Monday, May 19, 2014

Bark Chips and Staying the Vision

My three year old nephew was visiting last week and if you know 3 year olds, they say the darnedest things...and this one stuck with me.  He told me how when he'd fall down playing sports he'd just get up and "shake it off" that adorable 3 year old voice..."when I play soccer, and fall down, I just shake it off...if I fall in hockey, that hurts, but I just shake it off..."

...and on and on through each possible sport...I loved how he put it - something I am sure he heard from his dad...but I couldn't help but realize how important that message was from the wise 3 year old counselor who came before me and left a lasting impression.

Today, as I am practicing my yoga nidras for various goals, I am coming head-on with some of my deepest fears and doubts which have seemed more readily to have found their way to my surface mind after night after night of inner nephew's words ring loud and clear as the negative self-talk tries to leave an impression - - -  "just shake it off"....

The Facebook post of the day "Believe in What you Want so Much it Has NO Choice but to Manifest"...

It is time to stop believing in the inklings of possibilities of failure.

                               Now is our time!

Each one of us is experiencing this in one way or another...I can hear it in your posts, I can see it all around me... those words and ever-repeating attempts of 'what-if' and 'can't' dialogues in the head are reaching the end of their rope...but in order to keep them from taking powerful hold once again, we just need to 'shake them off' and know that this time...our dreams are fulfilling as we step into the truth of who we are now - with vigor and excitement like never before!

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of watching a great Youtube video that I know changed my life...Astarius Miraculii......his message was great - as my dear friend who referred him to me assured me it would be...but upon deeper inspection of his other works I came across a concept that seemed revolutionary...though it is drawing on everything I know to be true.  It seemed to make it more tangibly real than ever...and that is - - celebrate everyone else's successes as your own.

Really?! Is that all?

It seemed like a 'duh' for sure I was already doing that,... but in this time that seems like a pressure cooker in so many ways...perhaps I started to feel a bit like everyone else around me had it figured out and I was tripping up major...and yet I knew it was all a part of the game...the play, the part....but here it clear - so inclusive of the idea of Oneness that I know to be true.

Celebrate others successes as if they were your own, and you will soon realize the same magic in your own world.

Ok!...I see it - - I have seen it before, but maybe lost my vision for a moment...but it's clear again, like the fog wiped away from the window, the glasses...

       They are celebrating a beautiful union, they are getting into their dream home, she is driving that amazing car, she just got asked to host her own talk show, he is receiving major success for his book, she is stepping into her role as a business leader, ...the list goes on...and the truth is - look what I am doing....I AM doing all these things ...through you, and you and you...for we are ONE - and when I celebrate with you - - as if it is me...cause it is...I FEEL the walls breaking down, the ones hiding my own experience of successes...

As children, we are often forced into continuing down the path of discomfort until we have a breakthrough..and it seems more visible.  Like my 7 year old.  As he started school earlier this year, the first grade...a new school...he was shy, scared a bit...didn't know anyone...didn't like recess where he was forced to 'play' when he would "rather sit and do math" he said...oh, how sweet...what I could hear through his words though, was his preference not to have to go out and socialize when he didn't know how, didn't want to play what did he do?  How did he endure the day after day challenge of no friends for what seemed like an eternity on the playground?

Each day, at the recess bell, my son would rush out and find a spot near the play structures, and study the bark chips on the ground...he would pick out the most interesting ones he could find and fill his pockets with them...bringing them home to start a collection on the porch.

Day after day he would come home after school and empty his pockets, filling a container we set out for this purpose.  Weeks went by, and each day, more bark chips - signifying to me, still no friends on the playground...he was hanging in seemed he had almost delighted so much in his project, I began to wonder if he now preferred it to the potential of playing with someone and maybe he would just continue to do this...?

But I was wrong, because - One day it happened.  One day he came home with fewer chips and mentioned the boy who sat and gathered chips with him...and every day after that - - no more chips...he had found a friend.  No longer was the crutch of the chips needed...he had crossed the chasm and was now home-free...into the land of the friendship that he desired all along.

Can I have this same fortitude when moving in the direction of any goal?  To not be "caught up" on the goal, per say, but create it - and then let go into the distractions that inevitably show up- like the music during the old-movie intermission??...that which surfaces to keep us 'company' while our order is being processed?? not give up hope - and to simply 'shake it off' if sorrow or discouragement set in...when thoughts arise which try to tell us we are dreaming...that this thing will never come??

For as another wise person once said something like this...good things come to those who wait, better things to those who are patient, and the greatest things to those who never give up!

Sometimes it is easiest to remember, when watching children grow, that they will 'get past this stage'...that 'it is just a phase'...and you know that time will only heal their wounds and see them from an infant into the person you can have long, magical conversations with...

Perhaps it would be good to apply this same knowing to oneself...this too will pass...and 'the best is yet to come'....said from the wise parent of our future selves...we have only just begun!

Let us keep the fascination with life that a youngster has seeing his first Mylar balloon and hearing her first jar of rice shaking...the world is full of new, beautiful, wonderful discoveries...just waiting for our openness to receive.

 I am learning this every day....and I trust deciding to laugh more...even at my follies...especially at my follies...and just "shake it off" as my nephew so wisely taught me.

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