Saturday, March 23, 2013

Trespassing, Really???

Here we are, Tuesday morning in Salt Lake...a few things on 'the radar' as far as possible openings, opportunities, etc.  Christopher & I head out into the city at 10am...find our way to an 'interview' of sorts, which went well enough - - something about demonstrating products on the weekends...the woman- Allyson- was in a Hotel, upstairs boardroom called 'ROME'....should've been a clue perhaps, foreshadowing future events...'when in Rome...'
We were greeted by 'Sunshine' at the front desk, and caught a glimpse of a continental breakfast, which promptly 'disappeared' when we didn't take advantage of it on the way in...(or maybe it's time was just 'up'- depending on your perspective).  From there, we headed across town to look into some apartments that may be opening for a cool area - -we left a message...drove back to my folks where my little guy awaited lunch just prior to afternoon kindergarten.
After his 'drop off' we had 3 hours to maneuver before pick-up time.  I had seen something on-line about a Job Fair at the Expo center near our gym and thought we'd make a quick stop in to see if anything interesting caught our eyes...and then head to the gym for a workout.  We still are open to see where the universe wants us, after what could it hurt?
Me in my flowing long gray pants and him in his purple shirt, we walked the long corridor through the Expo center.  I had never been there - the installations were admirable and lofty...with a beautiful view of the western mountain range.  A quick walk-through at the fair fell flat on our interest and so we headed back out and returned the way which we came...south through the giant building.  We both noticed an older guy with a cane sitting on a bench, who, when we reached another 200 feet or so down the corridor, there he was again.  It startled us both a bit, and Chris said something like 'wow! are there two of you?'  - because it seemed implausible that he could move that fast and appear as though he was comfortably sitting in a 'new' place so quickly.  He didn't seem amused.  We attempted light conversation and he weighed it down with talk of the extreme pain he lived within daily, as he described how his bones sat atop one-another in his legs with no cushions.  I paused, searching inside if there was anything of any real help that I could say or offer to this guy.  Christopher asked him if he had any advice for me...and he looked at me and said 'grab his hand and run!'  Perhaps another warning still unheeded, for the situation seemed not to warrant such drastic we jovially made like 'running' a bit, then stopped to engage him just a moment more.  After I offered to make his walk to the car easier, he abruptly declined and headed out of the building at once.  Somehow this interaction opened a window...we felt there could be more meaningful interactions to have, perhaps, and the proverbial ice was broken in the realm we now traversed...why not go on?!

