Saturday, September 12, 2015

New Moon Eclipse in Virgo...My Side of the Tale.

As an absence of light fills the space around my form I am clearly embraced by something deeper than the eyes can see and cannot see. There is a knowing within me that falls short of this as well...though reaches after it with possible words and colors I might pin upon it for just an act, so I can share it with you, like an evening snack I've cooked I do so love to cook.

Certainly this particular eclipsing of a slice of the moon...this particular eclipsing of a bit of how the heart love and loving gets placed under such an examination so often instead of just allowed to run with imagination...I believe this is the conclusion of such a strange, not in one full, fool sweep, but gently at first in the few who would jump., to open the heart up and let it go thump thump... past the mind and the stories of yesterday's past, to drop all the guardrails and made-up's at last...
Yes....I am sure of it...something new has been birthed, has been crowning, has transitioned, something we've been mourning, over-looking and juxpositioned...for we have been living inside of a mirror, life has sadly reflected all that wasn't, it couldn't be clearer...

have I lost you? ...just listen. . . feel the rhythm in your chest...sense the liquid of the ocean and the wind on the breast of the fallen leaves, snow and the mountain so high, embraced by sunshine and soul-shine and lifetimes passed by....this is it - it's the moment, the crux of all Time...melted softly through the willing who've been tuned in to are cracking, dimensions melding, and the sun spots x-raying, all the imprints in our soul-prints are being lifted for reading...I'm just saying that this moment we are sitting now in - is full of magic, the kind of magic that ignited it all to begin...another octave, another twist on the spiral of becoming and the slit of the light through the door now is showing - - the heart and the head are in a
dance of birth/'s an orgasm of transition and the crowning is blending with the moaning that created all the stuff of existence and the womb of the Mother is open up for new business....

She has waited through contractions of the goings and comings, she has born down the harshness of the ignorant, blissless and the homerun is hit and the ball's in a sling, Mother's cumming and she's coming as the world changes scenes...

Doesn't matter the cloak of the vehicle you're wearing...heart and head are conjoined and the new mix is sharing, as we slide through the portal of the Virgin in space, who gave birth to the Christ-child something like this another place, another face in the turning of the cosmic clock pages...turn the ages, we're the sages and the wisdom's sprung from its cages.

Are you with me still\?? did you take the colored pill? down the bunny pit, I'm just sure of it...we're out the other side of the screen...the reflection can no longer be seen as it was before....that door is bent...the shards are beyond spent.

Can you taste what this new moon eclipse has straight up sent?!

But another tone, another tongue... (let me put it like this....

Feeling all the sorrows of the One ~
At the climax of transition...the pain of letting go, of not having...the joyful sorrow of releasing the past...all that hasn't worked surrender into what is becoming, birthing now, even in the bliss of it...that place of not-knowing how to be "without this emptiness" now creeping in.

There is still the mourning for the sad life so many ways, in many pages of the script. Even as the abundance comes in, a part of the body still longs for the comfort of what it once knew so intimately, even in the throws of lack and loss. How strange it is??...that in the comfortless places we find familiarity and much so that even through the calling in of the new, when it begins to show its beautiful face we run back into the arms (even just for a moment) of the life we so much wished to transform from. What is this? Silly humans in our manifesting we call it in, we just as soon scare it away...on the one hand wanting the new and the "better" though clinging with quiet tremors to the familiar.

So on this eve, of the eclipsing moon....I feel that too releasing...the final tears for the places we have all still held on, though not even wanting to....the sorrow for the sorrow being torn away. Oh, how much a friend it has become in the night while we sought companionship. In the Virgo vibration, here comes the final examination of all that we had called out for all throughout the past year...those things that invoked tears, the pain of the the rising on the horizon is the dawn of the new start and its time to let the past go once and for all....we can't hang on the setting moon when the daylight calls.

Love is never before. Not in imbalance or neediness...but in balance within itself. It is male and it is female in the most beautiful, perfect way....where the female has been perhaps too much heart and the male, too much the woman has sprouted a caring mind...and the man a wisdom heart. The perfect blend for a stunning start.

Happy Virgo New Moon Eclipse....I love you with my entire heart/head. <3


A new life is birthing ....and this is just the beginning.

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