanish...maybe a little German and Japanese here and there dabbled with random Mayan, Irish and Egyptian words...I love to play with the melding of language for the most potent effects possible. . . because it always seems that just one language does not contain all the keys to communication...except maybe the language of Silence...

Silence is've heard it said before - but what does it mean?
That it's "precious" ? Sure... - -But  I can't help but think about Gold in alchemical terms... silence has the capacity to transform someone or something from a lower expression to a "higher" more refined one. . . often its the difficulty in "staying silent" or "holding our tongue" that lends itself to the refining process.

And then there is telepathic or psychic communication...powerful largely because one must greatly trust in the process..that it is really happening, and not all in one's head. Telepathy can be validated, sure, just ask the person you think is communicating with you...OR...just trust and see what kind of conversation ensues in the seemingly silent for signs to validate that communication and enjoy the magic taking place on multiple dimensions at once.

When I was in India attending yoga school, I was repeatedly amazed by the intense power in the chanting sessions we would engage in. Hundreds of people all chanting together made quiet an impact on my being - especially when it went on for 6 hours non-stop. I could literally feel my cells reorganizing themselves. It was during this time I became "sold" on the reality that language, and intonation is incredibly potent. It is why, when you "scramble the signal" or block communication, and that power is lost...people are disempowered.

I emphatically believe that our words can empower us or enslave us...and have been doing so all of our lives and for generations before us... My favorite example of this is dis-ease and death. Many people would argue that death is inevitable, "just look around." Sure, death seems real enough, especially for anyone who has witnessed its effects on someone they love. My question remains, to myself and the world - does it have to be? And are our words, our "thinking" our perpetual expressions "deal-sealers" for this seemingly inevitable reality?

What if we changed how we spoke, how we thought, how we sang about such topics? Would it impact our experience of them?

We have all (hopefully) seen how thoughts and emotions can change the diagnosis of an illness. A dear friend of mine healed himself from terminal cancer by envisioning himself whole, believing himself to be well and surrounding himself with people who affirmed his beliefs. I have seen amazing transformations in my own life occur when I change the way I speak about something...I've seen money appear, housing, friendships, romance, healing, items I was wishing to manifest; All of this has been altered by the power of the acknowledgement of sacred tones and vibrations put into use in the field of intent.

I'm a poet. I love to play with the way words sound together and on my tongue. I know words, arranged "just so," open a portal into another dimension...and there are multiple options of where to go. In fact, it is actually in the tuning into that opened portal that gives the stream of words that likewise invite one to experience such an altered state...Words speak to my heart and pour from my heart in a way that is often times uncontrollable, and I know they are a gift, perhaps more to me - than any on-looker. And I am in love with what happens when I dance with language.

We are at a powerful pivot point in humanity; One where reality is being chosen by the most aware, for the whole. Languaging is playing a gigantic role in where this boat is being steered. Where will we go? Who will take us? Will we travel alone? Will the world function as one body or will multiple Earths continue to be experienced?

An old Biblical story speaks of a tower called Babel where the "one" language which united the world was scrambled...whereafter the people no longer knew each other - or "God" - A more enlightened reality...I wonder if this is symbolic of a disconnection to the power of language..and the potency of Love imbued in the heart - pouring out through all we say, sing and emit?

Certainly I have discovered that Love changes everything. Words spoken in "harsh" conditions can feel like and act like a curse...whereas LOVE imbued within words spoken, songs sung, presence truly embodied - - ripples out like waves to all around the heart at the center - holding the vibration of Unity and Inclusivity.

In clarity and within intention to unite with you - at the heart - for the upliftment of all - do I speak out in language of every sort....I pray you feel beyond the colored letters on random background and find the place where our souls dance in recollection and wonderment. . . that place where gifts are exchanged and Love simply Is.

Thank you for joining me for a little dance with language... Here is one of the ways I like to play:

May there be Bliss in Your House today...wherever that may be. . . as there is in mine>
Peace and Blissings,

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Chile, Nepal, The Earth's Kundalini and Each One of Us...

As the ground crumbles out from under Nepal and the sky fills with fire in Chile I am brought into very deep awareness about the reality of the Earth's Kundalini force, what has occurred with the shift in energies, and how each one of us can see the shifts that are taking place on the Earth - within our own beings.

For over 26,000 years, Nepal has been the Earth's epicenter for Spirituality, Divine intervention and Transcendence. As recently as 2012, during the "end of times" change-over of the Mayan Calendar, that 26,000 year cycle came to a close and the Earth has been experiencing a shift in the places where Divine Intervention  is accessed best.

I travelled in India numerous times prior to the 2012 "end date." It was obvious to me that an ancient and sacred energy still lingered there, though was closing down. Almost the way you would imagine feeling if you looked into a power-portal into another dimension that was shrinking, aware that soon it would be closed, barring off the access to the potent energy that had been pouring through it. The way you feel when someone you love walks through that closing door, never to be seen again.

