Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Ever Furthered Pact of Surrender....

Well, I have veered off my regular "Sunday" post...yet another sign that life is continuing to morph in incalculable ways, ways in which I can no more see the future based on the past as I can return to the past by stepping ahead.  So, thus it is and here I am writing when the moment is sparked and inspiration speaks....ah, so shouldn't it be as this?

I am making a pact to surrender to life more than I have been able to thus far, up to this point.  This feels like a big statement for me having previously surrendered so much of myself at so many junctures...and yet, I am at the edge again, with nothing gripping...knowing that in order to "see" what is next, I must still surrender, even if it seems I have completed that task in excess...am I still willing to go that way again? ... Yes.

Relating... poses challenge after challenge....and though sometimes I feel I have positioned myself in a more difficult position than ever before...by knowing this, seeing the potentiality of this being true, I also, at the same time have a hunch that it means I am perched to heal more deeply, rise more brilliantly and overcome obstacles I have never known to stay so long and cut so raw.

Surely, if I could remember myself in that giant coffee table in the sky, where I planned my whole incarnation with some angelic guardian figures and we had mapped out where I might be at this particular point in my "mission"...surely, surely I would have selected a more glamorous route, would I not have? I mean, come on, I know myself, I would never have placed myself at this juncture unless I clearly understood that it was the best the BEST possible pivot point for that which is to come....just around the bend. Right ?! No question.

Okay, now that I have made such recollections perfectly understandable, I know that what seems like the place of stagnation and less than clear openings that something, Something is sprouting...something is growing, is lifting, is becoming, is opening here...something is preparing to make itself more fully known to me, I just know it, because I trust in Life, I trust in the One...of which I am a part, no doubt...and I know, that though it may seem strangely entangled and tripped up...I know there is a plan for me, of which I am about to discover the meaning of more fully.

So....one of the latest clues, just on the scene, is that of a sizable tip recently granted me through my willingness to share some rather adorable and sturdy children's books at a location with some other female friendlies, where I had not previously arrived and with whom I had never before rallied.  Following such adventure, the pick up of my other half, who spent the hours in my absence, in the presence of some rather spectacular vegetable gardens, picking and working from which an abundance of produce was procured.

Okay...life is gifting once again...this is only two days following the giant free spree spent with family over the weekend where what would usually cost something costed nothing and we drove home filled to the brim with all manner of treasures.  Something is definitely on its way in.  So - - the challenge to me is to continue to see the blessings, to give gratitude, to share the wealth, to pass it on, pay it forward and never be stingy...to know that where this all came from, there is always way more to come...than we could ever hold - - alone.

Time to keep surrendering...to remember the pact with myself...that this is just the beginning of something so much greater, right around the bend, don't doubt it....wait for it.....

Pssst.....pass it on.

Yep, I'm golden right where I am.

And so are you.

Keep pluggin.

Bliss is most definitely in the House.

~ Later. and Now.  ~ Stasia

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