Friday, November 28, 2014

The Attitude of Gratitude in Ascension

The day falls quietly on the other side of a national "feasting" celebration...though if I were to travel just a few miles from home or search the virtual world even just a little, I would find something less than quiet as the "pre-holiday" shoppers bustle their way through crowds and sales all in the name of giving and receiving come December the 25th. I, however, am still lingering over the cause and effect of a holiday called "Thanksgiving" and what it all means and how I can best harvest the goodness from it today and every day no matter what the calendar says.

Gratitude. This is a word and an attitude which I have felt and experienced to make more than a feast full of difference in how things show up for me, how things are processed, what my reality is and how things move forward, whether fluid or seemingly "stuck."  For Gratitude, when truly expressed and acknowledge is a game-changer. It can alter the "worst" of experiences and make them suddenly the most enlightening. It is no wonder many mystics and teachers have named gratitude to be one of the "ascension attitudes" and I totally agree.

Pain, fear, worry, anger, depression, aches and ailes all have a downward pulling momentum. They act on gravity and move one "toward the earth" in that deterioration of the physical vessel becomes an effect of such expressions if steeped in for too long.

Now, on the other hand, if these same attitudes are allowed to move through, quickly and fluidly for the sake of "shaking off the goo" so to speak, they can alternately have the result of their "opposite" in the way they would leave one. Does that make sense?  So, indulging in pain, for too long, increases gravity, pull, heaviness and ultimately deterioration of life-force and expression...BUT...if felt, acknowledged and turned over to receive the insight - pain can be enlightening and even evolutionary.  Same goes for fear, worry, and so called "negative emotions" of every kind.

Gratitude, on the other hand, in ANY stage of the game, is UP-lifting and is a levitating attitude, drawing and pulling one upward and toward Life, toward Health, Wisdom, Compassion, Good-will and Immortality...Because it lightens one. Gratitude is anti-gravity, anti-aging and the best cough medicine you could ever find.  We often have an easier time feeling and expressing gratitude during the smooth "easy" times than we do during the times we hurt and feel sad...though these are the times we need the levitating effects of gratitude the MOST.

You wouldn't take an anti-histamine if you weren't congested, would you? Usually not...on the other hand, it is easy and even fun to utilize the altering properties of gratitude when we are already in the flow....{not to say it isn't great and largely beneficial to have gratitude ALL the Time}...but it is doubly, triply and even exponentially more important to activate the attitude of gratitude when you are NOT feeling super...

In the quest for, or simply through the process of Ascension, as we grapple with what that means and do our best to follow methods, techniques, processes and procedures that might best support us in these of the MOST important things we can do, to continue to ascend with ease and fluidity, is to have Gratitude. Truly, Ascension is a process of lifting our vibration, living on a higher plane of existence and awareness.  Life - or the Us we have known is Life - has been perhaps use to a "lower" vibe, and will invite us repeatedly to stay where we have been, to continue to inhabit the vibration that we have been at ...not to leave it and go somewhere "better" - though the change isn't always presented or experienced as better right away.  Life says "don't leave me, please stay...don't you like it here?"

Changing vibrations is often times tough and unpleasant. It is the fuzz between channels on a is the weird and uncomfortable place in-between...on the way to where we so often intend ourselves to go..  Though when the "change" starts to happen, which feels sometimes "yucky" we retreat to "comfort" -- which is the lower vibration from which we were so desperate to escape.  Initially, the retreat feels good, 'cause we know it, it is familiar to us...comfortable, in some respects... But, soon enough, we will become uncomfortable once again as our spirits yearn for something higher, something more than we are experiencing...and we know it is somewhere we want to go...though we often cannot figure out how to get there.

It seems, somehow, that when we begin to move toward that higher octave, and go through this "weird" vibrational mismatch, that we have made a wrong move...cause it feels bad   - - at first.  "How can this be right?" - we ask ourselves..."How can I be making a right move, when it feels so uncomfortable?".....Alas, we must make it through the channel change.  The more we do this, the easier it will be, the more familiar those "channel-changing" spaces will become and we will learn to ride them out with more grace.  Until then, it is a good idea to remind yourself that it doesn't necessarily feel good to move toward positive change, at first...and to commit to riding out the fluxuation, even if life is seeming to "blow up in your face" - - which it so often appears to in these spaces.

This is where it is so important to come back to Gratitude. It will help us get through the change...It has helped me so many times, to make it through a transition that seemed to suck - and instead of complaining about how sucky things felt in those times, I decided to have gratitude and look at the positive....and WOW - - that really works!!  Gratitude helps us to ascend with drop the burdens of decay, dis-ease and depression.  It really does.

So...if you aren't already in the habit of daily gratitudes, I highly recommend it.  Get a Gratitude Journal or start a morning Gratitude session at home. Do gratitudes until you can't Not do them.

Plus, as just an added bonus tidbit...apparently there are acupuncture points, chakra vortexes, on the bottoms of the feet, which connect to Earth mama....and are Activated by propel us lighten the space between us and Earth.  When we have gratitude, these points swirl with energy and lift us.  When we experience the opposite, of complaint, depression, anger and sadness....AND STAY IN THEM (remember)....then these chakra points depress as well, slow, stagnate and the effect is a heavier physical experience....gravity actually has a greater effect on PULLS us down...and it is really hard to come up when we feel that way.

Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to get out of a funk and when others join you in the funk it's even harder....??!  This is because the collective points now bond (where 2 or more are gathered) - - yep, this works in the negative as well as the positive. You might as well tie some bowling balls to your ankles and walk around.  So...if you hear the complaints start to flow, from one of your "lightworker" friends and you know better...but sometimes get sucked in....DON"T.  Listen, if they need you to.  Validate their Life...And then begin the gratitudes.  It's hard not to want to join in when someone hears another speak of what they are appreciative's contagious. It really is.

So...during this time of increased emphasis on gratitude...notice how things begin to lighten up....notice and utilize this time of year when appreciation is HIGH and lift the Attitude of Gratitude...and Ascend.

Love you all.
May Bliss Be in Your House Today (the inner and outer versions) it is in Mine.
Thank you for Being YOU and for Joining me here yet again.



Friday, November 14, 2014

What's In a Birth-day?...

Reflection, recollection, collecting my thoughts and feelings on this day, one year forward from the day a most important event occurred in my life...and in the life of those around me.  My second son was born...Karuna Ray came into this world...not in the way I expected...not in the way I had planned, nor my body had anticipated, but come he the days chill and the leaves fall to the ground I can remember vividly the moments leading up to his labor and the way it all went down... I don't think I could ever forget it.

Though I'd birthed before...there I was birthing myself again, birthing another being...for the first causes me to ask the question - what is in a birth-day?

Today, it feels like such a celebration of life, of new life. Not just for Karuna, though for him definitely, but for everyone closest to him.  For his older brother, it feels especially potent, he can remember the tears last year which he shed once realizing his mother was not home and that I had indeed gone to deliver his brother.  His words in the morning were ones that will stick in my mind forever. "This is the most important day of my life!!"

And it was.

Not just for him, but again, for me too....and for Karuna's dad.

You see, on that day, the day Karuna came to us...I became a different kind of mother.  Yes, I was a mother before, but it had been easier to believe I could still have a life of my own sometimes and put the mothering thing to the side, I admit, still trying to hold onto my individuality...I was a woman AND I was a mom - of one. Yes, that was all true.  Women who have had another, and even another - more than me- can likely attest to the reality shift it is when you go from one to two.  I was really a mother - I had really, undeniably birthed again...and I was deeper in this mom thing than ever....I was in it. . . I was was not going away or being watched by someone else - - I had two boys...two boys I adored and loved and I was new again. New in the eyes of being mommy.

Karuna birthed his father too...for a man is not a father until a child is a way, the child births his father....and I saw it, I watched it happen.  And even though, sometimes over the course of the year it was challenging to see how that all played out for us...I see it clearly now, today, on the day of the 1st -- Christopher is a father and he loves his boy.  Karuna birthed him...

Another birth happened that day - - Tage, my oldest - - became a big brother. What a change that was and has been...what a gift to watch this little boy, who had been used to being alone, an only child, for so long - it seemed....become a big brother. He was so proud, he was so grateful and today - for his birthday, he put on slacks and a dress shirt and started setting the table for a celebration early in the morning...and though I couldn't let him stay home from school to celebrate (which he did not like too much - as he thought he should be able to -) he sees this day as one of the most important holidays of his life - - his brother was born today...and in turn, he was born a big brother.

What is in a birth- day?

Some people rave about their birthdays, needing special attention and loving gifts, some ignore it all together and pretend it isn't occurring, others fall somewhere in the middle - doing some celebrating, but not wanting to make a big deal out of it. For me, the birth of a child is more like my own birthday than the day I was born, truly.  For I remember their births and I remember what happened to my life on those days and every day since.  I was birthed, as the woman I am today, by my children.  So, to them, I am grateful...for choosing me...for coming into my life and blessing it like no one else ever could.  They are gifts beyond compare. I love them infinitely beyond any explanation or need to clarify.

My oldest, Tage and I sometimes butt head, well, a lot...but he is such a gift to I wouldn't trade for anything...he is deeply in my heart...he changed my world for the better in a way I could not do for myself.  I love him.  His birth -day is my biggest day of Birth...a remembrance of when I first grew up.

My second, Karuna....he is the one who sealed our family into a unit...he is the one who came like needle and thread to a wound and bandaged us up...and he still does it every single day of his life....he is the healer, he is the heart mender, he is love and compassion in action - he is our Karuna Ray.

Today I celebrate the ability to birth myself again and again...through choice and through children. I am grateful for the miraculous power of a female body to grow another who loves you beyond any boundary.  For when I feel broken or alone, it is my children who come to my side and love me so....they see me purely and whole...they know my heart because they grew next to it.

I love being a mother. It is the greatest spiritual path I have ever walked. It holds more challenges and more blessings than anything I have ever attempted. It is the purest form of meditation, it is the greatest yoga, it is the most true book and the best teacher. I love my children and the men who gave them to me...the men who have nourished them with me and the women who have been as sisters to me and aunts to them.  I love the ability we have to birth and on this day I celebrate that capacity in each being...female and male alike.

If you do not have children, you may still birth....other things such as songs, ideas, projects, crafts, ventures, etc. are all things we put our heart and soul into and nurture into maturity...and see flourish in this world if we give them our all.  I am beginning to learn that if I am divided between my "ventures" and my children of flesh, ...sometimes they both suffer.  So I am recommitting myself this day - the day I birthed again - - to my children, to my life as a mother, as a nurturer and I am trusting that by putting these two beautiful beings first in my world...all else will fall into alignment.

May this day be full of love...and may Bliss be in your house - as I invited it again and again into mine.

Stasia Bliss