Monday, July 18, 2016

Collapsing Layers of Hell

Within the dream there are layers, much like an onion. Stacking atop one another and stretching perceived time or squishing it, depending on the depth you plunge into it.

It used to be that we had no real awareness of various layers of the dream. I remember back in high school sipping Mountain Dew, biting my Snickers bar for a so-called "meal" while I pocketed my lunch money and watched that cute guy across the crowded lunchroom when I had no idea there was any other reality going on other than the one I was in. And it seemed pretty real and valid to me. It did not even dawn on me how outside the doors of my school there were jobs and marriages and operations being performed, fights in homes and runaway children, political upheavals and wars on drugs. I had no awareness of other lands and other layers of consciousness like those found during meditation and yoga and ayahuasca journeys and sex. I had no idea that I was living in a dense reality made up of shallow 3-D concepts which disallowed me to know the true nature of all that was, no one taught me that. I had no way, as yet, of accessing what I might call today "layers of heaven" or what the
Yogis call Lokas - and apparently there are 64 of them, or there were before layers of the dream began collapsing...for that is where I believe we are now. Collapsing the dream.

To some this might sound apocalyptic, but for those of you who don't know the meaning of the word, "Apocalypse" actually refers to "revealing the truth" - which is exactly the phase of reality I know we are in currently. The one which reveals the true nature of all that is...and of course it couldn't happen all at once - it would be too shocking, too overwhelming - as the ultimate truth most definitely is - it reminds me of the old saying that the glory of God cannot be beheld by all ....too bright, too glorious. I remember when I was in Yoga School in India and I asked to see the depictions of the 64 Lokas of heaven I had heard the Swami refer to - which I knew must be in one of the books in their massive esoteric library. She told me I was not allowed to look at it - not while staying there in the field they had created there, which was specifically magnified for the benefit of speeding up karma. She said, if I viewed this too soon, I could go mad. I wasn't sure I believed her, but I knew she believed it...I had the idea that if I was asking at all, then there was another me on a different layer of reality which already knew the answer - and I wanted to access her.

This brings me to another angle of this layer story - and that is the idea of multiple lives, multiple dimensions and multiple realities, all of which have been likely plausible and real aspects of the dream up until this point - another way of saying "my father's house has many mansions" in my opinion - as in - there have been so many pockets in which consciousness has placed itself, expressed and manifested, and so many ways in which we have and are participating in the larger picture. In this way, multiple lives, realities and dimensions has allowed for all possibilities to simultaneously exist. This has also allowed for our souls to work out so many lessons and layers of evolution at once, and through multiple lives and timelines. However, we are moving out of the dualistic nature of reality because we are ready - because SHE is ready - the Mother, the maker of this whole game...the One Life...God, however you wish to name it.

When we move from a dualistic, polarizing world where multiple options exist in order to express such vastness, to one of Unity and Oneness, a collapsing must occur. It is akin to a small child building a vast domino castle with hallways and moats and bridges and layers and depth and it reaches from room to room in a giant house, wherein literally tens of thousands of dominos have been used for its creation. At first the child had the plan, you see, but then, she enlisted friends and relatives and helpers of all kinds to assist her in expanding the vision of her dream - to build the most intricate domino land one had ever seen. And so she did....but the time has come to push over that first domino and watch the whole thing collapse...and this is where any on-looker or participating builder would be awed to truly realize (though they might have known it in fact and theory before) that all those domino pieces were connected, for in dropping one - they all would fall - and the whole structure would come down.

This is where we are now...collapsing the dream.

Layers are collapsing at a time - meaning - other timelines, other dimensions, other realities, other lifetimes - are all merging in this one pivot point called NOW.

This one Now might seem to stretch out for some "time" - - as there are many many layers to this thing. Some of us who call ourselves "lightworkers" or "front-liners" or conscious beings, or new agers, or healers or whatever we might use as a term to acknowledge that we "know (basically) what is going on" - - that the planet is ascending, awakening, transforming, up-grading, etc...some of us are being called on to "push the button" in certain realities - causing their collapse...and this is what I mean by "Collapsing Layers of Hell" --because there are layers of hell, just as surely as there are layers of heaven. And those of you who have visited or lived in these layers of hell know exactly what I am talking about.

So how do we collapse them?

Well, one thing is for damn sure (pun intended), and that is if you are being called to collapse a layer of hell, you probably don't know it until you are in it and it is happening...otherwise, you might avoid such adventure, even though you are well equipped to handle such a task, or you wouldn't have been called into it, to perform the delicate and somewhat nauseating job.

Layers of hell have been existing for some time, percolating, growing, feeding on fear and worry and abandonment and sickness and death and energy-sucking principles which have been a part of the polarizing nature of reality. For in order for duality to exist at all - both the light and the dark must be.

And so, if there was to be beauty and love and transcendent joy and bliss and breath-taking vistas and romance and success and comradery, then somewhere in the "dream" of perceivable reality, which we have been living in, there had to also be hate and disease and war and vengefulness and so forth. And so there has been. And certain people, set to 'uphold' these realities and make sure they endured, were "sent in" with less awareness and more amnesia to the whole "God is Love" principle than those sent to uphold the layers of the dream which were lovely and pure.

Now, in the collapsing of realities, it must be known, in order to reach the state we are aiming for - which exists in the Oneness completely - as the Eternal Presence - and fully exit the dream, as it was - and has been for tens of thousands of years and more, we must use the Sacred Science of Alchemy - for it is the great transformer of realities.

