Thursday, August 13, 2015

Back in the Unknown of the Familiar

Back in the land of the great Pacific Northwest, I am ecstatic over sky blanketing clouds and emerald foliage and familiar faces. It has been something akin to a dark night lasting longer than usual, strewn with lucid dreams and insomniatic upsets, peak awarenesses and directional honing to bring me into a perched "land" right before I spring back into the ethosphere for another (this time perhaps enticingly grounded) year of successful wonder.

There is no doubt, over the past several years, (especially six months of concentrated "time"), that I have stretched and bloomed in rooms I have longed to touch and dance within. Isolation has a way of refining gifts and focusing the mind in ways that community and exuberant friendships cannot. As I walk on stones I once thought familiar and observe the unique perspective that distance and revisiting offers, I am amused by the knowing that in my longing for something, did I find the very tools which would heal my deepest wounds and grant me access into the realm of my most wished for doorways.

Only in my solitary revisiting of ancestral coding and face-to-face courageous leaps into the always desired unknown passages of questionable try-outs - running me both inside and sideways to the me I had known for any recent years prior - did I find golden keys of understanding and insights worth burying myself long under weighted memories and discordant byways.

Not to be completely misunderstood, there were absolute perks to spending the early years of my second child in familial lands under roofs shared by those who would take a keen interest, daily, in the awakening soul who had found his way through my dark doorway of mystical mother-creatrix space. He was cared for by figures, though contrary to my current in many ways spiritual and mental, were resonant in the truth that this little (along with my other growing "bigger") was worthy of attention and loving arms to embrace them, as was I worthy of a hand to jump start the life of one who had come through so much uncertainty.

It is strange to decode the foundational understanding one has that tells the mind that "family" means something so obviously contrived through the viewing of television sit-coms and cookie-cutter imprints of hopeful versions never truthfully replicated often in the 3D. Now, yes, I had a sometimes thought "better than" picture-perfect upbringing from foresight perspective, though in the reverse I often wonder if I have spent more of my "after-life," (the one of my own breeding) deconstructing the patterns I gained in my bubble than were actually helpfully contributive to my later quest for re-membering...who I really AM.?.

As I pondered the possible printing of my littles with such constructs to de-form and de-crystallize, as
did I, ...the choice became clear that nothing beyond the initial shot of love and cushion would be ideal for my family in order to send us into the blossoming phase of up and out-bringing that we all (from a greater perspective) so obviously craved.

So here I am....back in the land of my initial birth and my own rebirth...back in the land where both the birthings of my children took place, and where I am assuming a current birthing is in the works for not only myself and these I bring along, but for all of humanity, seeing how I feel more like a proxy for some collective soul-group awakening these days than I do for my own personality, as it were.

So grateful I am for the understandings and insights gained by opening up the caverns of the collective (and personal) realize...with REAL EYES....that most people are living only in the refracted "STORY" of themselves...of their parents...of their grandparents....great grandparents...former selves.....soul groups...etc. etc...than they are living in the AUTHENTIC version of THEMselves wishing to come forth in the here and now.  For NOW ---- as in "this particular moment/time-frame on the space/time continuum"  ---namely and specifically this year of 2015....and that which so closely the "Moment" for actualization of the Soul Resonance...the Signature of Purpose....the Authentic Bliss that EACH and Every Incarnation came HERE NOW to BE.

In other words....

There is no longer any space left in the collective storybook pages for re-hashing, re-telling, re-peating, re-anythinging....the cycle of patterned, karmic behavior that has blocked the true manifestation of who each Soul Light Really IS....and the story-telling must end....that book is full.

 The New without stored E's....(stored Emotions) and is only and purely Authentically Now....a Bursting forth Blissful Activated Essence of Each The form, here and Now.

With a great sense of honor, humility and gratitude do I re-enter a stage once familiar and stand to offer a re-catipultilization effort of the Authentic-telling of a new that each soul yearns for, longs for....though so often cannot reach by entanglement of their own lingering memories and self-talk,....or because of the associations that (often without attempted harm or meaning) keep them in the pattern of their own shortcoming for lack of knowing the better....or due to the fault of not even considering the damage that might be done by remembering someone the way they showed up yesterday and every day previous.

Yes -  - - it is no longer time to appease or placate the old, stuck patterns in one another. It is no longer the time for agreeing with limited versions of each other or for allowing one another to play small, live small and speak small. I know that by speaking big, that not every reader, not every on-looker will feel the Bigness within their own reach, and therefore some will shy away, or even take offense at what I am suggesting....but suggest it still I AM.

I AM HERE to SEE YOU....and Hold space for you to BE the Biggest Grandest Version of Yourself Possible.

To STOP the old Tale....and Choose Today a NEW story...a new language, a new way...that will support the coming forth of your fullest, greatest, most delicious version of Self.

By stepping away and into the cave of my own (forced)[further] becoming....I arise fresh and volatile in love-struck, courageous encouragement stance.

I am here for you....for my kiddos....for my community...for my support the Stepping up and into the YOU - - that wishes to burst forth.

The greatest gift I have received from standing in the shadow ..... is to see what hides in the dark.  It now speaks clearly to me in every tongue and every story....I hear it behind your words and your eyes. I cannot escape it. And it calls to me....and I am like the jailer coming with the key. Your sentence is over.....


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