Thursday, May 29, 2014

Mysteriously Working Itself Out...or is it In?

The vision seems to be getting clearer and clearer...and thankfully, all arrows are starting to point in the same direction...I must be on to something!

What happens when you take time between all the mind-chatter, good ideas, effort and sleep to slow it down and meditate?..

                                          Clarity. Answers. Signs, that's what.

I love the realization, again and again, that we are not in control here...and if we just get off our high horses which seem to keep tripping us up and making us fall down anyway, and just breathe into what is being revealed TO us...Through us...well, magic happens.

That is where I feel to be in this particular a magical inhale.  Thank you Universe for the fairy dust on the tips of my toes and the edges of my lips...Things happen in the most mysterious they aren't happening at all...and then they are.

Service is a great way to get the ball rolling if it has stopped, I've noticed.  Do something entirely out of the goodness of your heart and for free...and for FUN...and see what opens up...Don't do it to see what opens up, but just DO it...and something usually does.

This is what spurred the flow that seems to be running through my current now...all based on the preparations for a gathering...I let the fun in and the creativity in...decided to do some crafts with my kiddo and what do you know?! I am right in the middle of what seemed like "just for fun" I suddenly had an "ah ha!"...and "maybe this is for something more" kind of moment...and guess what?!  The very next day the reason showed up, the question came my way, and I realized I had already done the footwork for something that could now generate something "monetarily speaking" while I was just playing....hmmm go figure.

And this is why our kids are our biggest teachers.  This is something I keep learning.

When they want to play - go with it.  Even if you have something "important to do", in fact, ALWAYS and ESPECIALLY when you have something important to do...because that is exactly when they will pick up on the vibe that something inspirational is waiting to come through...but being the linear, logical thinkers we usually are in times of pressure...we tend to take the road away from the very thing we are wanting to channel....our kids on the other hand...they got their finger on the listen, just play.  Don't expect.  Just do the drawing, finger puppets, fort building, hide and seek, walk around the block, LEGO battle, whatever....just do it... and SEE what happens.

It may not happen right may not get it til tomorrow...

But hey.  A high percentage of the time - it's just what was needed to find that burst of inspiration that takes you to the next level.

For my 7 year old and me...the play was mutually beneficial.  ... in so many ways.

As my 6 and a half month old takes off crawling today for the first time, right in line with a Gemini New Moon...and new beginnings full of creativity and mental insights explode left and right...I am happy, no thrilled to say, the Yoga Nidra's I have been doing every night are mysteriously starting to show themselves working out in my waking now...I can't wait to see where this goes...


There are still details to reveal themselves...

And luckily's a journey...

Hoping Bliss is in your house tonight ...


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