Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Gifts we Sometimes Trip on...

You've heard it said that you have everything you need inside you, right?

Sometimes we don't realize the truth of this sentiment til later in life.

Often times we take for granted things we have learned and gifts we have been given and how much they are really the tools we need to create the life we desire.  They are even the answers to the questions we continually have, but thought it was too simple for them to be right in front of our noses, and yet there they are.

When I really take a moment to step back out of the vision of the 'littler me' in my reality and step into the grander perspective on this whole thing, I can't help but chuckle at how stupidly-amazing and comically simple it all is.  How in order to 'get' something you have to let it go, and in order to see something you have to look the way opposite of your current vision.  The answers are paradoxical and the ride is meant to be driven from the back-seat 'relaxed' position, while all the while remaining vigilant to the scenery and responsively caring to the other passengers.  Every rose has its thorn and if they didn't, animals would eat them and we wouldn't get to appreciate their beauty.

A little 10 year old girl from my sons school was hit by a bus day before yesterday and died in intensive care the next day.  You never know how long you are gonna get, how long they are.  Each of these people in our realities are dynamic characters in the scene of our lives and we get to play with them until their part is up, or ours is.  Or until we change scenes, permanently.

For some reason or another, the news that a youngster has transitioned from this plane without experiencing certain things here gives me two responses...(well, more than that - but here I don't want to make this writing about that - so I'll name two).  One - I consider how this person must have been an old, wise soul and didn't need to spend very much time here...that they got all they needed and then they went on to the next, better place.  Two- I look at my own youngsters and consider how I might improve on being there for them.

Like my first boy, he turns seven tomorrow and is such a brilliant, beautiful child.  But I watch him struggle with certain things, like his spelling tests during the week.  It seems trivial enough, but I can see how it torments him to think he won't get the words right...and watch him practice and practice and still get them wrong and then come home saddened that he can't show me a 100% score.

I tell him it's okay, that even I misspell words still, but he wants to succeed, like we all do.

He wants to 'get it right', like we all do.

It just starts small and gets bigger as we do.

 I still have the same sentiment, I want to get it right.  I feel like I practice the same life 'tests' - though I prefer to call them 'opportunities' (thanks to someone I adore) and still I find myself feeling like I missed something - again!  I know that isn't true...I know each time I take something else brilliant away from the whole experience, but that is usually in hindsight (that bi#!?%)...
And when I'm really on my game, the hindsight is nearer to the happening than later...and so I integrate sooner, and things shift.

This is really all going somewhere...

Years ago, (around 8 now), I went to India for the third time in order to immerse myself in the yogic lifestyle so I could 'escape' the life I had carved out for myself and make it better, so I could 'heal' from all the oozing wounds I had gashed open and become who I was meant to be...and on a slightly less dramatic, but maybe more vain note, I went there because I loved my Bikram, Vinyasa and Power yoga classes and wanted to be in better shape than ever.

What a joke that was to the head yoga school Swami who, when asking all the new students of our experience with yoga - and I listed mine - he made an exhausted sighing sound and told me he hoped my time there would be like a relaxing retreat.  What?! I didn't go there to relax!! ...or did I?

What I would learn at the Bikram School of Yoga would change my life forever, ...and would change my life last night again, and today.  I spent 4 months immersed in the yogic lifestyle full of chanting, service, meditation, posture practice, cleansing rituals, silence and philosophy.  One of the most powerful practices I walked away with is still teaching me of its greatness fact, I don't think I was ready then for the magnitude of what this practice could offer...but I am becoming so.

Some of you have taken it with me over the years and can attest to its greatness...others of you have heard of it, but never experienced it, and still others of you have no clue what this practice is.  I feel like I fit into all of these categories somehow.
Yes, I have done it, experienced it, been transformed by it, taught it, shared it and plan to share it more...but now...maybe even as of last night...I am only starting to become aware of the power this practice can initiate in life. . . I am only starting to realize the gift and blessing it is - and here I have been holding it for years.

That's okay.
Life is new every day.

Some of you know I have been putting together an on-line course, well several actually.  One is getting polished up, but is basically finished - called "Conscious Evolution" and it is full of amazing tools to assist someone in the process of awakening and constant transformation as we navigate this wonderful world of change.

 I had so much fun making it as I traveled the west coast with my family.  It has some gems in it.. including my first meditation recordings.

 And then there is the other is a miracle all on its own and in its own category is targeted to be finished this coming June - and already it is changing me in every way, just creating it.

I am gonna tie this all together.

This second course cannot just be audio recordings of practices, though that alone would be worth it... The site I am creating the courses on is called - and they require that your courses be at least 60% video content, because that is what the 'market' supposedly wants.  So, in order to balance the 12 audio recordings I am putting in the course - timing anywhere from 20minutes to an hour each - I am including a bunch of video content of instruction, scientific findings, stories and other amazing facts about this incredible practice.

I love the camera.  My mother used to tell me I should be in drama, be in the movies...etc.
 Maybe she was right, maybe I still will one day.

But I love to talk to the people - to you - to an audience, and I know recording a video gives me the opportunity to share with as many people as possible (potentially) all the gems I have stumbled upon and experimented with that have made my life so incredibly beautiful and epic.

Don't get me wrong, I can talk, and I can provide content, but I wanted these videos to be invaluable, so I have been studying up on the scientific findings on this practice, etc. and I have blown myself away with how much this practice can do...and here I am feeling like a new student all over again.

After hearing about the girl at my sons school and the bus and thinking about his spelling tests and the stress he feels under, I was reading about this practice for children and how it can impact their learning.

Now I have known about this practice's greatness for children since before my kids were born.  I listened to recordings throughout my first pregnancy and played those CDs to my first son night after night while he was a baby until he asked me for something different.  This past year he has been back to wanting it, asking for it almost nightly (occasionally interspersed with some relaxing alpha tunes or some good friends music).

This stuff can help you sleep even if you don't follow it works.  For a child, it can help them drift into restful sleep and assist them in throwing off 'junk' we throw on them in the day - without stuffing it into their subconscious for later damage - I knew that.  I knew it could help them stay in touch with their 'genius' self and be a brighter child...but I hadn't thought about how it can assist with learning until last night.

Here I was reading the studies realizing that my sons problems with studying could be vaporized if I would just take Mondays spelling words and record them into a short practice for him to listen to the four nights before his test.  During the day, we would go over the words, but his subconscious would be doing the work - and according to studies - this should work like a charm, and even SHOULD be the way we teach anything to kids - - effortlessly.  Wow.!

 I feel inspired.

 I feel even more connected to this practice than ever before!!!

Talk about looking at your own person tool box and realizing you have a super amazing gem in there...this is mine.

Not only that - but someone I love very much has been inquiring the whole time I have known them about dreams...what happens in them, how they could be more conscious in them, how life could be more ...and this just happens to answer all of these questions

I guess you have to check out my course to find out...I will get as much of that juicy wisdom into it as I can.

What am I even talking about?!

Hee Hee...I have never talked about something for so long without naming it, it was pretty fun...

Watch this promo video I made(below)...I bet it will get you excited too - and it will tell you what I amazing technique I am referring to...and how it can change your reality....if you don't absorb it all the first time, watch it again!

I could go on and on about the insights coming up lately...but I'll save them for another blog.

I'm gonna end with reminding you to look at the tools in your own bag of tricks...maybe one has been in there a long time without much use...maybe we could all benefit from you pulling it out and sharing it - - for sure you could.  I'd love to inspire each of us to make better use of our talents and our knowledge  -- we don't have them for nothing!

It's time.

And now for my promo... (I'm so excited!!)

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