Friday, June 19, 2015

A Solstice Blessing ~ Musing ~ Activation for YOU

Dip Dip Dip....
Take a dip in the Summer Solstice Sunlight as it bursts through the stratosphere beaming delicious rays of cosmic goodness, igniting soul-shine like never before.. . It's an open door - sisters, brothers, fathers, mothers...children of the sun - - You are the One and the oneness collides with the barriers inside splitting open the faction tripping over the way to authentica.

 Feel feel feel the heat lifting, pressing out through your skin prickling with sweet remembrance pulling you deep toward the passionate soul-kissing expression of who you really are, no longer able to stay inside - bursting the seams this summer sun beam's gift of daylight.. .

Just like the sunrise, let all that you feel inside rise to the surface and press out into the world like sweet dew on the leaves of the morning,... petals never mourn the loss of the dark - only welcoming the soft peeking glimpse of dawn, you have been hidden behind shyness too long - time for the wave of remembrance now rising....feel the love - surprising you with delightful fondness and smiles so welcoming to behold.

I am beaming, the love-light of my truth, can no longer stay beneath the layers, can not resist the meeting with nay-sayers...feeling so much life now lifting me from blossoms of eternity and you - you are in my wings, dancing here beside me...the sun sings the symphony ever playing as the soundscape to life's glorious expression. The cosmos in human bodily impressions. . . though divine - - rich with possibilities to shine forth the exquisite gifts meant to be seen.
Come and dance with me - on this day of ever-light... come and Bliss-dance with me. It feels like surrender and peace-giving and fame without the tarnish. . . it's spiritual varnish...let yourself be - find sweet release in the gifts of simple living, know you can subsist on the blessings of your existence. . . Life is finding a way to pay you for your presence, if you let it - step right into it....those things, that thing that makes you sing. That gift you so easily bring.

Yum. yum yum.
the taste of the honey of the dawn...shedding truth on so many tries to resist. Open mouth for this kiss...let the bliss in. Wanting you to be in so much fun that your tears come. Running sideways through the pages of your own story playing the lead like a star. . . We already know who you are- here up in the Cosmic script. - but it's high time you know too...find yourself dancing in wheatfields the way you find pleasure in your cup of whatever-fills-you-up.
This season get your soul lined up.
No more rhymes wasted on tasteless glasses of what you've given up in the name of should. Looking back, I promise you - you never would.
This glorious dawning comes with a guarantee...
Fondness for the light is sure to steep in me.
May I be as the message on the box of Yogi tea...simple and to the point with gladness lifting at the corner. Perhaps longer, but more the liquid experience than the paper.

May Bliss Absolutely be in Your House as it is Right Now in Mine.
<3 Happy Solstice and Congratulations on stepping into your Soul-Fire. Abundance Awaits you....let me know if I can assist you.

Stasia Bliss

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