Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Home from school...or is it Home-school??

It's just another day in mommy paradise...that place where spirituality, or the striving to live more "spiritual" meets - or rather collides with can the two co-exist, I sometimes wonder?  The truth spiritual practice has become parenting, and it is far more challenging to stay 'on it' as a mommy, than it ever was as a 'single woman' without kiddos.

Today, I met the obstacle of the older child requesting to stay home from school, yet again, due to something as small as a canker sore in the back of his, I know how bad those can hurt and how uncomfortable one can be...but last week it was the sore throat and the week before, the sniffles, so what's a mom to do? ... how many times do we succumb to the need to keep our kids home due to bodily complaints, and how many times do we tell them to just suck it up?  Especially when we aren't totally fond of the public school system anyway, that place which finds a way to sneak your child Oreo cookies in the middle of the day as part of an 'art-project' even though you have requested your child not be fed sugar at school?  That place that will line the children up after recess and before lunch and rather than have them wash their hands, squirt each little palm with toxic hand-sanitizer, proven only to 'kill' a selected few germs while making sure to wipe out skillfully your little ones friendly flora, which protects them from getting sick.

Oh yes, I have attempted home-schooling my child, though being his first year 'in school' - last year - it was a far cry from 'school' and ended up more of a struggle for the both of us to accomplish anything...while he was meanwhile in desperate need of some school-aged friends, other adults to mentor him and I was in need of some serious 'alone time' after 5 years together in tight quarters...much of that time as a single mom.

Today, I have a 6 month old, working on getting his first tooth and feeling oh so grumpy about not being able to get himself about yet...honestly, the stay-at-home 7 year old with the canker was nothing...he kept himself busy with his new LEGO sets and was more creative and willing to do homework than most days...I was not disappointed I kept him home.  Instead, I find myself setting down the 6 month old to cry on the blanket while I take a few deep breaths and look for the me that I am sure is in there...

Celestially speaking, this day is a full moon...they say it is a potent one, asking us to attend to deep wounds we have not fully addressed...I guess my mothering as a path for spirituality is one of them...I suppose my relationship which is bending over a thousand miles and text messages while both of us figure out how to do this thing and what to agree on as our 'common purpose' beyond the little something to visit in my heart today.

And while I simmer brown rice for the Thai sauce that will be tonight's dinner, post a complementary Yoga Nidra practice (which I recorded after my shower during the morning nap-time) for interested parties to utilize today under the energy of the full moon, at the same time introducing new-comers to one of my favorite techniques for evolution...hoping to spur interest in my pending course come June, I am helping with homework, texting my 7 year-olds dad for Skype time, previewing the edit for the Prelude of an up-coming book of mine pending publishing, and meditating on the common purpose that baby daddy and I can agree on for forward movement in the 'family department'...I think it's a full day.

While this Blog has been called "Bliss in the House" and has not got very much attention, neither by me or my readers..I am feeling like the addendum of "...A Journey of Spirituality and Parenting" might just tie the my most profound work to date.  For there is nothing more challenging than the balancing act of self-love, self-realization and effective parenting...though together they make an unbeatable pair.

Tonight, I will get the kiddos in bed and set my 7 year old up with his Yoga Nidra for this weeks spelling words ... after which I will record yet another for the up-coming course... somewhere in there I promise myself to meditate and settle in on the goal thing...oh yeah, and enjoy quality me time with a cup of tea before falling asleep in the dimly lit room that is for now, my baby's room as well.

In case you didn't get the link - here is the Yoga Nidra for today's full moon in's my gift to you to say thank you...I hope you enjoy:

Full Moon Meditation

or just the audio link is here: Yoga Nidra Audio

Thanks for Reading...and I hope you find Bliss in your house today...whether you are a Single person seeking Peace, a parent seeking support or just feeling out the words of today's flow as they show up on your Facebook page.  Anyway, I love you - whoever you are.

from this yogi mommy -
Stasia Bliss

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