In the case of India and Nepal, great messages, beings and information have poured through their
"other-worldly" access gates for many a millennia.

Some years back, when I was last traveling through India, I had a hunch that were I to come back some years in the future that it would not hold the same power and mystery that it did while I was there...something was fizzling...

I remember reading "Drunvalo Melchizedek's book "Serpent of Light: Beyond 2012" just prior to the "end date" and reading how the Earth's Kundalini - or "life-force" energy had been pulsing under India, Tibet and Nepal, but was shifting over the next few years to be under South America - Starting in Chile and extending up through Mexico and the Western United States.

Nothing has confirmed this prediction more for me that hearing the news of the Earthquake in Nepal and the Volcanic Eruption in Chile. Just seeing the video footage of the Chilean eruption was enough to validate the truth of the Kundalini shift....from the East to the West.

As Nepal sits in crumbled rocks I cannot help but see the symbolism of the "ashes to ashes" sentiment...where once power did raise up from the Earth and build great temples and enlighten now, does that same land crumble under the foot...the power, the foundation of life-force energy has been taken away, and the Earth changes validate the movement of that fiery serpent force, who has shown her face in South America in the flames and ashes of one fire-spewing volcanic eruption.

All I can say is -  - get ready here in the Western Hemisphere...the next 10,000 years and beyond is sure to be a wild ride of transformation and enlightenment. . . Those coming to the Earth and incarnating now on this side of the planet - know something is up. The Goddess is awake and the fires of purification are the first sign that the serpent has be awakened...and will continue to rise up through the continents, activating certain consciousness  elements for all those who live along her "spinal cord"...reaching up through the states - radiating out the Cosmic Light of awakening on the Earth once again.

If you are familiar with the chakras...the Red Root is first...the Serpent no longer slumbers.... The Orange waters of Ancestral cleansing seem to be entrenched in this volcanic purification. I believe beyond the blast from Gaia, proactivity in the way of releasing generational patterns - especially in a region - in a culture - is called for. We may each start with ourselves and let go of beliefs and patterns which no longer serve either the collective nor our own individual person.

In many ways, a national disaster is one of the quickest ways to enact a major clearing out of old, stagnant beliefs and patterns. People must band together to get through the process of massive change and transformation. A literal and figurative "Split" has occurred - between what was, and what is...
In Nepal, there is much to be released and must to be embraced, as they so humbly give up the mantle that has been theirs for tens of thousands of years and stand in the aftermath of what that feels like, to be leveled by the enormous power of the ages. I am in great thanksgiving and respect for those who have held the vibration in the East for so long and my heart goes out to them as they step down from this position of power and release their gifts to the other side of the globe. It is a beautiful and tragic thing all rolled into one, as literally thousands of souls have departed the Earth via that region, it is almost as if they were the angels assigned with completing the task of whisking away to the heavens, that which was left there in the East to be redistributed for uncovering again, elsewhere.

I give massive gratitude to the East, to India, to Nepal and Tibet, to the Masters and Saints who have done so much for the planet and for the evolution of every soul. I say thank you and I bow in deep respect. I know a great work has been completed and it is shown in the way the portal had to be closed down so forcibly by the Cosmos. The Shift is now. This is not to say there is still not beauty and insight and power able to come from this area of the world - but as the gatekeeper for the Earth's Kundalini  - it seems the baton has been passed.

As I look into my own being, and recognize where I have held on to the past, past modes of beliefs and worship, past truths, past teachers and ways which have brought me to this moment, I realize that these things have been crucial, pivotal and priceless to me....up until now. As we step off the old foundation and into the present - more we prepare for a future still as yet is perhaps even more crucial to release the old foundations and allow the full clearing and cleansing process to occur.

We have an opportunity now to step into our lives anew, without the strongholds of past beliefs, patterns, karmic bonds, generational conditions and programming that no longer serve. We get to release all of these things and find ourselves awakening anew - just as the volcano is representing and actually DOING in Chile.

For all the clearing one might need to engage in order to prepare the body to hold the new blast of Cosmic Light and Information coming through - I have found the Emotion Code work I am doing to be extremely streamlined, precise and quick for this process and I am also working toward using it to clear larger fields - such as between people, in families, groups and nations.

Exciting times.

As our own individual "volcanoes" erupt and the old foundations which no longer serve us - crumble...let us see it as a sign of a new life emerging, a beginning and not the end. There is much rejoicing to be done as we also send prayers and blessings to those in need experiencing the actual embodiment of what is deemed "suffering." As we move into compassion and give love freely, let each heart open to the truth now awakening in the All.

Before there can be celebration, the room must be cleared of all debris, the old decorations, torn down, and a new intention set. Let this new intention be to see beyond the old conditioning and open our eyes to what we, as yet, have not seen.

May there be Bliss in the One House of Earth.

Love and Blessings,

p.s. - someone caught a UFO on video - watching the Chilean Volcanic Eruption....hmmm - signs of what is to come?! Perhaps.