Alchemy is that which combines seemingly uncombinable elements - which therein, when combined with awareness (consciousness elements) and Love, Prayers, etc - cancel one each other out - - - to enter the still point, the null, the void, the zero point - the center of the Infinity symbol - to "go through the black hole" as it were - and reveal an entirely new reality, which is neither of the pre-existing conditions, but something entirely new and transcends them all  ---- the Eternal Now.

So - in order to collapse realities, we must collapse the heavens and the hells together, simultaneously. The believed in and the repelled - the best of the best and the worst of the worst.

Twin Flames are Called in for This

This is why twin flame relationships are largely being called upon to enact such a huge task, for they have it within their personal being and with the love dynamic itself, to act out extreme opposition in the face of situations in order to cause the "quantum explosion" - the one which will fold down realities. For the force of the attraction alone between them will activate the magnetic field and send pulses out into the field which will literally "blow up" or fry out the field around them. Such relationships are this potent.
The trick is - and the warning to twin flames - is to know that such is occurring and to not allow the "job" to destroy the union itself. This is why the unconditional love element between twins is so crucial.

There are false twins - for sure - those which contain the elements needed for exponential change and alchemy - the attraction, the magnetism, the consciousness - but the LOVE field is not strong enough...the allowance to let the alchemy burn them out and repel them from one another following a "disconnect" in the field is there, and can destroy these false twins if they do not have the elements needed to transcend them...this being unconditional love, fortitude, true acceptance and adoration of the other and a knowing that the "other" is a powerful transducer of consciousness like them.

So, back to collapsing layers of hell.

You will know when you have been called into such situation when you can clearly identify that you are in a sort of hell - and you don't belong there. When you know that you could, if given the opportunity, override the existing system/structure and make it something beautiful, but are being disallowed. When you can see those in the system you have found yourself in - unconscious and performing a myriad of self-destructive habits including gossip and displaying obvious fear of the system they are in.

In these cases - you can know that you have been called in to collapse this layer of hell. For this place you find yourself in REPRESENTS an aspect of the DREAM which is ready to COLLAPSE. Meaning - the representation of SELF-ABUSE, FEAR, LOATHING, DOMINATION, READY to go - on planet earth and YOU have been called in to see it, acknowledge it as a GRAND illusion - to acknowledge it as UNREAL and to bring your Love and Heart and Consciousness into it - to FEEL the emotions and anguish there in your body field (to some degree) - [being careful not to absorb it completely]....and then GETTING OUT.

I repeat - you must SEE it, FEEL it, and BRING LOVE to it - and then GET OUT.

You are not meant to change the system - it is is like detonating explosives in a building...when you see the sign that the explosives have been prepared - it is time to get the hell out of as to not be blown up with it. Seriously. this is serious.

It's time to go.

When you GO.....and this is the key - - this pulling out of YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS alone - which is highly refined frequencies of light....this will collapse the system, that particular layer of a way that could never happen with you there. If you stay - you will be sucked into a lower and lower frequency, because your light has created an alchemy there - - but it is incomplete, because, in this case -  you are the few, they are the many - see? At least usually, this is the case in collapsing layers of hell as I have been experiencing it.

As I am experiencing it.

Note to Twin Flames: Do the job, and then get out before you destroy the relationship.

Twin Flames are usually opposites in many regards, for they are like batteries together which can run and charge, and also blow up a myriad of systems....this is needed in the positive and the negative regard. If you are with your twin and you have been called in to "Collapse Layers of Hell" - then know that your "negative" polarity has been over emphasized during this time - so you can perform this delicate of operations. but know - that you are also "wired" to polarize to the positive - when the time comes (and it will, if you can stick it out) to charge up and ignite a positive reality to "blow-up" --- which can also mean "blow up big for you and yours" - These are delicate times. Know that.

Also know == that YOU CAN BE THE EQUIVALENT OF A TWIN FLAME RELATIONSHIP ALL BY YOURSELF.  -- yes, some of you are that potent, that you have within you the positive and negative charge - balanced and ready to go in any situation and you may be called in to "Collapse a Layer of Hell" (or heaven) - all by your lonesome.
This might not feel very good - as it will seem that you came in as the "taker" or as the "victim" or some other 'lower form' of manifestation, when in fact you have entered the scene with a cosmic mission of epic proportions. Sorry about that - as our numbers increase, we can surely do this faster with bigger groups helping...but for now, you are the Cosmic equivalent of a suicide bomber and the explosives strapped to your chest - except instead of killing people, you are blowing up perceived stagnant realities and bringing in the light of awareness, which might, for a time, feel like a major catastrophe just entered the lives of those in said reality.

That's the deal.

We are what Mother has right now, and so we are doing our jobs with love.

If this is you, like I feel this is me right now,....finding myself in a certain kind of manifest hell....for myself and others around is key to know when the "job is complete" and when to "pull out" before inseminating the reality with too much of yourself so as making it so you cannot get out. Does that make sense??  And sure, if this happens, this is an entirely different mission all together....and I'm not speaking to this one at the moment -Only Hell-Collapsing for now. Cause it's on.

Remember the stages - if you find yourself in a layer of Hell -
1- Know you are on a Mission - Bringing your Awareness there (Become Conscious of it)
2- Acknowledge it as an Illusion - SEE the Unrealness of it (It is not Love)
3- Bring it Love - (offering the alchemical opposite) - Service, Love, Wisdom
4- Get Out - (extract your consciousness - so this layer may collapse)

Sometimes we get caught up in the idea of "saving" or "bettering" the lives of those around us, especially when they seem dire and "in need of us" - - but this is not our job. Some realities just need to be collapsed in order to allow for the Love to come in.

This concludes these instructions.

Let the Alchemy Commence.