Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Future and Past are Accessible Now...And How I'm Living in Them....

Good Morning it is, another DAY! Another chance to notice the majesty, the beauty, the Oneness radiating all around.  Will I ?  Will you?  Or will the DAY pass with little recognition of the PRESENT?  No.  Let it not be so...let this Infinite Beingness grow in my awareness, soaking the ever PRESENT now show us how to live together in harmony, in an eternal kiss. FOREVER.

Yes. To this.

As the summer sun begins to beat down yet again TODAY, I am happy to have been woken early by the little ones...called into the DAY by the voice of a child.  How appropriate really.  And how lovely.  Though my "adult" body and mind longed to stay in the realms of dreams longer, alas, the part of me that could behold the morning light and the sound of birds in the dawn was grateful to catch such a breath in the air of the quiet as the children began their movement while the air was still yet cool.

Back into sleep the littlest goes and I am left with my - yet again - cold cup of tea and the shower waiting...but before I slip in there to freshen for the DAY, I am called from inspiration's tongue to sit here and stream...

The even LAST (the seeming PAST) had me contemplating a more complex reality, one where the PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE intermingle through our I read a rather heady, though beautifully expressed ..."Insight into Everything" regarding such faded lines.  The night-time drift-time had me thinking about the "what if's" in context to timelines and how in this very MOMENT we can alter PAST and FUTURE alike by simple visualization and how that is so...

So what if instead of making little...I made a lot over the PAST year or two?...and what if I was only where I am by choice to visit instead of assumed "necessity"?...according to this philosophy, the PAST would not lead you down a different timeline, per say, but rather - adjust the energies in your field NOW so as to align you more fully with the "FUTURE" that would have been more likely to occur had the PAST changed as you imagine.  Hmmm.  This is fascinating to me.  What if?

I find myself now at a cross-roads in life's choices anyhow...a place where one might say a "golden opportunity" is before me..PRESENTed at a time I most "need"- or most "desire" it and though it is not in the exact form I might have chosen to is pretty close and in other ways, even more amazing than the one I could have dreamed a detail or two.  What is my response to said opportunity?  My imagination is going wild.  I can only respond with an awareness that the Yoga Nidra I have been using nightly is working!!  There is no other truly possible explanation.

How does it work?

I know we have covered this...but it's worth repeating that subconscious patterns and conditioning and beliefs are the things keeping us from the reality we desire.  These are from our PAST.  Even though we may talk about and choose to alter things in waking state - OUR NOW...and to an extent these things are positively supporting a shift...but largely, our "inner tapes" are helping us or thwarting us from aligning with our goals and dreams. nidra goes in and alters these tapes.  Yes - it makes new creates new inner messages about our PAST and FUTURE which begin to dictate reality as you are experiencing it consciously in the PRESENT...and seemingly out of no where. How else can I explain it?

The gift and opportunity is in too early of stages to yet reveal...but I can say this - - it has far reaching possibilities for everyone I know who dreams of something better.

TODAY, while I work on my PAST and FUTURE visualizations and write lists of how I would move forward on this possible reality NOW...I intend fully to take notice of this PRESENT moment.  The beauty, the wisdom.  The trees and flowers, my children's eyes.  I intend to eat my food with more awareness and to savor the smells and the sensations as if this were my first day.  One thing that is becoming more clear to me as I watch child number 2 grow - and that is - never lose fascination with life! Never become bored with the amazingness that is all around.  See everything anew NOW - with the eyes of a child - and then truly...miracles happen ALL the TIME!

When that stack of magazines shows up on the doorstep for no apparent reason...yes - it means make a vision board!  When your dad is going to send perfectly good electronics to the dump - yes, step in and help do something more "green" with them and see what happens...something will.  When unsaid "seemingly strange occurrence" takes place TODAY - - look at it the opportunity for something new to open up.  I love this quote from the Past, Present, Future Blog I mentioned - it sums it up for me today: "To make the present the best it can be, you must make the past and future the best they can be."

To do nidra.

And then enter your NOW and see how you've done!

I hope your day is full of Bliss and that your House feels like a HOME.  Truly.

From mine to yours - - This is Stasia Bliss

I love you.

Now I am off to catch a bit of this NOW with my camera...

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