Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tearing away at the Sponge in the Head....

The summer is creeping in with hotter temperatures while I reach for melons, berries and coconut water as refreshing accompaniments.  The little ones are growing, finding new joys such as crawling, greeting card development and sing-a-longs, oh yeah and video games...hmmm.  I am happy to be completed with my latest long project - the on-line Yoga Nidra-Conscious Sleep Practice course, available now (on Udemy.com).  The energy is shifting!

Attention is readjusting just a bit as I find all the focus up to this moment now points even more toward the yoga nidra and the benefits thereof.  My up and coming book will highlight the benefits and greatest reasons for this practice and my immediate interest has moved me to offer individualized consulting sessions using an amazing alchemical Qi Vesta device as well as personalizing yoga nidras for those I work with.  This is exciting.  Already I can see, just a glimpse of where this is taking me.  Like a crystal ball, mostly foggy, but revealing just a shred of insight into future possibilities I can see that all things are working together for the common good...of myself and all.
(If you are interested in a reading, let me know)

In the meantime, what does one do with a near 7 month old who has now full use of his crawling skills - yet keeps trying to explore those things most "dangerous" to him?...i.e. the rock fireplace, electrical out-lets (yes, we are getting covers), piano legs and corners, coffee table feet (less than desirable face-planting texture)...??  Yes, these times are made for following him around, room to room, myself largely on hands and knees, diverting his attention sometimes, though most often simply placing an open hand out to guard where his head may or may not land.  Hmmm. Has me thinking.  Is this what the universe is doing for us all the time?  Following us around with a hand held open, just in case we go to bump our heads on something really sharp?

Sometimes they(we) fall anyway, oops, didn't get there fast enough, but you'll be okay.  Keep exploring. Don't be discouraged! There is lots to discover...lots.  It seems as though they cannot take it in fast enough.  I am reminded the other night, while watching What if - The Movie, that youngsters are like tape recorders...the subconscious mind is just open and taking everything in without a filter.  This is how we all began.  Everything we are told, every voice and sound we hear...it all makes up the foundation of who we will someday be...all the way to age 7...this is our coding.  These are the tapes that will largely carry us through the rest of our lives, dictate our every response and action, our beliefs and patterning...that is - unless we get in there where the tapes are, and change them.

This isn't easy.  Well.  Let's say there aren't many ways to do this...but it IS easy - if you know how.

Yoga Nidra does this.

Yoga Nidra gets in there and changes those tapes.

Affirmations alone won't do it.  Goal setting won't do it.  Prayer won't do it.  Writing a "to do" list won't do it.  Reading lots of good books won't do it.  Deciding to change - won't do it.  Because these are all conscious-mind tasks.  We have to reach the subconscious...the place all those tapes got recorded into when we were little...little without a conscious mind reasoning and deciding what means what...we just took it all in.  - they say, "like a sponge" -yep.

When you are watching a little one grow, if you are conscious, you become aware of how powerful you are in the shaping of their reality.  It's almost a little scary.  The power that we have around these young minds, to either create the space in which they remember who they are, stay authentic and connected, or in which we begin to shape their minds through our beliefs and so called "wisdom".  Do we really know better?

I have come to realize with children that they are just people in smaller bodies.  Yes, they need our help with basics, especially when they are too small to do anything alone, but eventually, when they can "do" stuff...we may be better served watching them, learning from them...allowing ourselves to surrender the way we think it ought to be - letting ourselves be taught by these wise beings in small bodies who we called in to be our guides (on some level).  They are closer to Source...to that place from which we all emanate...and hey, look - we are all trying our hardest, the older we get, to de-program ourselves and get back to that place of connection...and here they are - in front of us, connected, pure, innocent - a live wire back to Source.  Why do we shut them down?  Because they aren't playing by "our" rules...the ones that have served us oh so well up to now?!....hmmmm

It's something to consider.

What would life look like if the little ones led?

Would we "get anything done?".....would everything have to change?

I wonder.

This brings me back to Yoga Nidra.  I am reminded what my teacher in India told me...about this practice.  The children use it - and they are able to stay connected to their "genius self"...the connected self they came in as...it keeps them from "taking on" stuff from this place...but for us...for adults....well, sorry, it will never fully work like that for us.  Not in the same way.  We can self-realize, yes.  But the children are nearly there now.  Be like the little children.

As my older boy grows, I am faced with this inner struggle....I want him to be 'free' - to be himself, to feel loved, to do what he loves...to soar.  AND...there are challenges that come with his age...I can see him needing to choose to "grow up" in a way, and shirk off the "baby self"...in order to take on more "grown-up" choices and actions...it's hard.  Both for him and me.

 I remember him as a toddler, as an infant...his sweet ways, his innocence...

 I can see him losing it a bit...finding an "older" expression...wondering what that is for him...wanting to hide in video games and setting aside his love of drawing to integrate this newer, "up-graded" version of himself that inevitably comes with age....or does it?

What is my job? Where can I best serve my kids in their development so they stay connected?  So I do?  This is the challenge of so-called "parenting"...I want them to be themselves...and I want to co-habitat with them without losing my mind. 

 Ah the spiritual practice this "role" affords.

I will settle back into my yoga nidra while my littlest takes a nap....or maybe work on greeting cards with my oldest...

May you find Bliss in your house today - whatever you are doing.

And thank you for reading...


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