Friday, September 25, 2015

Navigating Through the Delicious Thick of It All - Cosmic Upgrades On

We are truly living in one of the most incredible times of the history and herstory of the world. As the ages turn, literally, under our feet and within our DNA codes, and we are granted deeper and deeper access to the wisdom of who we truly are, and as we start living it more fully every day, the way of myths and magic open again, and we begin to discover that they were not but a story of folklore and parables, but of truth in the life of eternal living.

It is in the deepest of gratitude that I walk my day to day currently. I am well aware, after years which seemed like lifetimes of purging and integrating every aspect of me, that I am finally sitting in the front row of the turn of the ages when timelessness reigns supreme and the Mother of all that is shows that it has been she all along behind the scenes...and it is what I always imagined...a Cosmic Joke. I say this with a slant of the heretical, it seems, yet I have never felt more humility and honor in all of my life streaming through the veins of this remembering immortal. That's right, you and I are in the trenches now, the groundwork has been layed over decades and more all for this.  At times it seems I am actually back on the old scene where we have enacted it so many times before, anchoring other frequencies and other grids, and so it probably was. I remember so many of you, in other guises, showing up now again, not a second too late.

Wow, my heart is full.

Wow what a funny life we have all been living. 

It has all been backwards, don't you know? We have been walking around, you and me, hiding the most important parts of ourselves and showing the unreal, playing out the common, repeating the pattern that only have kept us from the life we only ever wanted to live and the only reason we even came here at all. The true magic is in the stepping out of the game enacted, the system meant to trap us into thinking it's the way, when it is anything but. All the "made up" bindings become less and less binding the more and more you remember the truth of the situation. It's literally on the other side of logical belief. Just over the fence you see,,,,not more than a foot away from the distance you've ever been willing to stretch yourself to find it. Oh, only just slightly out of more uncomfortable step away, just far enough you can't actually "get back in time" for your appointment with the illusion. A test of faith is no test with the answers waiting on the end table within reach.

So here we are...they say the sun is going off with its flares and all, and the Earth is colliding with the photon belt in the center of the galactic core...a pivitol and monumental event that only ever happens every some odd tens of thousands of years ... and every time it has, massive DNA upgrades and evolution beyond explanation has occurred...and well, yes, is occurring again...and yes - you and I agreed to be here for this. we so wanted to be here for this.

How this looks/feels/is experienced for each person is dependent on how much preparation has been done, though truly, everyone is benefiting. No one can not benefit...the entire earth is being bathed in Cosmic Intelligent light, it is an initiation for everyone. Though still, everyone is at their own "level" and travels at their own "pace" and no one will be asked to upgrade their station more than they are able to handle here we are. . . hitting wave after wave of cosmic upgrades and some people are feeling tired, grumpy, getting "head colds" and "headaches" and what nots. Others are feeling angry, or terribly depressed, others are watching their lives blow apart or melt down or fall away....and yet others still - are watching MIRACLES every day, every moment, every corner that is turned. And some, are doing miracles with a headache, And it is glorious, and biblical in many ways, and transcendent and blessed. It all depends on where you were before the waves started hitting.

And now...what can be done? Cause it's not stopping now. The energy is intensifying and multiplying and there must be ways to deal and cope and handle...and yes, there are. Most importantly....Nature will help you. Clearing away heavy old emotions will help you. Integrating your shadow portions of self will help you - - meaning -- accept it ALL... when you do so - you feel whole and you may then hold more of the power you were intended to hold.

What not to do? Do not judge yourself, or wallo in self-pity or engage in self-destructive behavior (even substances keep you from truly experiencing this time),...don't engage in the "downer" behavior will only be amplified exponentially, especially as we head into the full moon eclipse this weekend. Stand strong, or go into self-nurture mode, be caring and as kind as you can to others and yourself. Speak what you would LIKE to have be true, as manifestation power is UP as high as its ever been...and then watch for it in your immediately.

Most importantly, observe, show LOVE and COMPASSION and at every opportunity, if a trigger raises its head within you - address it with kindness, get to the root of it if you can, and you will immediately feel elevated by the process of brave, honest transmutation.

I love each and everyone of you. 

I am grateful to be here serving in the capacity I am, assisting in stabilizing the energies and keeping "up" for the sake of it all. I am grateful and honored to hold space for you if you have questions concerning this time, to help you actively clear old patterns and to step more fully into the rich deep truth of who you really are. I love that !!

I am so excited to be at this Cosmic Juncture....and I promise you, if you are ready....and open, and willing to step into yourself fully, it just keeps getting better and better. And if you really want to be amazed with what is coming in - in perfect timing with this whole Cosmic Influx - - come to Goddess Ball PDX - you simply must. It will catapult your life into the reality you've been scrambling to get to. I guarantee it! <3 So much love to all involved. I am so honored to see you there.

Love and Endless Miracles

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