Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Ascension ~ What's Happening ~ What to Expect....

Greetings my family.  We are in it now.

For many of us, we have been waiting and preparing for decades and eons, it seems. For others, you are just getting onto your spiritual path, and the energy is high, the wake-up is nearing "immediate" and still for others, you have been wobbling, shifting and transitioning for some time and wondering when you are ever going to "make it over this hump.?"  I'll tell you ~~ we are IN it. The time is now. The only thing holding anyone back now is an element of self-doubt, lack of self-love or clinging to old wounds as an identifying factor.

As we let go of old pictures of ourselves, and truly turn to self-love, self-acceptance, self-nurturing, self-appreciation...and with this - find gratitude for ALL that is good and beautiful in life - a portal to not only healing, but transcendence in its purest sense begins to open. It has never felt more clear...that we are in the midst of a major paradigm shift - for one and all.

The Hopi's prophecy of the Blue and Red Kachina is playing out in the heavens pointing to a time of grand purification. This has been foreshadowed, for me, by the Emotion Code (and beyond) work I have been doing this year. For the Red Kachina/Planet, which has been making itself known in the heavens, and which some are referring to as Nibiru, is part of a binary system, along with the Blue planet/light which has also been visible to some in the sky as of late (some say part of the Sirius star system). They are an electro-magnetic system...the magnetics found in the Red planet, acting like a giant magnet over the planet....pulling toxins, negative emotions/beliefs and so forth out of the body. It is crazy, because, in case you haven't been following my work, the Emotion Code and emotional clearing work I have been doing is also animated and completed by use of a magnet over the governing meridian of the body - in order to clear emotions from the energy field.

So, of course this all makes total sense to me...first I see it in the microcosm, and then it plays out in the macro. In the greatest sense, we are experiencing a collective clearing...a purification of the All. Last night I was in deep meditation and I became acutely aware that the force behind what used to be the "negative powers" of the illusion - are no more. They are literally like the skeleton of a set that was once animated, but have lost their life force. I felt how it was only, literally, a matter of time before those structures props set up for a play that is over, and the curtain itself is coming down.

Rather than feel concern or panic over the imminent "collapse" - as one might call it - of "life as we know it" - it felt completely peaceful, ordered, and full of love. I could sense Mother Earth in the process of deep regeneration, literally crystallizing wounds, filling gaps, swallowing garbage, recycling disarray, and the sense I got was - - - we live on a self-healing organism...who is in the process of self-healing. And that WE TOO are self-healing, by our very nature....and, if undisturbed by doubt, fear and worry, our beings self-heal too....and even quicker now - as we surrender to the ascension energies coming in - the purification process which will literally - and IS literally - pulling out the blocks and all may be revealed.

The HEART of the MATTER....and the heart of matter is being Revealed - Dis-Covered...for all to see.

So many beautiful signs and I personally feel an inner soul calling to reunite with a twin...I see that the Earth, too, has a twin, which has been rediscovered, and the sun as well...and that the blue and red planets are twins...and there is so much about the "returning of the twin" on so many levels, it is cosmic.

What a time we live in.

Even the beings of the inner earth are calling for awareness to be brought to them. The awareness that we have lived in a linear-based reality, when in fact, the universe is far from linear. An Atlantian calendar has made itself known to me once again, which shows, not only a cyclical 13 month calendar, but one which maps out 5 magical, etheric "days out of time" where ceremony performed on these days effects reality in a much more potent way. The calendar also relates directly to time travel...and it suddenly makes so much sense to me.

Before I go too deeply into this subject, I will just mention the body's Merkaba field as an important field, if you are not already working with and aware of, to get aware of and work with. To know that your Merkaba is not only 2 pyramids surrounding your form, linking you up to the earth and solar system, but has been upgraded to two triple-pyramids - which together make up a third. This is called the God-Merkaba...Almine has information on this Merkaba Here.

By working with this Merkaba, you can begin aligning more fully with Source and your own powers of divine manifestation - when aligned with Divine Mind. It is incredible how much things speed up when you do this. It also activates the God-hormones in the body, so that those who have been living in the guise of "human" form, but who are really "system-busters" here in disguise, in order to raise the vibration of the planet and assist in the ascension, can begin to vibrate at their true frequency again...that of god-beings.

It has been a confusing time, perhaps, for many who would call themselves "lightworkers" - for you have been truly so much more. Truly your very DNA was woven in to the matrix of humanity as a light stream of remembrance to allow for a purification and Jump-start to the ascension process of humanity. Your DNA is Divine, though you opted to pick-up the karmic debris for not only your chosen family-line, but for the a Soul-group entity. Therefore, your life may have seemed extra difficult, full of pain or traumatic.

Thank you for your work.

You are now released from your karmic duty. You may now unwind your DNA from that of humanity and assume your rightful place in the blueprint of light. That which weaves with others of the same mission as you. Twin Flames and Soul-Mate families are uniting...part of the reason for this is to activate the God-DNA grids on earth - so that those with Ascension information can start leading with new awarenesses embedded in these codes.

It is an intense time of incoming purification waves. The best thing you can do to navigate this time is to NOT hold on too tightly to anything. Not any thoughts, emotions, outcomes, "stuff" or job, person, etc. Self-Nurture and time in Nature is KEY. As reality reverses from the old manifestation of backwards/upsidedown illusion, to the rightside-up, forward facing reality of Oneness...there may be a bit of discomfort and even resistance, so long has the "madness" been a part of the "norm."

To navigate with ease, release - right now - the old stories of limitation. Wake up a fresh. Do something "out of the norm" - take a risk, do something bold. Change your energetic signature by reaching out in new ways. Feel yourself different. Be open to how.

We are in a process of breaking Karma.

The solar system we know now has been ruled by Karma - Saturn is the astrological representative for this energy. Saturn represents Karma - and the rings of Saturn are the binding force - the container for this star system. We each have been playing out our karmic roles as determined and reflected in the solar system heavenly body dancers and their energies. But as we embody the qualities of the spheres and "break karma" we will then be released from this illusion...from this star system, and be free to behold an entirely different sky -- which seers have spoken of, and prophesied of, but only few have as yet seen. One with different planets and possibly two suns....

To support the release of karma, along with The Ascension Team -with whom I currently work - we are creating a Mystery School complete with classes and modalities to work with the new energies an help individuals release karma and begin to live a karma-free life. More to come on this exciting development.

To say one more thing about the Atlantean calendar is to bring attention to the awareness that we are each living clocks... we are the portal, every moment, into a new reality of our choosing, if we are aligned with Source and the work of the highest good for all. Let us not forget that we were called to this earth mission - at this time of ascension. We are powerful and potent forces for change. It has been the intent of those who would stop this process that we forget our worth, that we question our value, that we would identify ourselves with the DNA we came here to infuse with light. We are NOT those emotions. We are beyond them...they were an interesting part of the game we came to work through on our course toward global and cosmic ascension. The time is now to remember who we are and to activate our highest potentiality.

We are here to change the planet. And it's go time.

I love you all. This is a beautiful time to thrive. <3

To Bliss in your house like it is in mine...


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