Back down the long arching walkway through the enormous structure we went, back toward the 'Job Fair' for one more round ... 'just be open' we agreed.  Once we got through the first of only two short aisles, I noticed an empty booth with no one sitting there...booth number '32' said the sign taped to the top.  Now, being that I have sat a great many trade shows in the past, I felt very comfortable sitting at this empty table, knowing by this stage in the game, the people were likely not coming.  What harm in sitting for a moment, to see what happens?  Chris takes a seat next to the table, and I go behind.  All that is on the table is the number '32' - big and obvious.  We are seated next to the 'Army' booth to the North, and to the South, a booth called 'Fat Pipe' - whatever that means?
We sat there, just observing...wondering what was on people's minds...wondering if anyone really knew what they were looking for...
After several minutes I reached in my bag and pulled out a tiny bottle of Palo Santo essential oil I have used many times to kind of 'shift the space' is used much in the same way as Sage - in South America - to 'cleanse' the area...and so forth...I was just attempting to shake things up a bit to see what would happen, and little did we know how much it truly would...for moments after the oil came out, a man in a black jacket came walking by us (we were in a back corner) and commented that we won the vote for the worst decorated table...and then disappeared for a moment through a black door. Soon he was back out again and walked across the floor away from us - we could subtly see the outline of angel wings on the back of his jacket and we assumed that we just got a 'cosmic check in' of sorts through this character...who was he? What did his comment point to?  We weren't sure, just simply took note.
The booth did look plain, so just for kicks, I took off my black and white scarf and layed it across the table...soon people started to take more notice of us and come by... first a man who turned out to be a computer software engineer.  He asked what we were there for.  We stated that we were just taking a rest - giving encouragement, it seemed, to passersby on their hunt.  He smiled and for a moment engaged in some conversation as Chris asked him about software engineering.  He mentioned that many companies think you less valuable in such a position as you 'get older' and by his age - he was considered brain-dead in the industry...Christopher asked more details about computers and the man seemed happy to explain how writing programs was, to him, equivalent to the Creator making us out of DNA and proteins and such, of course us being much more complex and magnificent  - -  the engineers hardly coming close with their creations, though attempting the best they could. The question was posed 'can you make a program with consciousness and free will of its own?'  to which the man replied 'no'...'computers are stupid, you have to tell them everything...the closest they ever get is making improvements based on 'educational' information...Hmmmm....I thought - sounds like most humans - - only doing what they are told...interesting.  He walked away.
Soon another man in black came by...when he asked what our business was - I replied 'Love'... thinking I was joking - he asked again - - 'the Love Declaration' - I replied...'cool' he said...and proceeded to drop words like 'when I was a rock star' and 'this awesome leather jacket I got...' etc. etc. before walking off.
Who was this guy? Things were getting strange.
A woman, who was very friendly, but sported a big black eye - came to inquire of the booth next to us - 'the Fat Pipe'.  'With a name like that', she said, 'you have to know what it is'...Chris piped... in something about pipes...and then something about 'fatties' was dropped by another...laughter abounded.  The woman said something about hoping we got the most recruits cause we were so friendly.  We found this amusing.  As she walked away, Christopher asked the two rather buff guys who remained if they knew about Lifetime Fitness...they had...and in fact had memberships there.  Interesting yet again.
Now it wasn't too long after this that a woman in a black shirt carrying water bottles arrived on the scene looking someone skeptical of our presence...I could sense it in her.  She tried to ask us what our business was, and we said something about being there for the fair, but resting. Asked what she was up too...she casually responded... Still not convinced, she asked what line of work we were in...Chris replied that he'd clean the carpet or give a public speech - and anything in between.  Really? She wanted to know.  What had he done in the past....?? now she wanted specifics...when he filled in the gaps not to her liking, she spoke under her breath 'you would not be needing these then'-- (referring to the two water bottles she held)...and off she stormed, quietly.  I knew our time was now limited...she was not understanding our presence there and was about to make trouble.  Something in me sensed that our window for this spontaneous happening was was only a matter of time...but we waited it out.
I pulled out some pixie dust and then a few stones - which we would look at and talk about between friendly visitors, which were now increasing, especially after the pink-tourmaline ...which is all about Love and bringing people together.   And then the golden topaz came out...a very intentional stone ruling the power center. Time was up.  A man came by in white just before this - extremely friendly wondering what we were up to...we kept saying we were just 'being'.  He loved that we were sitting there, he said, and then handed us both his white business card about some kind of film or graphic arts work he does.  His name was Cannon.  The messenger had arrived...the final messenger.  The Cannon was now going off, and the 'games' were about to begin.  It was none too soon that the man in black with angel wings returned with another man...a man who introduced himself as having paid for the facility, or something of that nature.  He asked us if we paid for the booth and we said we were just having a rest there.  This did not sit well with him, you could tell...and the stories in his mind of what we must be doing, were welling up not to be disturbed by the truth...there was no bringing this thing to peace...suddenly we were accused of coming in and without paying, trying to recruit people from the fair...that we were engaging their clients with no right to be there...hmmm?????...this sounded a little strange coming out of his mouth.  I mean, didn't have a right to be sitting and having casual non-job related conversations with other humans ??  Huh?  We were told we must leave...and we had 10 minutes to do so.  We both looked at him, it was surreal...he was obviously deeply disturbed and did not like that we did not respond in a manner that was subservient to him and his 'authority'.  'What is wrong with you? Why are you just standing there? Are you high?' he continued...'high on life' I said with a smile- and simply checked in with my body...I could feel the intensity of the energy on the rise in that very spot.  All the rest of the happenings seemed to fade into a blurry back drop.  These two men, attempting intimidation, had brought along a woman recruit - who stood there staring...Christopher turned to her, as if to try and break her stare, waved at her and said 'hello'.  They began to get pushy.  We mentioned that we were just there for the fair, we weren't doing anything wrong.  Now, they most certainly were feeling defied...the threat of 'just one call to the Sandy Police' and something about 'trespassing' was mentioned.  'We don't want any of that' Chris stated calmly.  'Then walk to the door, would you like us to escort you?' they spoke in their 'very serious voices'.  'Yes, please, would you - these doors here?' ...once we had slowly made our way through the doors and were being pointed out, I said that I thought we would exit another way...'fine!' was their response, as they coldly watched us walk off.  What just happened??
Did that really happen??  I guess we could have seen it coming.  We could see that the man who reappeared in black, with the wings - could have been on either 'side'...because he surely made his initial presence with the Palo Santo.  Who knows, it is all speculation now.  There was no way to defend, nor no need to try and defend what were innocent actions....for they already had decided why we were there and what we were doing.  The 'man in charge' could not risk his ego being deflated were he to accept that we could indeed just be sitting there having casual conversation with passersby, with no attempt to or intention to recruit anyone.  The sin here was motivated by money...the sin was the ignorance and inability to ask questions.. The sin was in closing the mind and heart and not wanting to know peace in that moment.
The amazing thing is to note that there were 'cosmic clues' to the impending 'shut down' of spontaneous love.  Had we heeded there arrivals...we could have avoided confrontation and attempt to close us down with fear.  The woman with the water bottles was my clue...I had the feeling she did not agree with our presence there and was going to 'tell'.  After that ...the man with the white card - - he too was a clue...

It's okay, and rather exciting to have such energy move through the day.  No doubt we lightened a lot of people's day - it made me smile...and even those who tried to play 'enforcers' will think of this event into the evening of their days...and perhaps reflect on their accusations made in fear and anger.

From this I take away a great joy from the spontaneity engaged, and the connections made with those who were 'job hunting'.  I take an awareness of how the universe speaks to clue you into knowing how far you can take 'unconventional ways' in public.  And I appreciate now, how in stories and movies- the angels and messengers would deliver their message, and then quickly disappear.  I know we will be more aware in the future of when it is time to 'bug out'.

My human mind cannot help but question the sad state of affairs where humans are 'not allowed' to have conversations with each other where the area is 'supposedly purchased' and that your innocent and loving desire to connect with other humans and live out of the ordinary could end you up with a 'trespassing' charge.  Strange, very strange indeed.

For now, I will bring myself back to present, and ask myself where within myself as the One Life - where do I feel that I AM trespassing??? where do I feel unwelcome - - within?? For perhaps my outer environment arises to speak of these inner things...I will meditate on this...

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