Saturday, March 7, 2015

Cooperation in the Whole to Reach the Next Octave

We are all feeling it. Maybe it's the energy of this Virgo Full Moon? Maybe it is the intensity of the year building upon itself, drawing out more and more of who we truly are - more clearly into the light. Whatever it is, I can't be certain, but what I do know, without a shadow lurking anywhere in the recesses....I am not supposed to do this alone.

Now, of course I know that ultimately you and I are alone, In fact, I am a believer in the truth that there is really only ONE of us - we are all connected, all one being manifesting in a myriad of different ways for our pleasure and interaction. But/AND...I know that we put ourselves here in this way with these perceived "others" to do just that - interact. I am feeling it now more than ever.

We are all becoming increasingly more transparent as we realize ourselves and our potentiality. We are also beginning to SEE one another more clearly and recognize that it is always better to go at things together - like one big team. We are all on the same side. There is no need for competition or anything of the sort - no. We are each unique in our divine expressions and I know that if we tune in to one another, it will become increasingly more and more clear how it is that we are each here to SUPPORT one another - and not the opposite.

I could never take away from you - what you are here to do. I just couldn't - it's YOURS to do. And likewise, you could never take from me - what I am here to do - impossible... I am the only ME.
Once we get a handle on this - we can begin to spiderweb our lives more intentionally, to "network" each other and find a place for one another in the picture we all run around in.

Some of the people in this game I know have known this and have been playing the role of the "connector" and the "networker" for quite a while now. Well...I am catching up more and more....and so this blog I wanted to dedicate to the cosmic shout out of all the amazing individuals I know and what they are up case you don't know them or OF you can.

Let me start with incredible music - because who doesn't love some positive, uplifting, sweet tunes?
I wrote an article recently about a few of my favorites including the amazing Cybelle Clements, Amy Steinberg, Laura Berman and others - which you can visit here - Music That Inspires Me.

Other incredible musicians...well, this is a toughy cause I know I can't possibly name you all here now, this will have to carry on to other posts - but here are a few others that I cannot do without:

Michael Mandrell
Lauri Jones
Gary Michael Skye
Terra Bundance
Annika Forest
Visionary Music
Hang Music

Incredible photography on your mind? Need some photos for your business or your family? Live in Portland, Oregon?... Well, I have to say that I have knowledge of more amazing photographers than maybe most people due to my time in the industry, but one of the most incredible women I know - another cosmic sister - is a hot-rockin' photographer and I would recommend her to anyone, and that is Jen Moore: (Here is one of hers:)

If it's nature images or just a stunning album cover - (see Cybelle's image above) - Terry Asker, wildlife and nature photographer captures the world with the eyes of beauty, grace and gratitude.

If you are in Seattle - and especially if you are really wanting some amazing art to happen...I am not even sure if you could catch him he's so busy, but if you could, it would be so well worth your time and cash - and to get some images by this man in this lifetime - an incredible he is a dear soul, and that is Paul Hernandez at;

If you are in California, more south...or plan the trip just right - and especially if you are a goddess...and want to embody this aspect of self in some mind-blowing images - Scott Belding (image left)is the man with the camera. What a gentle soul placed behind the lens to interpret the vision of the goddess onto paper, digitally enhanced. But even more than about the photos themselves, it is about the experience of empowerment you can find when working with Scott in the present moment in front of the camera.

So now, to another level of reality...

Okay, so I am doing all this Emotion Code work with people, and there are so many angles to healing. Seriously, I am walking this path and starting to recognize at what point we need one another to continue the journey. I want to point you in the direction of:

Dave Markowitz as a Psychic Intuitive, Counselor and incredible author of Self Care for the Self Aware. He is a dear dear man and friend and I absolutely love what he has to offer people in the way of healing and self-care.

Another gift, stumbled upon recently, is by an inspired poet and healer - Jack Adam Weber. He is a Chinese Medicine doctor and Acupuncturist who brings poetry into the art of healing in a most unique and inspiring way. I have been uplifted and transformed internally by the words of some of his simplest poems and feel that he is someone walking the cutting edge where linear reality melts off into the creative zone of spirit and intuition. His poems awaken the dream codes of life and remind us of the truth resonating within. You can find him at

If you need some TLC and someone to hold the greater vision for you in your time of healing and expansion - I can think of no better people to send you to than Michael Doss or Christine Ruddy. Gorgeous souls who hold the truth for others with grace and strength.

If you can't quite make out what is going on in your life and in the cosmos, you might just need some Astrological Interpretation done by the incredibly insightful Tom Lescher in his weekly Pele Report.

I just found an amazing site with simple exercises for balancing the meridians of the body - some of which might get out of wack when releasing many trapped emotions. CristinasEnergyCenter. I highly recommend the Triple Warmer Soother exercise as well as the Creating Happiness and Connecting Heaven and Earth.

If you need support in your relationships and are looking to expand your notion thereof - One Bryan Reeves - The Relationship Ninja. Bryan is a down to earth person with an expanded vision of relationship. He asks people to look at the bigger picture and to play it out in the "smaller" world of interaction and inner space. I truly admire Bryan's views on relationship and how it affects the greater whole to be in balance. He mirrors my own perspective on relationship almost down to a tee.
particular  person comes to mind -

Artist & Sufi Mystic, Author, Freedom fighter David Seacord has always some valuable insights and is just about to release a CD of his incredibly inspiring music.

This community shout out is going to have to continue into several editions. I appreciate so much those in the expanding web of consciousness and truly believe that when we link up, work together and network - life becomes a more amazing, workable, playful, expansive, abundant place.
It's all about US. - - the Universal Source within us all.

May Bliss be in your House today - as it is in mine.

Stasia Bliss

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